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May 12,2001491 for slightly noticeable dark...

May 12,2001491 for slightly noticeable dark circles.

RESULTS: black eyes, worse then before, have to wear make up ALL THE TIME!!!!! I wish I could just wake up from this nightmare!!!

PERFORMED: By a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with 4.5 out of 5 star reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HELP!!!!! Trying to go about this the legal avenue since its ruined my confidence and burnt a hole in my wallet!!!!

BEWARE..... I have had fillers before but nonedud this to my face!

Franklin Dermatology opinion

On Friday saw Doctor Schumer of Franklin Dermatology for another opinion. He did not think the results were permanent, suggested I go back to the surgery and stated he has not got involved with cosmetic surgery due to the rate of complications.....UPDATED picture June 29,2014

Follow Up DISASTER!!!!!!

yesterday I had my two month follow up with the board certified plastic surgeon that injected this nightmare into my face. I let him no how to satisfied I was with the results and showed him my like marks that were still on my face. I will provide pictures of what I looked like today! Any lawyers are help I would gladly appreciate. the doctor agreed with me when he put my before and after pictures up that my eyes are now much darker underneath!!! He agreed and quite honestly I have it on tape just for myself. I just wanted to hear back what he said to me later because I am so shocked from my appointment. He also stated that he felt he did a perfect job. I do not understand what world he's in. Number one he stated that sometimes people get pigmentation in due to the black guy that's what's happened. He caused the black guy by hitting a blood vessel. He even took responsibility for that. He didn't miss it looks darker. What are my options? I also was given makeup that I could use to cover it

make up? bleaching cream? and arnica montana?

continuing. So he offered me only bleaching cream to put on 4 to 6 weeks. Does anyone know does this really work? I'm afraid to try anything he suggest. Then he mentioned arnic a Montana. Well that's funny I've been using pills, bought a bottle, & a gel in for weeks it has not done much of anything. the receptionist all made sad faces and started to give me a makeup which was a thin cover up. I proceeded to tell them that doesn't work I'm using tattoo cover up makeup dermablend. And that it still is showing through! Honestly the only thing I can do is go to another I plan to stick surgeon and hope that he sees this guy was incompetent and is able to show malice or neglect and that it is his fault. I was really pissed when he said he felt he did a perfect job. What do you guys think? I'll put my before picture up, and now my after from yesterday!

2nd opinion DISASTER losing hope

2ND opinion. Went to another Surgeon said he saw nothing wrong. I showed him my before and after pictures. He said they were bad pictures because of the flash, and everyone looks worse. Basically in a nut shell he felt it was fine!!!!!

HELLO- I look like LURCH. I got upset when he questioned my lurch lines and said did I just mot notice them. I told him I know my face after 41 years. So disappointing.

On the way out the assistant said as she was walking me out I should look into the enzyme that removes this filler! ( she kind of mentioned it into my ear)

I am upset the doctor says he did not see or agreed with me. Everyone else who knows me and sees me says it is a lot worse.

will travel to fix it

Wed 7/23. after a surgeon said he did not see anything wrong! Until more opinions, and possibly traveling.
Berkley DMC Plastic Surgery

Doctor was very nice. ( really do not want to put name in yet) Had full trust. DEVASTATED with results. Not sure what went wrong. It has been 60 + days and no relief. at my follow up the doctor admitted that I had more darkness then when I started!!!!! All I got in consolation was that he said he felt he did a perfect injection! My face is damaged, destroyed, deformed, with permanent marks that make up cannot cover! Emailed pictures 2 days later was so concerned. Doctor did have me come in to chrck after hours!!! I have a love/hate relationship with this place. Staff and doctor friendly, but HATE the results.............. I liked the surgeon but HATE my results What can I do now?

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I had this happen to me. My doctor waited about 2 months to see if it cleared up on its own. When it didn't she used one of her lasers and removed the dark color. It was gone that day. Go see a dermatologist with a laser that treats patients with discoloration.
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You're right. v beam perfecta laser is very expensive laser and very limited doctor has it.
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Just for the record. Juvederm Voluma was never meant to be injected in the Eyelid areas or near the Eyelid areas. Voluma is intended to be use in the Cheek.
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Yes. The surgeon mentioned thst and that since he did it, thats fine si nice he is the surgeon. Though I had restalyn there when it first came out and thongs were fine. I have learned good lessons through all this crap.....
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Care needs to be used in the upper cheek too. The disadvantage with cheek procedures over the lower eyelid is that it's harder to hide the cheeks with glasses if you have a bad result with a procedure. Sunglasses easily hide my lower eyelids (until I can get my lower bleph).
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Care needs to be used anywhere and any places. in or out of doctor office. Any person that are careless to themselves or to others are just asking for trouble and is playing with fire.
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I believe someone can fix it. 1800 it sounds like he injected about 3 vials which i think is too much. They could do that all over the face but not just eye area
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I hope so
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Many drs will do belotero in that area as it is good for sensitive area
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Hi darkeyecircles. Thanks for your update. That really sucks. Voluma is really a life changing if is injected correctly. Your doctor should have the Voluma filler injected with a Microcannula especially for the eyelids if he know how. Oh well. what is done is done. There is no undo button.
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Yes your right. I am just hoping it goes away faster then the two year life in my body. my luck it will stay forever and so will the pigmentation. I'm glad though that others are having good results. I just happens to be the select few that did not this time around.
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Going through an interminable Perlane hell myself, I've done a lot of reading (too late) on all this junk. From what I've read, Juvederm seems to be resistant to hyaluronidase (and Voluma would be particularly so due to its highly crosslinked structure) and Juvederm is not supposed to be used under the eyes. One reason for this is that Juvederm tends to move, or migrate. I think one thing your doctor did wrong was product selection for that area. You can probably find plenty of info on the Internet about this if you google "shouldn't use Jiveder, under eyes". This could help in a lawsuit: not sure.
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Well. What is done is done. There is no undo button. Often times when something very wrong or injustice is done upon people. The people often do Protests holding huge signs screaming about the injustice that is done and calling up on all TV news medias about their protests. Cowards always point fingers at everyone and anyone when things don't goes the way they wanted to and not do anything about it but Winners always act on the Wrong/injustice that is done upon them.
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I am confused as to how this strange melange of views might be helpful to someone who is going through a medical trauma.
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Jelamj. I think you to see a therapist and be reported as this website is to offer support and advice
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Yeah. I got a copy of my medical records, disputing my service as I received a service I was not satisfied with, getting other opinions. Might all be in vain......but I am trying......
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I am definately not a winner in this situation. Just hoping to get this all worked out.
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i can see the dr inject way too much voluma in the eye area. This is what happen when your Doctor have no morals and want to "Try" something new. He should refund your $1800 and pay all of your work day off expenses to make it right. The truth is everything is "Correctable and Fixable" if you have the Money to do it and your doctor know that he is just playing the dumb game. Again your doctor should pay for all of the expensive if he have any morals or conscience at all. (you should strongly tell him that and demand he pay for all your expenses to fix this and get your refund back). Bleaching cream, Arnica Montana, and gel is just waste of time/work. it wont have any affect to voluma filler. You would need 2 to 3 times of Hyaluronidase to dissolve the same amount of voluma filler because voluma is much more dense than other facial fillers and each time you inject hyaluronidase you would expose to a chance of getting an infection in the area and if you do get infection you will look 10 times worst than now and no make up can cover that.
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I agree. I was just so upset with him because he said it does look worse and darker, and then him that he feels he did a perfect injection. I don't know what to do anymore. A lawyer called and said I potentially have a case but they will not take it. So it gives me no hope for a little hope. I have money to fix it, but do not feel I should since this is a bad reaction to what happened. This doctor has over 125 positive reviews and is well renowned. I would think if he's making this millions of dollars it really would not be such a big deal to make a customer feel more comfortable and help them by either giving them half at least of the money they spent. Thank you for the information on the injections it will take to dissolve this crap. I want to do it but i am so worried that I will have an infection or better yet I will be one of those people that has problems with the dissolvent. Today on my left side I'm starting to get a bubble almost like it is moving. This is so depressing I literally come home from work and just sit around. There's so many things I don't do
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thank you everyone for your comments and help. I will be calling doctors and looking into getting this this off as soon as I can. One surgeon was so booked he only had an appointment sometime in the middle of August. I see that there are lot of positive results with this stuff. But those that have negative really do have bad results. I just feel for the amount of money for all those people pay for the positive results, those who experience negative results she get the money back from this crazy company that has the product. But that's wishful thinking.
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In order to win a malpractice you have to prove your doctor have intend to do harm to you purposely and you can see is impossible for you to win any malpractice lawsuit in the court of law. Doctors paid big money to outside companies to remove negative reviews and threaten lawsuits to any websites that challenge them. Positive reviews are often fakes posted by paid companies in India. Voluma is very new in USA and not many doctors done even heard of removing it let alone doing it. They all are guessing "Can/Maybe" remove it. The chances of actual successfully removing Voluma is very very low. Because there is no movement in the lower eyelid areas, the filler would actually last longer than it intended to be. The risk of getting Voluma dissolved is greater than it actually can get it dissolved. I would be very surprise by any good doctors willing to inject anything in you to get it dissolved. If you can live with it then you should live with the dark circles. If you plan to do something about it you should consider going to the world best and let the best team of doctors fix you in Seoul Korea. You should search "Korea Plastic Surgery" in YouTube and judge by yourself. I found 2 really good PS in Korea that i always wanted to go is jkmedicalgroup and JW Plastic Surgery.
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I think you should really focus on getting this fixed and move on. Do you realize any lawsuit will require that you get worse or stay the same to be effective? Is that what you want? Since you are not really attempting to have it diagnosed and fixed and the chances of this being permanent are slim to none, you are wasting time and energy. Your state of mind affects the outcome, so if it were me, I would get a positive attitude find a PS that does a lot of injections, has the enzyme available to dissolve some of it and be looking forward to posting how great you look after some is removed and the bruising gone. And as a scientist and pharmacist, I can tell you that the enzyme almost always works, unless you have some other issue going on-which you won't even know until you see a doctor. Research the enzyme on the web if you are concerned. With a little work, you could be on your way to a great result in a few days OR you could keep posting about what is wrong. There are hundreds of PS's and derms who inject/dissolve. I'd be in someone's office getting a great consult instead of worrying about lawyers, infections, things not working. Is it really worth it to be miserable? You can always insist the same doctor fix it for free or if you don't trust him ( I would not), have it fixed, keep the records (pics) and receipts and have a lawyer call/write him AFTER fixing, asking for compensation and atty fee. If the second Dr documents that he screwed up, the first doctor might be happy to pay for correction if atty calls him with receipts/records of correction price-but a consult and fixing this should be your only priority now, not lawyers.
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Your comment is not appreciated or correct. I have gone for several consultations and every one of them said they had not seen anything like this. I have gotten multiple injections to dissolve this and found a doctor that I am very happy with but granulomas don't respond to hyaluronidase. My main point was that these companies should do more to inform people of the risks associated with injecting any filler into this area and to make sure doctors are properly trained. This is a very difficult area and an unforgiving one. Biofilm infections are obviously not common but there are more and more instances of problems occurring. I am lucky that the infection is gone but still will need surgery. If you haven't gone through something like this, then you are not in a position to judge someone that has.
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The comment was not meant for you. This site sends comments to everyone for some reason. I was responding to another woman.
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Then please excuse me, I am sorry.
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