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After 10 years of getting hit in the face due to...

After 10 years of getting hit in the face due to cheerleading, I finally made the decision to get this surgery procedure done! I didn't develop any breathing problems right after my injury until a good 2-3 years later. I noticed my nose was becoming more at a slant and breathing became more difficult. I was constantly purchasing nose strips for years and as well as nasal decongestants&. I also was taking Benadryl religiously 2-3 each and every night to help me breathe. I in fact had a deviated septum with a small fracture. When moving to Washington state, I did a lot of research on doctors to perform this surgery and I did indeed find a good one. From the time of my first visit to surgery, all happened in about one month. I was very pleased with how accommodating he was with getting me in right away.

Today has been one week and one day since my surgery! For those of you who may be thinking of getting the same procedure done, these are just a few things I experienced day by day following the surgery:

Day 1: Nervous as can be! Surgery began around 8 AM and finished about 10AM! All I remember is that evening of my mom constantly changing the nose pad because of the bleeding. She even made what we called "torpedoes" with Afran on them and that seemed to help keep the bleeding down. Pain wasn't actually that bad and I really didn't notice much pain for the first 4 days following surgery!!
Day 2: light bleeding and not as heavy as day one. I was constantly kept being told by my Mom to sit down because I was always getting up and doing things around my house. I was feeling good
Day 3: still not able to breathe yet. Really stopped up and was trying salt water spray to help but nothing was working. Mom left on this day, so I was starting to get pretty bored around the house
Day 4: I would have to say day 4 was my worse of days. Still not breathing. Not noticing much in terms of the bruising going down (back and forth with frozen peas non-stop). I was more bored today than any other day and was just annoyed with still having to breathe through my mouth!! Diet still remained the same: jello, pudding, and soup. Why cook something delicious if you cannot taste it?? It was a waste in my mind.
Day 5: OMG woke up at 7 AM and I was breathing through my nostrils! Both of them! Not 100% but I was a happy camper. So happy that I grabbed an old can of ginger ale from nights before on my night stand and I could even TASTE it. My feeling of hope and happiness returned and ahh did that feel good!!! I even went out in public with my cast on with my hubby to walk on a trail. I had a few stares, but I didn't let it bother me! (Told one guy I got into a bad bar fight). It felt so good to get out of the house and smell the fresh air. My very first time with actually breathing in BOTH nostrils!!
Day 6: bruising had gone down quite a bit and I called my doctor to "jokingly" ask if I could remove my cast because I was ready and he said sure, why not! It was planned to remove it on day 7, which was the following morning but what difference did it make? I was ready!

Day 7: I went to the zoo with my husband and I still have slight bruising but it isn't as bad and with a little help of makeup, no one can really tell.

The only part I am dealing with now is just the swelling of my nose. Right where my "hump" was removed is still tender and pretty swollen. I understand it can take up to 4-6 weeks to get the swelling down, but that is okay. I am still taking arnica Montana ( started it 2 weeks prior to surgery) and using heat compresses for the bruises. My doctor let me keep my splint/cast so at night before bed, I gently put it back on and use a little surgical tape to hold it in place (not tight though). That way, who knows if I were to hit my own nose in the middle of the night, at least there is some protection on it!! Also, before I forget to add, I been turning off my ceiling fan at night because the coolness actually irritates the inside of my nose. I am still adding Bacitracin ointment to the inside which does help. I have also noticed pain in my upper 4 front teeth. Whenever my nose throbs in pain, my teeth hurts worse. I assume it is because the top teeth are the closest to your nose?

So for now, just patiently waiting for the swelling to go down. I am very pleased with the care from the front office girls and of course my doctor. I can breathe again and that to me is priceless. If anyone has any questions, let me know. It is always good to have someone who went through this surgery to go to when needed!!
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Loved him and the whole staff!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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What did he do to your nose to help you breathe again?
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I had a really bad deviated septum. He fixed it. So much better now.
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Hi guys!! It has been 5 weeks and 2 day since my surgery. My nose is still swollen but each day, I really feel as if it is going down. The end of the second week, I noticed I was developing some type of growth on the top part of my nose bone and I scheduled an appointment to go see my doctor because I was getting a little worried. My doc mentioned that certain growths can come and go, so in another words...I needed to be more patient. Now that I am in my fifth week, that growth has evened out and pretty much gone away! ((yay)) Last week I did go back ((again)) because he had told he would try and get the rest of the blockage out of my left side (boogers in another words...) and when I went to see him, he pulled out three huge ..I mean HUGE hard boogers that just grew with time and because they were so far up there, I couldn't get them and they basically attached themselves to the inside and just kept growing! After he pulled them out, I bled quite a bit, but boy did it feel good to have an even more clean and clean passage to breathe! (Sorry for the detailed info, but it is something I had to go through) Other than that..still doing good and cannot wait until the six month mark or so to see the nose shape really coming along and what it will hopefully look like!
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I'm glad you're on the other side and are happy so far. Yeah, the swelling can last a long time (some doctors say up to a year to see your final results). Please, keep us posted!

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Congrats. Hope the swelling goes down fast.
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