After 11yrs of Looking I Did It in Two Weeks - Beverly Hills, CA

So like everyone else here..I've never liked my...

So like everyone else here..I've never liked my nose. I have had a masculine looking nose.. Everything was wrong with it! The bridge was to wide .. Nostrils.. And tip was ginormous

After wanting to get my surgery for many years.. I've shopped and got estimates from like 5 doctors through out the years.. But never had the money to do it. I even got a lil desperate and went to Mexico to get estimates.

This year I turned 30yrs old and was really getting anxious I honestly believed that my nose made me look much older and did not want this to continue for long. I made the big decision to go through with it and it was gonna be this year.
I went to a consultation with my doctor on Dec 5th .. I didnt talked much to my doctor I said to him that my nose pretty much speaks for it self ... Lol I saw that he was confident and he showed me a couple of before and after pictures and added that I would look great and there was nothing that I should worry about. I didn't even want to ask him any details .. By now I had come to the conclusion that he was a professional and should do a good job.

He scheduled me for surgery on Dec 21, 2012 .. Septic/rhino was needed.. By now I was a lil in chocked as to how quick everything was going. On the 17th I got my CT scan and blood work done. He gave me pre-op prescriptions and I was picking them up on Dec 20th.

Wow I was having a bit of remorse .. I just met him 2 weeks ago and he is the one .. Yesterday I had my rhino done!! Woohoo I feel So good.

During my surgery it was good I didn't feel anything but afterwards the doctor did mentioned to me that it was one of the hardest noses he had operated on in years.. In like 20 minutes I was out of the door and driving home. I took my meds and have not any discomfort or pain. The only thing is breathing through my mouth. It just feels very dry. I have not felt any pain at all. Or any nausea , very glad about that.

Post operation I have just been drinking pineapple juice that a friend recommend me and drinking some arnica pills that's it! Thank u all for reading and I will keep you guys posted.. BTW I did my surgery in Beverly Hills

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Day 2 and I am feeling pretty good! I am...

Day 2 and I am feeling pretty good! I am continuing to place ice in my eyes and cheeks to help with the swelling and drinking the Vicodin for the headaches. Aside from that I can say just trying to keep up with nutrition . Eating soups and drinking a lot of liquids. I have not felt comfortable to eat heavy food yet so. All in all I can say I am doing pretty good just very bored:-)


which doctor did you go to in beverly hills?
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Dr Malek.. He seemed well experience!
Don't think I've heard of him but I hope your healing is going well. I say start a DVD series or something to keep yourself occupied :)

Day 5 post-rhino and today I woke up feeling good....

Day 5 post-rhino and today I woke up feeling good. I woke up at 7:30 had a slight headache but after eating breakfast and taking pain meds everything was good. I haven't had any other discomfort just my mouth feels real dry and then when I use my nose to breath, my nose will start to feel dry. Someone made a joke at me this morning said thy I looked like Paquiao which made me smile and then I noticed that my whole face feels very dry. I got the arnica pomade at put it all over my face(except my nose). It help!!! I'm still drinking a lot of fluids and just waiting it out on the bruising. My face has gone from Purple to yellow which is good signs for me. I haven't been needing to put the dripping pad under my nose and have been cleaning around it w peroxide. But i think I will put it back on tonight.. It's very cold where I am and I can feel inhaling cold air so that's really whats making me feel very dry. I am having a good recovery and can't wait for the new me! Tomorrow my cast gets removed can't wait for that!! Excited!


Thank you for sharing on RealSelf! How do you feel now that your cast is off? Will you be posting before and after photos?

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Btw I've been meaning to ask are you putting anything on the stitches? I didn't even know I was getting stitches and now I don't know if I should buy something? I was recommended a gel called Maderma but I haven't gone to get it .. Don't know if u guys r treating those stitches w anything
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Day 12 of Post Rhino and .. I've just been feeling...

Day 12 of Post Rhino and .. I've just been feeling anxious. Aside from taping my nose at night and cleaning it w Peroxide I haven't been doing much to it. My nose changes daily I don't know if it just me or anyone else has experience the same thing? I wish I could post pictures. Should I be doing anything else ? Icing? Or massaging? I really don't want to mess w the results but yesterday my nose looked crooked and I freaked out. I read that it might be uneven swelling but I was tempted to tape it down to correct it. Tomorrow is my nxt appointment and I will ask my Doc... Also is any sun exposure bad? Should we b protecting from that too?


I am 3 months post op and my nose still changes daily. Some days it looks better than others. And I am still taping at night because if I don't my nose swells too much and it takes almost to the middle of the day for that swelling to go down. However if its taped at night when I wakeup it looks swollen very little amount and by noon I am back to 90% no swelling. So your doctor is right taping is important I just don't know about the bone moving or what not. I just know taping helps with the swelling. And icing is only good for the first 72 hours after your surgery otherwise it doesn't do anything for your swelling. Make sure you eat less salty food as that will introduce more swelling. Try to eat more a blend kind of food, which is super hard for me as I eat junk food. ;) I hope your appointment goes well, keep us posted. Good luck!
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