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Not happy at all with my results. I think I should...

Not happy at all with my results. I think I should have scheduled my surgery to be the first that day because it took nearly 7 hours when previously told it would take 3 hours. He did a terrible, horrible job with my lipo. I have lumps, indentation and unevenness, I'm too embarrassed to post pictures of my abdomen. For some reason, I didn't have any drains and when I went in to remove my stitches, he was in such a hurry that he didn't remove all of them. My breast are uneven, droopy and lopsided, I am currently searching for a new surgeon to revise, if anyone can suggest a good one in the Miami area. Please do extensive research and ask lots of questions before selecting a surgeon. If you look at reviews alone, you will surely be fooled.
Dear Spellvg08, I read your review and was quite upset to have learned of your poor experience in my office and unexpected outcome. You posted your review on Feb 28 2014 and I tried to remember any patients I operated on at around that time that matched your history. I initially couldn't remember you. I stand by my work and I would have remembered results that are unsatisfactory. I believe I have high standards and am usually more critical and demanding than my patients. I take any unsatisfactory results seriously and try to correct them. I went through my patient history and realized why I did not immediately recognize you. Although you posted your review in 2014, It was 3 years ago in 2011 that I operated on you. You came to our office after being operated on somewhere else. You had previous implants but wanted them smaller and to have a more perky look. You also desired liposuction in several areas. Regarding your breasts, I recommended a vertical breast lift which you did not want. Therefore, we performed a Benelli lift instead, which is not as effective and somewhat of a compromise. Regarding your liposuction around your abdomen, given that you had a lot of stretch marks and loose skin, I advised you that post operative massages would be very important to achieve smooth results. As I reviewed your chart I noticed that you only came for 3 follow up visits after surgery. The last time we saw you was at one month post op where you expressed no concerns and I thought you were progressing normally for one month. I did recommend post operative massages for the liposuction areas. I see my patients quite often, usually for more than one year. You, however, did not return after your one month post operative visit. Had I known you had less than satisfactory results, I would have done everything possible to correct them. Seeing you for only one month made it impossible for me to foresee your final outcome. Implants sometimes take up to 6 months to settle down. In your case it appears that your implants are sitting quite high and never dropped. You may have developed capsular contracture. Perhaps early massages would have helped. At this point it looks like you will need a revision. My revision rate is quite small, but it is not zero. No plastic surgeon is without revisions. I am proud of my extremely low revision rate and it is frustrating when patients heal unexpectedly. The important thing is for the surgeon to stand by their work. i have been in practice for 20 years. I am currently a LEAD physician, and have been for the past five years. This is a small group of only 25 surgeons in the country selected by Mentor, the leading implant company, who have demonstrated extensive leadership and experience in breast augmentation. This year I was selected to give a talk at the national plastic surgery symposium in San Francisco on difficult breast revision cases. That being said, I am going to reach out to you to return to our office and discuss your options for correction. I am certain that given the opportunity I will be able to achieve beautiful results for you, and hopefully bring a smile to your face. Ary Krau MD
Hi... Sorry to hear about your unsatisfactory results. You are so right about doing good research and even then it's a toss up! I had TT and BA 7 years ago with a well established and long time surgeon. The surgeon promised before the surgery that any thing that I was not happy with would be corrected. I had a couple of complaints but was brushed off and was finally told that any corrective surgery would cost me! I am currently searching for a surgeon, who has a good track record in addition to a good amount of experience with people of color, to get TT and BA revised.
I am sorry for your bad experience. I hope you find a ps to help. Thank you for the post and so good of you to warn others. You will get the results you want, took me three tries. I may go in one last time to get them just right. After all we put into them, may as well continue the process and be happy. Be well.


I'm glad to see that Dr. Krau responded to my post and offered to have me come in to discuss possible revisions, that not only shows great professionalism and character but also great customer service. My previous post was full of anger because I spent so much money on something that I am unhappy with. I appreciate your willingness to work with me on correcting the problem, which demonstrates you take your patients and practice very seriously. I will call your office to make an appointment so that we can discuss my options in further detail. Thank you again for taking the time to respond.
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Dr. Krau's bedside manner was okay but the staff can definitely use some customer service training with the exception of Cristina, she was very nice. The nurse anesthetist Seng Lam was extremely nice and very comforting.

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