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Had nose hump that bothered me for many years....

Had nose hump that bothered me for many years. Consulted with Dr, Ghavami because he said he had experience with ethnic rhinoplasty. Was so excited to have found the surgeon, so I saved up for my surgery. Well my nose hump was removed but was left with asymmetric nostrils. I feel horrible and people have pointed out the deformation of my nostrils. One nostril is straight up while the other is collapsed. Now I have to look into correcting my nostril deformation.

Can you post pictures?
As some of the most active on this site may have noticed, I have not answered a lot of questions, made replies, or comments or even paid attention to this site...(I am one of the longest standing members on RealSelf and really enjoyed the site, especially the opportunity to answer questions!. However, some of my current and prospective patients that are active on here have brought certain things to my and my staffs' attention. I will not go through the long list of qualifications and my experience, expertise etc. What I will do is say that, we take all patient dissatsifaction (luckily very very rare in number to the thousands of procedures I have performed!) very seriously. All surgeons have an ethical obligation to offer patients revisions. We do this along with the customary, no surgeon's fee, only OR and anesthesia. Thankfully, the majority of these rare revisions can be performed as a minor procedure with local anesthesia only. This is most true of skin, scar, and nostril issues (often less than 30 minutes needed). Breathing and major issues are extremely rare in my practice but those would require full anesthesia. All doctors and business owneres know how hard it is to motivate your happy client/patients to take time to write about their experience. However, some of those less than happy ones (if they are truly patients). Last I looked, I had only 42 reviews. I do not always undertsand if a REAL patients wants to post a negative review before the opportunity to get a revision done. Some minor onses can be done as early as 3 months or 6 months but most are best at 12 months or later, as hard as it is to wait. Believe, me I am more impatient than my patients! I hate swelling and uncertainty with a passion. It is the enemy. When the time is right a qualified surgeon (If you have done your research and trust him/her...your original surgeon) should be qualified to do it. I NEVER PERFORM A RHINOPLASTY ON ANYONE IF I DO NOT FEEL LIKE I COULD HANDLE THE REVISION. In my opinion, this rule should apply to all surgeons. This is like tailoring a suit or making a 50000 wedding dress and then saying, sorry I can't help with that last tuck or last lace piece etc. to make it as good as possible. So...moral is: Be patient, try to control emotions, trust your initial instincts, and give your original surgeon a chance to correct your nose, so long as he knows how to do revision rhinoplasty. Lastly, as an ethical colleauge I NEVER EVER EVER speak badly about the original surgeon when I get a revision of someone elses's. Trust me, I have seen it all and from all over the globe. This does nothing but anger patients more. If your second or third opinion does this, I would stay away. My staff knows better as well. Lastly, and unfortunately we all know by now that some surgeons may take to hiring companies and incentivize their staff to write good/supportive posts and reviews and perhaps post negative ones on other surgeon's sites. This is very unfortunate, particularly since (from what I have seen) the photos are not standardized (they are weird views, odd angles, poor lighting ,deceptive afters and befores depending on the agenda of the person). For an example of what is meant by standardized you can view the RealSelf gallery or my gallery ( Without symmetry as much as possible in lighting and honest photos the review means NOTHING. With plastic surgery, it is a very private personal thing and most people want to keep their identity and photos a secret and out of the internet. Therefore, this should be take in to account. I could go on forever. I assure you, the Board of Plastic Surgery, ASPS, ASAPS, etc are all looking into a way to standardize and keep the internet experience of patients to be ethical and honest. Some Red Flags: --A newer, newly boarded surgeon with a lot of positive reviews (over 150) during months or a year. (There are companies out there who contact myself and colleague on a weekly basis tor try to sell us their "services". This is descpicable!) --Patient reviews and posts with odd angled and missing photos, removed photos that were once up. We should hold reviewers to the same photo standards of the surgeons you look at. Look at the photos and say if this is the quality of photography that the surgeon had on his website to represent this patient's results, would I trust him. --Particularly in rhinoplasty, the hardest view to get looking amazing is the front view. If a reviewer or a surgeon (positive or negative) only shows the side view then it is less useful as a gauge of the skills of that surgeon. Understandibly some patients may want to do extreme close ups to stay anonymous (if they are indeed patients) and this is also not helpful. Good luck. It is my Sunday, and I have a busy operative week ahead. Wish me and all my patients positive energy. Warmest Regards Dr Ghavami :)
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