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First of all, I don't reccomend Accutane for...

First of all, I don't reccomend Accutane for anyone who hasn't tried a plethora of other skin drugs first. I've had acne since I was like, 12, and now I'm 24. I've tried birth control, Differin, Retin-A, minocycline, tetracycline, etc. and nothing really seemed to make a difference. I've backed out of taking it twice before because I was scared about the side effects, but I really wish I had done it earlier. My type of acne is like, perma-broken out with whiteheads/small pimples -especially on my forehead-that just doesn't go away, ever.

As soon as I started taking Accutane, within like a month, my forehead was clear. Now I just have big pores and acne scars that will take awhile to fade, but I can't get over how AMAZINGLY better my skin looks, especially up close and in the light. I highly reccomend it to people who have tried everything else and suffered with acne for years. The side effects aren't great, but for me it's worth it. I've had some not great side effects, namely: muscle/joint aches, angular cheilitis and horribly perma chapped lips, but it's still worth it to me. The only thing it hasn't cured is a bump I have on my nose that is a collection of broken blood vessels.. My dr said only laser would be able to remove that unfortunately.


Hi, i think it is a good idea you have taken accutane. Your skin looks amazing. =) What dosage did you take? Did you experience initial breakout though?
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Thanks! Oh, I'm on 40 mg/day. I didn't really experience an initial breakout, my skin kind of stayed the same for awhile (I kind of had a permanent broken out appearance) and then like, a month in my skin suddenly got really clear. So luckily, I didn't experience a bad initial breakout like most people do, I feel lucky!
Oh, and I'm 5'1, 115. My Dr was going to up me to 80 mg last month but he thought that might make my side effects worse.


I've also been using a few products to improve the quality of my skin: Olay Pro X Scrub brush (the vibrating one), Clinique facial scrub, Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Relief - very good for dry skin. But my skin is really sensitive. I can't even attempt to squeeze out a pore, it will result in a raw patch of skin that takes awhile to heal. Oh and for my angular cheilitis, I have been using Hydrocortisone cream on the ends and a lot of Palmer's Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E, which seems to work better than Vaseline for me. You will buy a LOT of products to help your lips, at least I did lol.


yes, you are, it starting to take effect for "clearing your skin" after 1 month of usage, then... but anyway, it is good that finally "it" goes away.. Let's hope it stays like that :) Thanks for sharing


I ordered Dr. Dan's Cortibalm off Amazon, and it seems to really help my lips. I am mostly using that and my Cocoa butter with Vitamin E oil. My "angular cheilitis" is almost healed, thank goodness!

Going to the Dr. this week... I am thinking maybe he will up my dosage? I had one "cyst" appear next to my eye. It finally went away, but I think it will leave a discolored scar. I never get cysts!! I also think I have one on the side of my jaw, but I honestly don't know if it's a cyst or a nodule or what. It hurts, I can feel it, but it's a really big swollen area and just has a pink bump in the middle of it. I suspect it is a freakishly giant cyst.

I am not very happy with all the acne scars I still have on my forehead. I think I am going to try putting Mederma on and see how it goes.


Hows it going!!!
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Did you have to go on birth control pills? If so, what brand did not make you break out?
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Yes, I'm on necon. But it doesn't make me break out. Usually birth control helps my acne a bit, actually.
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