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My top lip was very thin - Best Thing I Ever Did! - New Delhi, India

While working in New Delhi, I met a great doctor...

While working in New Delhi, I met a great doctor who suggested Juvederm. For about $450 USD I was given injections in my top and bottom lip, a full vial. My top lip was very thin but shapely so the injection was just enough to make it look full. The bottom lip was slightly crooked and the juvederm was injected to even it out. Awesome results. It's been about 5 months- I'm going back for more and a fuller look. Highly recommended for those who do not want surgery. US Prices are comparable to what I paid for 1 vial.
Hi Michelle , I am looking for someone who uses Juvederm in India. For the lips. cAn you please help me out with where you have had the work done here. contact me on {edited} Editor note: you must join RealSelf so you can be contacted privately by your email. This requires free registration for an account. When registering you must opt-in to receiving private contacts (a check box).
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