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I have had 400cc saline implants for about 12...

I have had 400cc saline implants for about 12 years, with a slow leak in my right one for about 5 years. Recently, the leaking one completely ruptured and I had a couple of consults, eventually deciding to go with Dr. Gruenwald in Baton Rouge, LA. I knew I wanted to have my implants replaced with high profile silicone, as my salines rippled badly and always felt like water balloons sloshing around on my chest. I also wanted to go a little larger, but didn't want to look like a porn star, so I was shocked to learn that every single "dream pic" of boobies I showed Dr. G, he said were at least 550cc's...holy shit that's huge! But he assured me that the boobs I was saying I wanted, were indeed "huge". I trusted his judgement but told him not to go over 600cc's. Well, I am 8 days post op with a whooping 600cc's of boobies strapped to my little 5'5" inch 112lb body and I LOVE them. They do feel heavy at the moment, but they look great and feel like soft, pillowy real boobs. I am having more post op pain than I remember having with my other BA's, I've had two previous. I am still taking pain meds, ribs feel bruised. Maybe they had to really pry me open to put that size of an implant in? Anyway, I am very pleased with my results! Love them!


You look amazing! I am 5'6" 112lbs and and do want large boobs by I am a lil afraid to end up looking like a circus freak. My PS is talking about 700-800cc ultra high profile silicone....
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You look FABULOUS!!!!
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11 days post op love them!


This is the look I want. I am only 5'2 100lbs though. Are they under the muscle?
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They are over the muscle
I love your results..are they saline or silicone? You say this is your 3rd surgery...what were the other 2 surgeries for?
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Day 13!

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Day 13


You look great. I had a BA with Dr. Gruenwald. I love my results. Very natural looking. However, after looking at more photos, i do like the HP looks... closer together and bigger. I have 450 CC. If I ever have to get them redone, I'll probably go bigger and talk about HP.
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P.S. I had over the muscle as well but did gel.
If they ate over the muscle to you get rippling and feel the implant itself?
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Very, very happy!! Dr. G did a great job!

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