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Dr. Kotler performed surgery on my nose and had...

Dr. Kotler performed surgery on my nose and had lipo under my chin 10 years ago. Although he was very nice, the work done ended up being very poor. So bad, in fact that I'm going to have to find another doctor to address both areas that Dr. Kotler did, which both have problems obvious and concerning enough that they will have to be fixed.

Re the lipo under my chin:
Under my chin there is a long scar (much longer than I had been told it would be, and noticeable enough that I have been asked what happened) and there was a piece of skin that was pinched in the way it was stitched up. Immediately after the surgery when I asked Dr. Kotler about the pinched skin he acknowledged it and I was told this would go away in time. That pinched skin never did "fix itself" after I healed and it literally hangs down a little now and looks absolutely terrible. I'm extremely self-conscious about it and will be going to another surgeon to get it fixed when I can afford it.

The lipo under my chin didn't end up covering a wide enough area, and when I put on some weight a year or so after the surgery there were sections to the side of where he did the lipo (basically where the jowls are) that got bigger and made me look horrible. When I went to go see him about it I reminded him that I had specifically asked him about this possibility and he had told me that it wouldn't matter if I gained weight because the fat cells would be gone. Instead the result was that I looked worse than before I had the lipo done because of this odd shape my face had with the weight gain.

I am now 25 lbs lighter than I was when I had the surgery and I'm still very unhappy with the look because the area he didn't cover still doesn't look right in comparison with what he did cover.

Regarding my nose:
Within 5 years of having the surgery done the appearance of my nose started to change. I had a deviated septum before the surgery and something had gone wrong and the septum was shifting and appeared deviated again, and there was a feeling of slight pressure on the bridge of my nose. I went in to see him about it and he said "there's just some cartilage that has broken off" and that this happens sometimes, but was unwilling to do anything to fix it. He said that if it had been within a year of the surgery that MAYBE he would have done something, but not 5 years.

I was extremely surprised and upset by this and told him that I was under the impression that his work would last the rest of my life. My car manufacturer stands by their work longer than Dr. Kotler did!

It's now 10 years after my surgery and I have uneven nostrils due to the cartilage breaking off, and the tip of my nose has sunk a little bit, creating a small bump where the cartilage was not smoothed evenly on the bridge (which I also drew to his attention right after the surgery and he said that was normal).

Not only has the appearance of my nose changed, but I also can't breathe as well because of the way my nose is changing. I'm extremely unhappy with Dr. Kotler's work and that fact is that I'm likely going to have to pay another surgeon to fix both things that he did for me.
Dr. Kotler here. We have 52 five-star reviews on YELP!, 26 5-star reviews on Vitals and 41 five-star reviews on Realself. So, when I see a post as such, I take notice and am obliged to reply. My first thought is that, ten years after surgery, maybe the writer, if bonafide, has me confused with someone else; that happens. I need not tell the visitors to Realself, or any other review site, that it is possible that such a review, obviously in such stark contrast to the multitude of positive reviews, is either a fabrication or from someone who wants to do damage to our practice. While I can comment on the specifics listed by the writer, it is best that I explain why such a post is inconsistent with the way we practice, and why I believe it not to be truthful. First, if any complication or unanticipated result of a surgery takes place, we take care of it. We fix it. No additional surgeon's fee. As you will learn from reading the other posts, we are very attentive in our post-operative care. So, if there is a problem, we know about it. Our patients, new or old, have no trouble finding us. I have been in practice here for 22 years and for the 13 previous years, in Century City. Our policy is to do whatever it takes to achieve the best result. Regardless of how much time it takes. Years ago, on his own, a patient foolishly, and without my blessing, went for somewhat unorthodox care to a "complimentary care" clinic two days after a seven-hour surgery. A complication ensued. Despite it having nothing to do with my care, I continued to care for the patient. There were 69 office visits and house calls performed to correct the consequences of a complication that was not due to this office's services! We don't question why or how things happen, we just fix them. That's what conscientious doctors do. Now, regarding this negative post, it's now ten years since this patient, if she truly exists, had surgery with us. We are hearing these complaints for the first time. There was ample time to come in for the follow-up. She has lost 25 pounds; the chin and neck can look different after ten years and a loss of 25 pounds. The patient claims that five years ago, that's five years after surgery, her nose seemed to have shifted. That can happen; Nature sometimes does the unpredictable. Nonetheless, I fix those kinds of problems. Structurally, she is not the same person. Nonetheless, if this patient truly exists and calls my office we will see her, without charge, of course. While ethical doctors cannot "guarantee" medical or surgical treatment, in our practice we come as close as possible to that and so there is something wrong with this story. Our patients know that they are always welcome. Patients are tracked for one year after surgery. But, regardless, patients can and have called to see us many years after surgery and we do what is proper and wise to help them. We have done revision surgery, ten years after the original procedure. No questions asked. Certainly, what is described here, is possible but not common nor frequent in our practice. Inappropriate negative posts are one liability of the Internet. Anyone with a grudge can seek to do damage. There is no accountability; there is no identity to respond to. We prefer the high road in life. I will let the visitors to this site draw their own conclusions regarding the results and level of service we have provided patients for nearly 37 years. Thousands of patients will attest to what we deliver and how we do it. Read what they say, look at their photos and then decide if you think the post by this person hiding behind the curtain is valid. Visit our website, Then, draw your own conclusions. You will understand why 118 of 120 reviews on the major web review sites are five stars. 98%! All the above said, if the poster is authentic, he or she is welcome to come see me. It is to her advantage for two reasons: 1) I know best what was done in surgery, 2) few surgeons practicing today have my degree of specialization and experience. Robert Kotler, MD, FACS
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Now im scared to get my nose done. =((
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