Cast comes off tomorrow! Nervous

I'm a 22 years old and getting my rhinoseptoplasty...

I'm a 22 years old and getting my rhinoseptoplasty done in 13 days. I have hated my nose since I can remember. I have wide nostrils and a bulbuos tip. My nose just seems too big for my face. In addition, I have some breathing problems, which are also going to be taken care of. The only thing I like about my nose is my straight bridge, which is obviously staying like that, only narrowed a bit. I'm very nervous about the tip work since my doctor told me it's much more difficult than just shaving down a hump on the bridge. Hope everything will go well. I have read a wonderful reviews of my doctor, one of which here at RealSelf, so I have a lot of trust in him.

It feels almost unreal that I'm finally doing this. I was researching the procedure and doctors a couple of years ago, but got too afraid and decided to just learn to live with my nose. That didn't work out and here we are again ;) I have done A LOT of researching this time too and I have probably read every review posted on this web site. Still the surgery has kind of crept up on me - I had my first consultation two weeks ago, and a second one (with a different doctor) couple of days after. Now I'm all booked for 26th of September. My doctor has e-mailed me all the information and I'm having my pre-op consultation next Tuesday.

I'm not afraid of the part of being under the knife, I'm more worried about the outcome and how people will react. My family and in-laws are very much against all estethic surgery etc. and I have not told them. The only person who I've told is my boyfriend. At least he's very supportive, even though he doesn't think the surgery is necessary. He even took a couple of days off work to take care of me after the surgery :) Since my doctor doesn't use computer imaging I also want to go through every tiny detail I want changed in my pre-op appointment. Has any one else had this? Is it normal for a doctor to refuse to do the image morphing? My Doc says it may lead to false expectations. I would have wanted to use it as "a communication tool" between us. But I guess it works just fine without as well.

So that's all right now (I can't even remember what I wrote). I will keep updating as "my day" is getting closer, maybe posting some pics as well if I'm brave enough, haha. I would appreciate tips and encouragement as I'm alredy sooooo nervous and excited! In a week I'm probably completely freaking out... xx

Congratulations so much! This is exciting. There are advantages to having waited a few years to do this. In my opinion, growing up with a very flawed nose is a character builder, so now that you're all charactered up, you can go out and get this done and enjoy your results!

Yes, I have heard of doctors who don't do computer imaging. I think most will, but if they don't, it doesn't mean they are a poor surgeon, it just means it's not their preference. With how difficult rhinoplasty can be to perform and the variables that the surgeon can find when he gets in there, I can imagine it'd be pretty hard for the doctor to feel like he or she has to replicate exactly what you see on the imaging screen.

Please keep us posted!


Only two days to go and I'm extremely nervous! Any...

Only two days to go and I'm extremely nervous! Any last minute tips? What should I do/get to make my healing more comfortable? What shold I take with me on the surgery day and what should I have prepared at home? All comments are very welcome!

Leaving in 10 min. to the hospital! Had my preop...

Leaving in 10 min. to the hospital! Had my preop consultation yesterday and my doctor really put my mind at ease. He promised to do a good job :) I guess I just have to take his word on it. I just want it to be over already and start the recovery at home...

It has been almost a week and tomorrow is finally...

It has been almost a week and tomorrow is finally the big day - the cast comes off tomorrow. Of course I've seen the tip (which is more narrow). With the cast on my nose looks a bit upturned but it should be fine after the cast comes off. The recovery has gone really well so far. No pain, just a feeling of pressure and an occational nip on the sutures, minimal bruising (I could only see the edges, the actual bruise was under the tapes), not much swelling and I feel the little I had is gone now. Probably I'll see swelling on my nose, though, when there's no more cast on it. Removing the packing from the nose was the most painful (and disgusting) part of my recovery so far.

I have used saline drops to clean the inside of my nose and that has helped, although I don't feel there's anything in there except some snot. No blood at all. My nose is very runny so it feels more like a cold than anything. I feel quite normal and therefore I sometimes forget that I have to be more careful with my nose. I have even gently blown the excess water out of my nose after those "saline baths", bent over to pick stuff up and made rough expessions on my face. Hope none of this has caused any damage. I don't mind staying at home, I can keep myself busy, but I hate not being allowed to do stuff. I missed two great parties for this! It better be worth it haha :D
Just realised your cast comes off tomorrow. I hope this is an amazing experience for you :) please let me know how it goes, will have my fingers crossed it is exactly as you imagined and wanted :) good luck lovely x
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