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Juvaderm Plus Xc - Beverly Hills, CA

So thought I'd review my experiences on juvaderm!...

So thought I'd review my experiences on juvaderm! I started in September...I've had it done 3 times already ...so in a 7 month period...I'll explain, and I've had a different doctor every time I live in Bev Hills area so there's always a good doctor, and deals :)

First time in September I did a full syringe it was a special for $450 normally $550...I guess it's better to start off from my experience with a full one... Then keep up whenever ... He wasn't my favorite .. He gave me numbs here and there...

Second time was December I did it right before Christmas so they wouldn't be so "done up, fake looking" for New Years ...she did half a syringe I believe $325 I'm not positive on price. She did a good just she fixed some of the other docs work.. And they look full since I had product left from last doc.

Third time was yesterday the 19th of March... I got a groupon deal for less than $400 for a full syringe from a popular doctor in Bev hills by rodeo she was on that 90210 show :) she did a good job you can tell she's been doing this for a long time, she was quick and she listens she does what you want, I liked that a lot since this time around I know where I like more juvaderm on my lips. She did a little over half a syringe and she is saving the rest so it was a great deal :) I'll probably go back in 2 months .... She did more in my bottom lip since I prefer that since the bottom should naturally be fuller than top. Also I wanted fuller in my corners of my top lip because my last visit in December didn't add so much because I focused on other parts... So now they look great :) I'm very happy...

some advice on juvaderm is it takes getting used to and you learn where u like the product to go more than others... I don't like the "duck face" so I don't over do it...with me I learned if I put too much on my cupids arrow I look like a duck ... It is pricey but in LA I find good deals... It's definetly addicting lol I call it my "crack" :D I go in for my syringe LOL ..I've had great experiences with it so no complaints just have the right doctor do it ofcourse.

I've added a photo of before and after on the *third time* so don't forget there is still product in my lips in the before pic from last visits. Any questions feel free to ask.. Or if you want to know doc names :)
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Your results look freaking awesome =] my lips are similar to your b4 pics {and mine is natural) so your after results have me super excited about mine ! Do you know how many cc"s were injected ? Either 1 2 or 3rd time ? I am reading and hearings everyone say one syringe but no1 is saying the cc amount in the syringe ? Thanks congrats you look great
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I thought it's suppose to last 6 month to a year?
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What doctor did you got to.
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What doctors did you see?
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Love your pics, your lips look great!  Do you think you will stick with the third doctor since you liked her experience and results so much, or will you continue to go where the deals are?
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