Any Prior Ashkan Ghavami Rhinoplasty Patients Experience/insight/images Would Be Helpful! Please Help! - Beverly Hills, CA

To all the wonderful readers of realself, I am...

To all the wonderful readers of realself,
I am hoping that your personal first hand experience with Dr.Ghavami for rhinoplasty surgery would be shared with me- would you be willing to email me or even post before after images- I have my surgery scheduled with Dr. Ghavami but his recent reviews have all been negative and SCARY and I am wondering why he has been doing poor work as of late, I originally chose him because his work/reviews/and website images seemed to be consistently great but now a cluster of his most recent reviews have all been negative. It is making me wonder- is he getting too busy so he is cutting corners, did he injure himself and is now not performing as before, is his ego getting in the way, is he allowing another Dr. finish or start the procedures so he is not doing everything himself to save time and see more patients, are his competitor rhinoplasty surgeons bombarding the internet with fake bad reviews, I am having too many doubts. I have spent the past 2 years working day and night like a dog trying to save enough money to do this procedure and right when I am getting so close to the goal I am afraid I may be making the biggest mistake of my life. Any insight from prior pts. would be so valuable. This community is for us to help each other along the way and anyone who will give me their input would be so much appreciated. I have tried to find any review on his work and follow up with pts. with negative experiences but no one has really presented images, or expanded on their experience, any little bit will be so helpful. Thank you to all of you!


I too am very interested in getting feedback as I did a lot of research for a surgeon who has expertise with African american noses and narrowed my search down to Dr Ghavami and Dr Jason Hamilton in Beverly Hills. I placed a deposit with Dr Ghavami and tentatively have a date scheduled with Him Aug 4 but am nervous with the recent reviews I've seen as well. I really would like to go to the same doctor who did Kelly Rowland's nose but have been unsuccessful finding. If anyone has any feedback on Dr Hamilton or Dr Ghavami please advise!
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Hey! I just had my consult with Dr G today too. Although ive seen a tremendous amount of good reviews, I, too, have been seeing negative reviews all recently dated. I am planning to schedule a surgery date for mid June and I didnt put in a deposit yet. However, I have to say, I am from NY and so my consultation was over the phone, it didnt last longer than 10 minutes.. Really wanted to talk and ask questions but he sounded so busy, I didnt even know the conversation was over but before I knew it he was already saying have a good night (since its 3 hours ahead here). After that consult, Im now really skeptical. Please, if you hear anything or have heard anything, let me know. Your surgery is in 2 weeks, I really wish you the best of luck and hope you will share your experiences with us here on realself.
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Hi, I had a phone consult with him too and experienced the same things. Please pm me and I can share my thoughts.
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I met with him for a consult which cost $150 about 2 years ago and have not seen him since and my procedure is in March, I already gave a deposit of $800, and insight would be helpful so that I don't waste hard earned money on the most expensive mistake of my life. Thanks again.

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