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Hi there, I am a model and have wanted rhinoplasty...

Hi there, I am a model and have wanted rhinoplasty ever since the age of 14. I had a bump on my bridge, a depressed radix, a deviated septum, weak cartilage and hanging columella. I know that probably makes my original nose sound awful but it actually wasn't that bad because it was not huge...I just looked like Pocahontas and if you saw me in the street you'd probably still think I was hot. Anyway, despite people telling me to NOT do rhinoplasty, I went ahead and did it anyway. I did it because every time I look at another model with a perfect nose I felt less attractive and I'm so vain that I wanted to be perfect.

I had seen several surgeons but the one I liked the most was in Beverly Hills. I finally had the money and I was so excited.

When I awoke from my surgery, I felt a little sore but I was bleeding quite a lot. I took a peek below the drip pad and thought OH MY GOD I look horrible. My nose resembles miss Piggy's! Then I became depressed, looked at old pictures of myself and thought "I was so beautiful, why did I ruin myself?".

Anyway, a week later - my cast was taken off and I absolutely hated my profile... it looked nothing like the computer simulation that I expected. It was scooped out and really inelegant. On top of this, the receptionist looked so plastic that I thought I'd end up looking like her! This further stressed me out. Then I read reviews on here of bad experiences which didn't help matters at all.

After two weeks, my nose still looked odd to me, the tip looked so fat. The stress and tears made me even more swollen. I know that my friends were trying to comfort me but I could see in their eyes that they were freaked out.

It has been four weeks now and Jesus Christ it looks SO much better. No longer so scooped but much straighter. The swelling has dramatically decreased and my friends have been saying to me "God you look amazing, at first I was so worried you'd had a bad nose job"...

I went through a range of emotions including loss of identity. For years I messed around on photoshop with my nose and always wished it would look that way - I never realised the emotional implications it would have on me by waking up and not recognizing myself. Now I am so happy I did it, I feel my new nose looks beautiful and makes me look much younger (I'm 23 but now I look 18)...

Before any of you go through this procedure... PLEASE make sure you have at least $7,000 to spend on a fantastic surgeon. When I was 18 I didn't realize how complicated the procedure was and would have ruined myself but luckily I was so poor I couldn't even afford $1,500. Blessing in disguise I guess. If you are of ethnic origin or have thicker skin, the importance of a good surgeon is even more imperative because the surgery is much much more difficult. My nose was particularly difficult because it wasn't big but had such weak cartilage that a bad or inexperienced surgeon would have taken too much away and not given it strength or shape thus ruining my nose.

My surgeon made me feel very comfortable and he has such amazing attention to detail that he noticed problems that no other surgeon did. (I have seen 4 other top surgeons). He was the only one to suggest a graft in my radix and also suggest weirs in one nostril to make them symmetrical.

I wish I could show you my before & after pics, but due to the nature of my profession I can't.

On a final note, rhinoplasty is procedure that you must go into knowing that it is really emotionally painful. I know that when you look at celebrities who've had it done, you somehow skip past the "healing process" in your mind and think that you'll suddenly wake up with the nose you want. Well that's just not true - you must prepare yourself for the emotional stress of how disappointed you might be when your cast comes off but realize that patience is really important and you just have to trust that the swelling makes it look that way. Trust me, the tip will be piggy, if you had a radix graft that will be swollen too so will look very odd. My only complaint is that the clinic I went to didn't really prepare me for this, they seemed very interested in money and I felt at times like I was in a factory. I have no complaints about my surgeon because he is great, but the place oozes of greed and it made me feel very uncomfortable. Nonetheless, I am very happy with the result!

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

It is almost 2 years post op. I am so glad that I did this. Dr Fleming is a real artist and he gave me a beautiful nose. :)

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Would you be willing to send me a photo? I am interested in this doc.
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Can you tell me who your doctor was. *******@****.net

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hello, could you please send me the info too? it's so good to hear of a positive story - i'm glad you love your nose! thanks, zeenat!

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I am sorry, continued to earlier message.. Please send the info if you don't mind to my email address
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Good to know you met the right surgeon, and were satisfied with your rhinoplasty outcome. I am looking to have my nose done this winter. May I have the doctor's name and contact info, if you don't mind? Thanks.
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who was your dr? please email me I am thinking of getting my nose done but only want the best! thanks
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Provider information is shown above the review. Click on the doctor's name for full contact information. Hope this helps!

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hey just wanted to say that i read your review and you make some very good points, except price yes it is very true that if you have Rhinoplasty in the USA you will be best off paying around $7000 for a great surgeon, as in england around £3000 for a good surgeon, but if you travel out to south america as i did (brazil) i found a fantastic surgeon for $1800 or £1200 it sounds ludicrous but i am so happy with my result, couldn't have gone any better, i am also of african american descent although luckily i didn't suffer from a low bridge as most african american's do in fact it was the opposite, my nose had a high brige with a bump i felt parrot like, now i have a quite pixie nose which i am so happy with and i am only 8days past surgery, with all the swelling (tip is bulbous) i can still see the result is what i want. Though this is very risky I did about a years research before hand and i STRONGLY advise anyone who is thinking of doing the same to do you research call patients of the doctor, view HIS and only his before and after photos. What you were saying about the feeling of them being only interested in the money i think is universal because i also felt the same way though my surgeon was great thank god! i would recommend my surgeon, but i wouldn't say run to brazil and get cheap cosmetic surgery as u may end up with a butcher, its better to be safe than sorry, well when i get home i will be posting photos up of myself so you can see the results.
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If you do not mind me asking, who was your surgeon? It is funny, when I read about your experience I could relate to some of it. I often photoshop my own pictures - to have a smaller version of my nose! I am happy to hear that you are pleased with your results! Good luck with your modelling career.
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Hi there, my surgeon was {edited} in Beverly Hills. I had seen Dr. J Tobias in NY & Dr Erian in UK (can't remember the rest of them lol) but Fleming was definitely the best choice. Feel free to ask me any questions. :)

Edited by Sharon: We've linked to your provider at the top of the review. Thanks!
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