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Close to four years ago I lost a significant...

Close to four years ago I lost a significant amount of weight (280#). Now I am left with an abundance of loose skin that no amount of working out or building muscle will fix. After in-depth research I have decided to have the following procedures: lower body lift, arm lift, breast lift / augmentation, inner thigh lift, but lift, full face/neck litf and vaginoplasty. To date, I have had consultations with four local plastic surgeons. A year and a half a ago I decided on Dr. Sephar Egrari, a PS in Bellevue. I chose him after meeting one of his patients. This lady looked amazing!! Six months prior she had undergone all (except the vaginoplasty) procedures after also losing around 300#. She was even my age (49), height and general build. She was kind enough to show me her before and after surgery photos, the results were impressive! There were no photos of the 'butt lift" or from behind, she said she had not asked for them "...because the doctor said it takes a year for the final results - and my butt is still pretty sad". She did not seem overly concerned. I wasn't either - made sense to me- and the rest of her was amazing. She truly looked fifteen to twenty years younger than the 'before photos'. I decided right there and then to have her surgeon be my surgeon.

Last week I ran into this lady at the gym and I couldn't help but notice that her neck seemed to have 'loosened'. Not terribly so, but noticeably so. When I inquired about the progress of her butt, she told me she would need to repeat the lower body lift. She brushed it off by explaining that it wasn't her surgeons fault, but just one of those things! Truly? Later a mutual friend told me this poor lady not only needed to have the lower body lift redone, but her inner thighs, neck and arms - AND needed an additional procedure called an upper body lift done now! Worse still, the doctor is going to charge her additional fees. This does not seem right to me! This poor lady has essentially found herself back at if not square one, no where near having successful results.

Is this the normal result? Does anyone out there have a more successful outcome? A surgeon who gets it right the first time? Photos would be appreciated if possible along with the surgeons name and contact information.

Thanks for reading my post, any advice would be appreciated!
Unfortunately surgeons are first and foremost surgeons! There is a lot some don't tell you. We don't always know what to ask and they don't tell. It is a loss of revenue to them. I went to a well known Dr. Spoke to three of his patients and 4 months later I am still in recovery, lost my flexibility and my thighs are loose and baggy again. My butt and stomach look better but he didn't tell me anything prior to surgery about my skin not being good enough to hold post surgical results. Prior to surgery all he said was I can't give you a 20 year old butt and it will eventually sag. That being said my main concern were my thighs, I wanted to be able to wear shorts. I don't think I can. I also wanted to wear a bathing suit in public I can't . My thighs are the same size as they were before surgery and I still have fat at the side of each cheek, fat and loose skin inner thighs. It is frustrating! I didn't expect perfection but I expected him to do what I asked or at least tell me before hand that he wouldn't be able to accomplish that due to my skin frailty. AllI know is read this site carefully and methodically in each area you are thinking of having done. Get consults with many doctors, I didn't. I researched for years and thought I had found a doctor that was the best at thighs. Thighs are very very difficult to have success with.
Appreciate you answering my post. So sorry your results were disappointing and not what one would expect. Hopefully you will regain your flexibility. Does the PS say you will return to normal? Are you considering redoing any of your procedures? I have searched the site for long term success stories...I have found many happy patients, only none of them more than several months post~op. I agree with your statements concerning the loss of revenue. I do not think most patients would undergo the procedures if they were aware of the true outcome. Especially considering the risk of complications and of course the cost. Well ~ in fact there was one lady, she went out of the country though. You did not mention your PS's name. I do not mean to put you on the spot, however I would like to cross his name off my list of possible candidates. Perhaps you could private message me, if you were more comfortable doing that. Best wishes!
Since I am still in recovery I can't do that. I will get flexibility back he said but I will also get my loose skin and cellulite back if I do. It is up to you. No I will not have procedures redone. I will perhaps have some revisions of some scars that have darkened and widened but other than that no. I am ok with some things but unhappy with others. My doctor has no after care instructions for you. Only when you ask. Nothing in writing even after surgery. I hope you have good luck. I did not do this because I lost a lot of weight I was within my weight for my height and age but years of sun, and genetics has not been kind to my skin along with yo yo dieting 10 -25 lbs here and there.
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