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May 12,2001491 for slightly noticeable dark...

May 12,2001491 for slightly noticeable dark circles.

RESULTS: black eyes, worse then before, have to wear make up ALL THE TIME!!!!! I wish I could just wake up from this nightmare!!!

PERFORMED: By a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with 4.5 out of 5 star reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HELP!!!!! Trying to go about this the legal avenue since its ruined my confidence and burnt a hole in my wallet!!!!

BEWARE..... I have had fillers before but nonedud this to my face!
Might I add, you are an absolutely beautiful woman. This is a horrible experience, I do understand. I have faith u will find the roght solution but you are truly stunning. Hold on to that and keep going. YOU will find a solution. I know it. Determination will get you everywhere. I can tell your energy & determination jump OFF the page. Try to embrace how beautiful you are. Even with make on, not everyone is. You will find your answer. Stay hopeful & when you feel you are with the right doctor, to understand has compassion for your experience you will know from the deepest part of your soul. DONT SETTLE DONT GIVE UP. YOU ARE STILL A TRUE BEAUTY!!
Voluma is way too thick to be placed under the eyes and much harder to dissolve. Its not approved for that use - in fact no filler is - but these doctors should be careful with the products they are using and how they are injecting. very sad this was the result. Im sure the bruising will fade but it may take more hyaluronidase to remove.
Thank you for the reply. I go back July 130-135th. I have been taking arnica montana for the bruising. But still looks like I am related to Lurch if the Adams Family. :/

Franklin Dermatology opinion

On Friday saw Doctor Schumer of Franklin Dermatology for another opinion. He did not think the results were permanent, suggested I go back to the surgery and stated he has not got involved with cosmetic surgery due to the rate of complications.....UPDATED picture June 29,2014
Having had a similar result I think I can tell from your pictures what went wrong. The doctor injected too close to your nose. Voluma is only intended to be used on the outer cheek bones. The fullness which begins next your nose is what is causing the dark circles to appear worse. I had several IPL treatments to get rid of Perlane which was wrongly injected into the same area with the same result. I have had problems with Vitrase in attempts to dissolve. under-eye fillers in the past having horrific results. IPL heat works to help dissolve filler although it will swell immediately after the IPL treatment; it takes a few, concentrated treatments to bring it down but it does work.
Thank you for the information. I had both Voluma and Restylane and I do think the Voluma was put to high up and that it should of been dissolved the first day when I brought it to his attention. Now that the infection is finally gone, I am left with a lump under my left eye and bags which makes me look like I am 70. I can't go out without sunglasses and am embarrassed to be seen. I have to have a lower eye lift and filler again or I will never look any better. I am not a good candidate for a fat graph and am nervous since it is permanent and am so thin skinned. I am glad you have had better results with the IPL which I will ask about to get rid of the lump. This is going on 4 months and am so discouraged and upset. Meanwhile, I am out thousands of dollars and will have another fight on my hands to get reimbursed.
THANK YOU so much for the IPL information. I willlook into it . the surgeon didn't check my nose because it was a dent in it. That was fine, but you're right the bloom I was put pretty close into the nose.do you have any before and after pictures after the IPL? I am so distraught over how I look. I'm tryna find makeup that covers this and having no luck. I'm using a tattoo cover up that still shows my lines. I cannot believe the doctor said and agreed that my eyes look darker underneath now! When he said he did a perfect injection. I am just amazed

Follow Up DISASTER!!!!!!

yesterday I had my two month follow up with the board certified plastic surgeon that injected this nightmare into my face. I let him no how to satisfied I was with the results and showed him my like marks that were still on my face. I will provide pictures of what I looked like today! Any lawyers are help I would gladly appreciate. the doctor agreed with me when he put my before and after pictures up that my eyes are now much darker underneath!!! He agreed and quite honestly I have it on tape just for myself. I just wanted to hear back what he said to me later because I am so shocked from my appointment. He also stated that he felt he did a perfect job. I do not understand what world he's in. Number one he stated that sometimes people get pigmentation in due to the black guy that's what's happened. He caused the black guy by hitting a blood vessel. He even took responsibility for that. He didn't miss it looks darker. What are my options? I also was given makeup that I could use to cover it
You are beautiful, before and after.

make up? bleaching cream? and arnica montana?

continuing. So he offered me only bleaching cream to put on 4 to 6 weeks. Does anyone know does this really work? I'm afraid to try anything he suggest. Then he mentioned arnic a Montana. Well that's funny I've been using pills, bought a bottle, & a gel in for weeks it has not done much of anything. the receptionist all made sad faces and started to give me a makeup which was a thin cover up. I proceeded to tell them that doesn't work I'm using tattoo cover up makeup dermablend. And that it still is showing through! Honestly the only thing I can do is go to another I plan to stick surgeon and hope that he sees this guy was incompetent and is able to show malice or neglect and that it is his fault. I was really pissed when he said he felt he did a perfect job. What do you guys think? I'll put my before picture up, and now my after from yesterday!
Going through an interminable Perlane hell myself, I've done a lot of reading (too late) on all this junk. From what I've read, Juvederm seems to be resistant to hyaluronidase (and Voluma would be particularly so due to its highly crosslinked structure) and Juvederm is not supposed to be used under the eyes. One reason for this is that Juvederm tends to move, or migrate. I think one thing your doctor did wrong was product selection for that area. You can probably find plenty of info on the Internet about this if you google "shouldn't use Jiveder, under eyes". This could help in a lawsuit: not sure.
Well. What is done is done. There is no undo button. Often times when something very wrong or injustice is done upon people. The people often do Protests holding huge signs screaming about the injustice that is done and calling up on all TV news medias about their protests. Cowards always point fingers at everyone and anyone when things don't goes the way they wanted to and not do anything about it but Winners always act on the Wrong/injustice that is done upon them.
I am confused as to how this strange melange of views might be helpful to someone who is going through a medical trauma.

2nd opinion DISASTER losing hope

2ND opinion. Went to another Surgeon said he saw nothing wrong. I showed him my before and after pictures. He said they were bad pictures because of the flash, and everyone looks worse. Basically in a nut shell he felt it was fine!!!!!

HELLO- I look like LURCH. I got upset when he questioned my lurch lines and said did I just mot notice them. I told him I know my face after 41 years. So disappointing.

On the way out the assistant said as she was walking me out I should look into the enzyme that removes this filler! ( she kind of mentioned it into my ear)

I am upset the doctor says he did not see or agreed with me. Everyone else who knows me and sees me says it is a lot worse.
Many drs will do belotero in that area as it is good for sensitive area
Hi darkeyecircles. Thanks for your update. That really sucks. Voluma is really a life changing if is injected correctly. Your doctor should have the Voluma filler injected with a Microcannula especially for the eyelids if he know how. Oh well. what is done is done. There is no undo button.
Yes your right. I am just hoping it goes away faster then the two year life in my body. my luck it will stay forever and so will the pigmentation. I'm glad though that others are having good results. I just happens to be the select few that did not this time around.

will travel to fix it

Wed 7/23. after a surgeon said he did not see anything wrong! Until more opinions, and possibly traveling.
had to WAIT to get into the Oculoplastic surgeon. FINALLY Monday i will be there. After going to 2 other surgeons and a dermatologist. Disputing the charges but I am sure thats not going to be pretty. Hoping........even though the surgeon who did this was board certified with 4.5 out of 5 stars in over 125 reviews........just dud nit rush since thats what caused the problem.....rushing to get something done. Hoping to have good pictures to post.......
Need to also find a doctor with great results with the same procedure in the same area of the body. I had great results with two surgeries and lower face restyland, but that doctor failed me with the same filler under the eyes. I did not check on whether he had success with filler under they eyes.
I had this happen to me. My doctor waited about 2 months to see if it cleared up on its own. When it didn't she used one of her lasers and removed the dark color. It was gone that day. Go see a dermatologist with a laser that treats patients with discoloration.


After a month WAIT I will be attending University of Michigan Department of plastic Surgery....hoping for some relief. ( been to 2 plastic surgeons and a dermatologist)........
Thank you everyone for the response. I went to several surgeons. My darkness appeared within three days of the 2 syringes injected under my eyes. The last Ocoloplastic Surgeon stated thst it shoukd disolve on it's own. I was told by Doc Numa in MA to try warm compresses. I am going to use Dermablend and wait till November. What a drag this has been. You just get so used to the disappointment. The original surgeon was happy with his results and offered nothing more then putting more filler in! I am going to try warm compresses for about a month then seek alternatives again. I was left by my surgeon to rotten and was told to follow up in six weeks. My trust with him is NONE! I did see the episode of Botched yhat is being talked about. I have contacted Doctor NASSIF indirectly and will now try. Bet he has a year waiting list with that show now so popular. Thank yoy again everyone.....the input has helped me see though there may be a light at the end of the Adams Family tunnel. It is still far away!!!
After many fillers, botox, dissolver enzyme, electrolysis and two lower facial procedures, I can tell you almost for sure there is a light at the end of the Adams Family tunnel. I am still in it too but waiting just a little longer to get out. Try to keep up your sense of humor, as difficult as it is You're doing great as far as trying things that may help you. Scientifically it's proven that we do better in terms of stress trying things (even when we fail in the end, but yours will not fail), rather than having no options. Dr. Nassif is known for rhino but very likely is good with other things. No doubt he's very busy now -- never did have luck getting through to "public figures" for help. If not him it will be someone. You have a great handle on the situation. That's the main reason I think you will be successful. Keep posting please.
I had juvederm under eyes and was not happy with it. It did go away after months. Then I decided to have fat transfer under eyes last Oct. a year has gone by and fat transfer has went down but I still have shadowing In the first six months I used bleaching cream, arnica. and dermablend most of the fillers wear off quicker I think if you do a lot of cardio exercise, I will never try any fillers around eyes again I think skin is too thin there and becomes bruised or bulgy where filler is placed.. I do love it every where else (naso labial area temple area lips) good luck It took me almost a year to go with out derma blend makeup

Before and After with Makw Up. wush Skin would just Wake Up!!!!

8/24/24. Getting better with Dermablendmake up. (Post before and after picture).

Going to try: 1 month compresses.
Walking 20 mikes a week (out of shape but hear sometimes cardio will help swear it out)
Crossing fingers!!!!!!
I will set another appointment. Just running into money issues now face is botched in dim lighting or with a flash.
If it's the result of a burst blood vessel, you can get a v-beam laser treatment and it should heal it up. That costs about 300-400 bucks depending on where you live. If it's because he injected the filler too superficially and it's causing a blue tint, you can get the filler reversed with the injection of an enzyme. Hope this helps!
PS: I had a terrible filler injection under my eye and it was two weeks before my wedding. I looked like a monster on my wedding day because I was too scared to do the Vitrase. I live with it another 5 months before finally caving and doing it. So glad I did! I wish I had done it before the wedding. :(
I am glad to hear you did the Vitrase. Before did you always havetge darkness or just under certain light? Mine is only under the flash of a camera or a very dim room............not sure if it is too much filler or now hyperpigmentation because of the damage to the skin from the big needle....... I am praying I get the money back si I can use it to dissolve or get laser on this crap.

Doc Sam to the rescue. or just the TRUTH!

went to my internist doctor Sam. He also does Botox, and other fillers. He kept shaking his head and said it made no sense but the Dr put voluma in my chair through when my skin is so thin their.he mentioned that he does not get a kick back from Juvederm or Botox at all. But with vol. You MA they actually make a hundred profit when they use it! So my doctor or surgeon who injected it actually made money off me. Is very truthful and does not mince words.I was just there on Friday. He also does weight loss practice. it infuriates me but this doctor push this product probably knowing it might not make a great impact or make a worse impact on my face. My credit card company awarded me 1804 back. But it is sitting in limbo and I'm waiting for the doctors response. They investigated all my pictures, medical bills, and an application from the TV show in an interview with them, and more. I'm surprised I got my money back or atleast awarded the money. But now I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Thsts great your back to where you were before the filler!!! it gives me hope indeed.
that is a great way of describing just how yucky Tyndall is -- I almost but not quite have to laugh. I wonder just how common it is since it seems to me a lot of people have gotten that awful -- doughy grey dead as you so eloquently put it! -- stuff. It really is the worst! I had that so I know it well. Ugh. I too had it injected too superficially and it looked like worms wriggling beneath the skin. The worm description comes from the guy I went to after the first guy messed up by injecting too superficially. He (the second surgeon) explained why it happens. By the way, the one who messed up is one of the few (perhaps only) surgeons specially selected to represent Allergan and they sure made a big deal out of it. All hype, no substance is the way it seems to be far too often.
oh and by the way mine went away completely and thank God! But I really don't think anyone should chance injecting beneath the eyes where the skin is so very thin -- there are just too many things that go wrong. I have quite thick skin that can take a lot of abuse, olive, handles a beating well, etc., yet even I had something happen. Really try to accept the hollows folks -- they aren't as bad as things like saggy neck! Do anything possible to avoid injections in the thinnest of all areas, beneath the eyes.

Ready for Halloween!!!!! no make up needed!

I am reaching my fifth month of this nightmare. Right now I've given myself november first when I will seek other options for this scary look. Right now I'm keeping it because we're going to have a halloween party am going to be a zombie. All I have to do is get gray makeup and enrich my lines! I'm just so used to this right now I don't remember what I look like without it now. In some light again its not noticeable. With a ton of makeup it's coverable.I thought people make it a kick out of this picture. really have no problem showing my face because I feel it lets people know that I'm for real and that this doctor really had a vast impact on how I looked. I think if for some reason the surgeon bills me again we are hard ng to small claims.
my credit card awarded me money after really investigating with pictures, documents, the TV show botched application, as well as the doctors own medical notes. In his notes there is more darkness. I won the money with the credit card company that usually doesn't want to give back money, & I feel I could possibly win in court. I'm going to keep my confidence up and hope that he does not bill me back. Other than that I hope everyone is doing well in that anyone with one of these plastic surgery nightmares can find the humor in it at times. Its the only thing that keeps me sane.
Hope u doing better . Second opinion saw nothing wrong . Huh welcome to my world my dear . I had exact same thing happen to me . I saw "dr PS" on my request from company merz radiese for their medical advise and while super red swollen he wrote 10 pages of report that saw no redness no swelling actually nothing wrong he saw . It's all in my head that's what he wrote but there is a surprise I made sure I took videos and photos while In his office and etc. .... I have to do my home work as well . I learned the hard way very hard way . Wish u get better soon
A plastic surgeon wrote the 10 pages?
Yes my dear . I had requested to see merz (radiese) medical advisor just for help so he may know what's happening to me for 7 months but instead he was showing me for 30 min pictures of other fillers complication talking proudly how he is against articol and they hate him and then speaking to me about his wife's menopause symptoms and picking up the phone while trying to ask him question and leaving the room as speaking laughing with his nurse when I tried saying there are many people who suffer from radiesse but not once he showed me any care any compassion rather than laughing and took 8 pic of me and got upset when I didn't give him my concent to use my pic and he said it quote ( oh u don't want to help people ) so now on the report he said he didn't see redness swelling or any symptoms but he wanted my pic to help others . I had problem to understand as he was struggling a lot cought in his own words . But I took pic while in his office and video of myself and I looked very much swollen and red :) but the report is 10 pages while it wasn't even an hour the app I was there for 2 pm got seen by him 2:33 pm and I was done 3:10 but he said was well over an hour but I made sure I can answer everything . He tortured me emotionally while there humiliated me insulted me but I thank god as we have CPSO in canada they help at very least I hope they will hear my story . But he made sure to say it's all in my head . :) he will have to prove that to me as I won't give up will fight back this medical report as I find it very critical a dr writes medical report diminishing my complaint and my concerns . Will send u pic soon . Thanks for your concern dear .

OH NO!!!!

tonight I have noticed under my left eye almost near my nose a little bump or natural. It is the size of a pea. I am Not sure if the voluma is dissolving and it's starting to leave lumps? Has anyone else experienced this at all? I am praying this does not get bigger or that this is the start of an infection. I have received my money back so far and have not been billed back. In the beginning of November I will be putting the doctors name and everything out there so that no one else can go through this dramatic trauma that I've had to deal with for over 5 months now! I will also be speaking with surgeon or laser expert to figure out what I should do from here.
I am sooo concerned. My heart goes out to you. The most frightening is when I had this procedure done, and I do my research, I had terrible discoloration and black & blues for 2 months. I looked like I had a nose job. I didnt know that this shouldn't be. It was the ASSISTANT that injected me. The bruising was IMMEDIATE IN OFFICE. They gave me ice, CHARGED ME FOR ARNICA MONTANS and sent me on my way. What is the normal reaction/down if any, for this procedure? Monday , after 1 year I am going back for other round. I am sick over this. It seems Like it's ALL about the money. What should a patient expect in the procedure that is correct
Glad you got your money back. That equals to something towards what you may need to get the issue fixed. I hope of course it covers any new fees. Mine was not lumpy anywhere but it was not smooth either. I'd call around to doctors (who meet the proper criteria) to see if any will do a preliminary consult with your description/answering of questions and before and after photos. Be sure to emphasize the lump.
Look forward to your Halloween pics Darkeyecircles!
Berkley DMC Plastic Surgery

Doctor C was very nice. ( really do not want to put name in yet) Had full trust. it was an open house. I should of been where since all the product the post were juvederm related! DEVASTATED with results. Not sure what went wrong. It has been 60 + days and no relief. at my follow up the doctor admitted that I had more darkness then when I started!!!!! All I got in consolation was that he said he felt he did a perfect injection! My face is damaged, destroyed, deformed, with permanent marks that make up cannot cover! Emailed pictures 2 days later was so concerned. Doctor did have me come in to chrck after hours!!! I have a love/hate relationship with this place. Staff and doctor friendly, but HATE the results.............. I liked the surgeon but HATE my results What can I do now?

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
2 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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