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May 12,2001491 for slightly noticeable dark...

May 12,2001491 for slightly noticeable dark circles.

RESULTS: black eyes, worse then before, have to wear make up ALL THE TIME!!!!! I wish I could just wake up from this nightmare!!!

PERFORMED: By a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with 4.5 out of 5 star reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HELP!!!!! Trying to go about this the legal avenue since its ruined my confidence and burnt a hole in my wallet!!!!

BEWARE..... I have had fillers before but nonedud this to my face!

Franklin Dermatology opinion

On Friday saw Doctor Schumer of Franklin Dermatology for another opinion. He did not think the results were permanent, suggested I go back to the surgery and stated he has not got involved with cosmetic surgery due to the rate of complications.....UPDATED picture June 29,2014

Follow Up DISASTER!!!!!!

yesterday I had my two month follow up with the board certified plastic surgeon that injected this nightmare into my face. I let him no how to satisfied I was with the results and showed him my like marks that were still on my face. I will provide pictures of what I looked like today! Any lawyers are help I would gladly appreciate. the doctor agreed with me when he put my before and after pictures up that my eyes are now much darker underneath!!! He agreed and quite honestly I have it on tape just for myself. I just wanted to hear back what he said to me later because I am so shocked from my appointment. He also stated that he felt he did a perfect job. I do not understand what world he's in. Number one he stated that sometimes people get pigmentation in due to the black guy that's what's happened. He caused the black guy by hitting a blood vessel. He even took responsibility for that. He didn't miss it looks darker. What are my options? I also was given makeup that I could use to cover it

make up? bleaching cream? and arnica montana?

continuing. So he offered me only bleaching cream to put on 4 to 6 weeks. Does anyone know does this really work? I'm afraid to try anything he suggest. Then he mentioned arnic a Montana. Well that's funny I've been using pills, bought a bottle, & a gel in for weeks it has not done much of anything. the receptionist all made sad faces and started to give me a makeup which was a thin cover up. I proceeded to tell them that doesn't work I'm using tattoo cover up makeup dermablend. And that it still is showing through! Honestly the only thing I can do is go to another I plan to stick surgeon and hope that he sees this guy was incompetent and is able to show malice or neglect and that it is his fault. I was really pissed when he said he felt he did a perfect job. What do you guys think? I'll put my before picture up, and now my after from yesterday!

2nd opinion DISASTER losing hope

2ND opinion. Went to another Surgeon said he saw nothing wrong. I showed him my before and after pictures. He said they were bad pictures because of the flash, and everyone looks worse. Basically in a nut shell he felt it was fine!!!!!

HELLO- I look like LURCH. I got upset when he questioned my lurch lines and said did I just mot notice them. I told him I know my face after 41 years. So disappointing.

On the way out the assistant said as she was walking me out I should look into the enzyme that removes this filler! ( she kind of mentioned it into my ear)

I am upset the doctor says he did not see or agreed with me. Everyone else who knows me and sees me says it is a lot worse.

will travel to fix it

Wed 7/23. after a surgeon said he did not see anything wrong! Until more opinions, and possibly traveling.


After a month WAIT I will be attending University of Michigan Department of plastic Surgery....hoping for some relief. ( been to 2 plastic surgeons and a dermatologist)........

Before and After with Makw Up. wush Skin would just Wake Up!!!!

8/24/24. Getting better with Dermablendmake up. (Post before and after picture).

Going to try: 1 month compresses.
Walking 20 mikes a week (out of shape but hear sometimes cardio will help swear it out)
Crossing fingers!!!!!!
I will set another appointment. Just running into money issues now face is botched in dim lighting or with a flash.
Berkley DMC Plastic Surgery

Doctor was very nice. ( really do not want to put name in yet) Had full trust. DEVASTATED with results. Not sure what went wrong. It has been 60 + days and no relief. at my follow up the doctor admitted that I had more darkness then when I started!!!!! All I got in consolation was that he said he felt he did a perfect injection! My face is damaged, destroyed, deformed, with permanent marks that make up cannot cover! Emailed pictures 2 days later was so concerned. Doctor did have me come in to chrck after hours!!! I have a love/hate relationship with this place. Staff and doctor friendly, but HATE the results.............. I liked the surgeon but HATE my results What can I do now?

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I am going to check on all these great suggestions. My credit card awarded me the 1,804dollars, now I'm just waiting on his response. I need that money to try to fix this through whatever steps I need to take. I've been holding out and it still looks the same four months later.
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Take MSM , is a type of sulfur best to buy at vitamin Shop , it help skin produce collagen take 1000mg and 500 of vitamin c , next buy castor oil its cheap , put on under your eye message it for like 5 min very gently and your black eye should start going away as the weeks pass , PS: make sure you are not allergic to sulfur . Or castor oil.
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Also search for , msm and its benefits , so you have more of an idea to what it does , Good Luck
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Thanks so much. It sounds cheap, easy to do and effective. Great advice and I will certainly look into it for myself too. Can't hurt! Cheers.
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I read about MSM and have been bad about taking it as I despise powders but it's the best way to take things as far as the potency. I love castor oil and I agree on that one too. I love these tips!
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Personally I believe all fillers should be only be use to correct facial deformity only. Doctors prefer to use fillers than any other surgeries because Doctors know once the patient used it they become addicted to it for LIFE. You read all kind of stories of how someone would get Fillers for 5 years, 10 years or even 15 years till something bad happen to them then and only then they stop using Fillers. Doctor knows Fillers are just like drugs to drug addicts. Once the doctor sweet talked you into getting 1 filler you would just keep coming back FOREVER till something bad happen. (Sad but True)
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There is definitely some truth to this. I had fillers for years and would have kept going if not for the disaster.
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heck yeah I third that! I like to joke to myself that I should make a sign and stand on street corners, and the sign would read: Will do ANYTHING for my next shot of filler. i have friends who are broke from "needing" their next fix each couple of months. Okay I am one of them
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The silver lining of a filler disaster? Perhaps we will all be wealthy now :)
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I had asked my doctor for something to help my eyebags other than surgery. He then suggested restylane. Then the trouble began. His fillers in my lower face turned out fine. Eye area fillers are much more risky.
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Yes. I agree. I always went for my annual fillers and botox. Now not sure I will do much after this horribke experience!
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It pays off to do research on a procedure or area of the face/body where you never had the procedure before. I researched injectables for the lower face before I had my first injection there and the patient complaints were mostly minor. I did not take the time to do the same research for the lower eyelid area or upper cheeks and that's where I had my problem. Also I don't think they had been using fillers in the eye area very long when I had mine done. Best to not be one of the first on your block to have a new procedure or have it in a new area. There is even a difference between filler in the marionette lines and the NL folds. NL folds, marionette lines, lower cheeks, upper cheeks, temples, upper eyelids, lower eyelids should all be treated as UNalike areas, at least until we know if they are or aren't. I did not take nearly the care to research my lower eyelid area filler even as much as I did electrolysis. Machines normally do a better job than human beings but we need to research those too and again not be within the first few people to have them done. I guess that's part of why we need to choose a doctor who has done at least 100 of the procedure.
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PhilaSkeptic: Now I wish I had checked more before getting the voluma injections!! The surgeon really just showed me two women, and one of the two worked for him. What percent would you say your about bsck to what you were before the filler?
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I very much agree PhilaSkeptic. They are indeed so very different in how they respond. Do you think that the people who wanted to get these things into use by cosmetic docs and others really looked deeply into the horrible side effects longterm? That would be an obvious NOOOOO. Allergan will be laughing all the way to the bank at our pain for decades to come, and they can afford to continue on even if they ever are held accountable. I don't think any filler is wise in the undereye area, from what I've read. I mean I also had a bad experience there years ago but sometimes I actually forget that it happened....at the time it was upsetting but all things fade.
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Best to have objective info with photos of patients who are purely patients, just like you are. He should have had more than one patient to show you. I am 100% back to what I was before the filler.
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Juvederm Voluma should NEVER be used under eyes. Your doc f*cked up. that said, you can get the enzyme to dissolve it, but make sure they do in microdoses. like starting with 1 UNIT!! do not allow them to put in more tho they will want to try anything from 20-75 units. note i am talking units not ml or anything...
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I don't know if a doctor will inject 1 unit of Vitrase, but this may be just for vitrase. Other forms of hyaluronidase may use a completely different scale. I had 43 units in my first injection of Vitrase which was not enough to dissolve all my restylane. However, my doctor is one of the top two facial aesthetic surgeons in the Philly, PA area and I trust him. He's the only doctor of any kind in the world at this time who I trust to this extent, because of his reputation and his past procedures on me as well as his "vibe". We all need the entire "arsenal" when we have anything the least bit invasive. I did make it clear to my doctor that I will happily return 2 or more times to gradually get the filler dissolved rather than try to do it in one shot (literally and figuratively heheh). I had my second and last Vitrase injection at the end of May and it has not morphed at all into anything ugly. Just waiting now to get the bleph surgery I really needed all along. :)
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I took note. I am praying I get the money to try to dissolve this crap....
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I have the same lines under my eyes because of VOLUMA!!! This was my first time getting fillers. I went in for cheeck fillers 3 months ago. Initially, I received 1 syringe split between each cheek and it looked amazing. I got greedy and 3 weeks later went back for one more syringe in my cheek area and came out with the stupid horizontal lines under my eyes! It has been 2 1/2 months since my last treatment and they are still there. It's so depressing.
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Hello Sadface01. You should get the horizontal lines dissolved if is not exactly on your eyelids. in the meantime you can get brand name eyeglasses to cover the horizontal lines. Get "brand names" like Tiffany or Gucci eyeglasses they will make any woman look good.
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Your not alone in this at all. Let me know if you find anyway to relieve the lines. In sunlight hard to notice. But in dim light, with a hat, or overcast I am the living dead..... SADFACE01 let me know if you find anyone. I do not want to just dissolve it yet. I know I'm taking my time and some people think it's crazy. But I have read up on the dissolve ins and I don't trust them 100 after reading in these forums.
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Hello darkeyecircles. The dark line under your eyes probably can easily be cover by Eyeglasses. "Not sunglasses" i mean Eyeglasses. There is so many Stylish and Sexy Eyeglasses nowadays is really unbelievable. Try on some Tiffany, Gucci, Prada, and Ray-ban eyeglasses can put a prescriptions lens on. You would be very surprised on how good it look.
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That's a good tip for eyeglasses.
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I waited over a year before dissolving my undereye restylane. My face looked just like yours (darkeyecircles) in your photos showing the "lurch" look, as you call it, the most. I was afraid of allergic reactions to the dissolver, because it's more of an allergen than any fillers or botox. as well as having the concerns everyone else on this board has had. So darkeye...., you're not crazy. Once a medical mistake happens to us, we become more careful. it's normal.
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i don't understand - you had the injections in your cheeks but the discoloration is under your eyes? all from voluma?
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