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May 12,2001491 for slightly noticeable dark...

May 12,2001491 for slightly noticeable dark circles.

RESULTS: black eyes, worse then before, have to wear make up ALL THE TIME!!!!! I wish I could just wake up from this nightmare!!!

PERFORMED: By a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with 4.5 out of 5 star reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HELP!!!!! Trying to go about this the legal avenue since its ruined my confidence and burnt a hole in my wallet!!!!

BEWARE..... I have had fillers before but nonedud this to my face!

Franklin Dermatology opinion

On Friday saw Doctor Schumer of Franklin Dermatology for another opinion. He did not think the results were permanent, suggested I go back to the surgery and stated he has not got involved with cosmetic surgery due to the rate of complications.....UPDATED picture June 29,2014

Follow Up DISASTER!!!!!!

yesterday I had my two month follow up with the board certified plastic surgeon that injected this nightmare into my face. I let him no how to satisfied I was with the results and showed him my like marks that were still on my face. I will provide pictures of what I looked like today! Any lawyers are help I would gladly appreciate. the doctor agreed with me when he put my before and after pictures up that my eyes are now much darker underneath!!! He agreed and quite honestly I have it on tape just for myself. I just wanted to hear back what he said to me later because I am so shocked from my appointment. He also stated that he felt he did a perfect job. I do not understand what world he's in. Number one he stated that sometimes people get pigmentation in due to the black guy that's what's happened. He caused the black guy by hitting a blood vessel. He even took responsibility for that. He didn't miss it looks darker. What are my options? I also was given makeup that I could use to cover it

make up? bleaching cream? and arnica montana?

continuing. So he offered me only bleaching cream to put on 4 to 6 weeks. Does anyone know does this really work? I'm afraid to try anything he suggest. Then he mentioned arnic a Montana. Well that's funny I've been using pills, bought a bottle, & a gel in for weeks it has not done much of anything. the receptionist all made sad faces and started to give me a makeup which was a thin cover up. I proceeded to tell them that doesn't work I'm using tattoo cover up makeup dermablend. And that it still is showing through! Honestly the only thing I can do is go to another I plan to stick surgeon and hope that he sees this guy was incompetent and is able to show malice or neglect and that it is his fault. I was really pissed when he said he felt he did a perfect job. What do you guys think? I'll put my before picture up, and now my after from yesterday!

2nd opinion DISASTER losing hope

2ND opinion. Went to another Surgeon said he saw nothing wrong. I showed him my before and after pictures. He said they were bad pictures because of the flash, and everyone looks worse. Basically in a nut shell he felt it was fine!!!!!

HELLO- I look like LURCH. I got upset when he questioned my lurch lines and said did I just mot notice them. I told him I know my face after 41 years. So disappointing.

On the way out the assistant said as she was walking me out I should look into the enzyme that removes this filler! ( she kind of mentioned it into my ear)

I am upset the doctor says he did not see or agreed with me. Everyone else who knows me and sees me says it is a lot worse.

will travel to fix it

Wed 7/23. after a surgeon said he did not see anything wrong! Until more opinions, and possibly traveling.


After a month WAIT I will be attending University of Michigan Department of plastic Surgery....hoping for some relief. ( been to 2 plastic surgeons and a dermatologist)........
Berkley DMC Plastic Surgery

Doctor was very nice. ( really do not want to put name in yet) Had full trust. DEVASTATED with results. Not sure what went wrong. It has been 60 + days and no relief. at my follow up the doctor admitted that I had more darkness then when I started!!!!! All I got in consolation was that he said he felt he did a perfect injection! My face is damaged, destroyed, deformed, with permanent marks that make up cannot cover! Emailed pictures 2 days later was so concerned. Doctor did have me come in to chrck after hours!!! I have a love/hate relationship with this place. Staff and doctor friendly, but HATE the results.............. I liked the surgeon but HATE my results What can I do now?

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hello darkeyecircles, Have you considered "Permanent makeup" under your eyelids ?? I saw this being done on TV before.
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Jeanne I have considered perm make up. Right now I am going through life with a lot of cover up. Just at times my l urchy appearance bugs me. I wonder if they will ever come out with skin color ink!!! I would love to be able to tattoo my dark circles the same colors as my skin. That would take care of my problem completely and my lines.
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Hello darkeyecircles, the person that do the permanent makeup would mix and match your skin color ink. They do this in doctor office, not some dark tattoo shop around the corner LOL.
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Darkeyes...., do you have dark circles that surround eye bags and/or go along your tear trough? That's what I have and it has to do with think skin. I'm wondering if the herniated fat (eyebag fat) makes the skin right under the bags to get thinner.
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There is a procedure, I think a laser that lightens dark circles but I don't think it's the dark circles under eyebags and along tear trough. I think it's for those who have hyperpigmentation that starts right under the lash line. They're doing it in the middle east for the darker complexioned people there. But the tattoo sounds like a possibility too.
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I had 2 syringes of voluma. Now 3 months in and I use a lot of make up daily. I even use a red lip liner first and smudge it around then tattoo cover up. I think I will wait six months. Then I will have to do something.............I have sun glasses. I like the idea of getting glasses.... thanks everyone for the comments and opinions. This site has been a comfort since I know I am not alone.
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Thanks for the info. Here is just a suggestion that has worked for me...I too have suffered from dark circles for most of my life and even gotten to the point where I got fat injections in an attempt to resolve issue. Unfortunately, where both our situations meet is the aftermath that the procedures caused. What I can suggest that has really worked for me is the TRIA age defying laser (aka home fraxel) Within a few weeks the collagen under neath my bags grew in to the point where the darkness I had suffered seemed to diminish. I am just making a recommendation because it seemed to have resolved years of issue with that area.
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Thank you so much for the advice. I really had given up hope and kind of just living with this now. I will look into this laser.........I will try anything...even sleeping standing on my head! :) thanks
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mostly for dark...and rob....I am having a good time looking for attractive tinted lenses, especially hard to find ones that are light for winter. Sunglasses in winter will make you look blind. Perhaps clear ones will suffice. Haven't actually noticed yet. The forums really are a comfort for many problems of many kinds. Great help for screening doctors too.
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I am usually afraid of home dermabrasion, fraxel, etc. I will ask my facial surgeon when I go there next time. Also my surgeon allows calls to his nurse to ask any questions. I can ask about home fraxel. I have those awful dark lines which "underline" my eye bags and make tear trough look dark. Yuck! Thank the lord for glasses in the meantime. They used to say no one likes ppl in glasses and I am not a repubican but Sarah Palin looks rockin' in hers!
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Just out of curiousity how many syringes did you get?
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It will dissolve over time- hardest thing is to be patient- I wore glasses for a year
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Mine lasted 5 years and it was going nowhere on its own. When fillers are injected superficially in the lower face, the result is normally good. Doctors have been injecting superficially in the eyelids and that's not deep enough. That's why we get the blistering, ballooning discolored masky look on the lower eyelids and cheeks. There's a lot of chat from people who have this problem on this site -- other threads. Glasses in the meantime really help. I love glasses of all kinds -- I have computer glasses, prescription glasses and sunglasses. I am looking for light tinted glasses that are transparent for winter and nighttime but the colored lenses are really expensive. :/
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Good luck hun. When your dark circles apear after voluma? Like how many days after? Cuz i got it done too
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Hello Gotabooty. are you a transgender ? you wrote about some gender done.
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Lol what wtf?
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had to WAIT to get into the Oculoplastic surgeon. FINALLY Monday i will be there. After going to 2 other surgeons and a dermatologist. Disputing the charges but I am sure thats not going to be pretty. Hoping........even though the surgeon who did this was board certified with 4.5 out of 5 stars in over 125 reviews........just dud nit rush since thats what caused the problem.....rushing to get something done. Hoping to have good pictures to post.......
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Need to also find a doctor with great results with the same procedure in the same area of the body. I had great results with two surgeries and lower face restyland, but that doctor failed me with the same filler under the eyes. I did not check on whether he had success with filler under they eyes.
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I had this happen to me. My doctor waited about 2 months to see if it cleared up on its own. When it didn't she used one of her lasers and removed the dark color. It was gone that day. Go see a dermatologist with a laser that treats patients with discoloration.
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You're right. v beam perfecta laser is very expensive laser and very limited doctor has it.
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Thanks. I am hoping on Monday thst the Oncologist Plastic Surgeon uses a laser. That would be a dream. Glad to hear your goid fortune with all that had happened
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Just for the record. Juvederm Voluma was never meant to be injected in the Eyelid areas or near the Eyelid areas. Voluma is intended to be use in the Cheek.
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Yes. The surgeon mentioned thst and that since he did it, thats fine si nice he is the surgeon. Though I had restalyn there when it first came out and thongs were fine. I have learned good lessons through all this crap.....
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Care needs to be used in the upper cheek too. The disadvantage with cheek procedures over the lower eyelid is that it's harder to hide the cheeks with glasses if you have a bad result with a procedure. Sunglasses easily hide my lower eyelids (until I can get my lower bleph).
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Care needs to be used anywhere and any places. in or out of doctor office. Any person that are careless to themselves or to others are just asking for trouble and is playing with fire.
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