Dr. Robert Kotler is the Ultimate Expert in His Field - Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Kolter and his staff are warm and welcoming....

Dr. Kolter and his staff are warm and welcoming. Numbing cream is used for 30 minutes to alleviate any discomfort from the injection. The pain was minimal and the results are transformative. I cannot express how much I wish I knew about Dr.Kotler soon. The results from the silicone injections are amazing.

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Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

After a disappointing Rhinoplasty, where I had more asymmetry than I had originally, I found out about Dr. Kotler. I went into my appointment dreading to hear about the major revisions that needed to be done. To my delight, he informed me that I could achieve symmetry without surgery. That silicone injections were all that I needed. Since our initial visit, I have have the injections of silicone and I am amazed with the results. Dr. Kotler truly is the best in his field and I am so lucky to be one of his patients.

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