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I'm fresh out of surgery, but I just wanted to go...

I'm fresh out of surgery, but I just wanted to go ahead and start my review, at least. About 7 years ago I had a primary that left me with a very crooked and uneven bridge and tip. My nose tilted dramatically to the left and made my whole face look slightly asymmetrical. I'm probably the only one that noticed the facial asymmetry the but the nose was obviously crooked. The bridge was uneven. The graft were obvious and leaned more toward my right side and didn't spread evenly between my eyes ( hope that makes sense). My radix was also too high for my face. The bridge looked too thin, the tip too wide, especially since I have a thin face. There was an obvious graft in my tip. My bridge was too high and the tip was too low. My profiles looked completely different. My nostrils were highly uneven and one was a notch higher than the other. I also had a bump on the bridge to top it off, lol. That is all I can think of for now. Despite this my overall look was good and most people probably wouldn't notice all these things unless I took the time to point it out. Taking pics was very thought provoking, lol, hmmm, which side photographs better? Which way to tilt my head to avoid my crooked nostrils showing? How to pose so it won't look so big? Just way too much thought went into it. It was time for a change....

Meeting the doctor

So in early May I had my consultation with Dr. Boahene. For whatever reason I was having a hard time articulating all the issues I had with my nose in the exam room, but in his office he pointed out all of my nose issues, he was soo on point. It was not hard for me to decide to have him do my revision. He said it could be a closed procedure with ear grafting, because my first procedure was closed I liked the idea of this one being closed as well, to avoid the scars.

Surgery day!

Yesterday, was the big day. Let me just note that everyone at the surgery center is extremely nice, the anesthesiologist was just so sweet. It calmed my nerves about the anesthesia. When the doctor got there we went over what I wanted done, and that's when he told me that he would prefer to use rib and do the procedure open. I was okay with the change in plans because my nose was messed up and I just wanted it to look its best, and I trusted his judgement. So I was fine with the changes. Went into the OR, and was knocked out within 2 minutes. Next thing I remember is being awoken by a nurse and my husband was sitting there in the room. I just wanted to go back to sleep, I was so sleepy, I noticed my rib was sore so I knew that he used rib grafts afterall. My husband immediately told me my tip looks a lot better. I slept most of the way home but when I really looked in the mirror, no doubt the shape of my tip was much better, can't wait to see my bridge because that was very uneven before, but at least I can say my tip already looks a lot better.

Recovery so far

I've been feeling pretty sore, especially my ribs, not the worst pain I've felt but just really sore. My face has swollen up a lot more today, and I've been sleeping a good deal, but overall I feel good. I've been cleaning my nostrils with peroxide and using the bacitracin ointment they gave me for my incisions. Will update again soon :)
It will make more sense once I post the pics lol
I'm happy your surgery was successful. When I had the consult with him for my revision he also told me he was going to use the closed method but on surgery day he had to change the plan and go with the open technique. Luckely I had enough septal cartilage so I didn't need the rib graft. I didn't mind the open procedure at all since I trusted his judgment. He also fixed the scar left from the primary on the collumella. I look forward to reading your updates and maybe seeing your photos if you feel comfortable posting them. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Thank you, I think I will post some nose shots as soon as I'm feeling up to it :)

A few pics

Her are a few of the before shots of my nose

Another pic

Just wanted to add

The 3/4 profile view is really where you can get a good view of how different both sides are, I'll try to post those in the morning. Once my cast is off I'll of course post the afters.
Can't wait to see your pics I'm considering dr boahene for a revision as well . I'm pretty sure I need rib because my ears are used up . Like you my bridge is too high tip too low among other things . Thanks for your review .
I'm glad to help! I can't wait to see my bridge but I can already kinda see that it's gonna be lower and that makes me very happy,
nice to see people with rib grafts. i'm planning on a revision and open rhinoplasty with dr boahene (he also did my primary, it was closed rhinoplasty with septal cartilage), but i have my reservations with a rib graft, so hopefully your updates will inspire me to go ahead.


Apparently, I owe the surgery center $500 more because my surgery went 30 minutes over schedule, ugh
Thanks for sharing. Can you post current pics?
Thanks for sharing with us. Looking forward to your updates! Wishing you a fast recovery and the results you're hoping for!
Thank you so much!

Quick update

I know I said I would post pics when the cast came off, but It's just taking some time for me to adjust to my new nose. When you get used to the same face and then after years it all of a sudden changes, for me it's not easy to adjust. I know my nose is swollen, I think it looks fine but I'm just not used to this nose being on my face. I know that once the swelling subsides and everything I'll look great but in the meantime, I've just been a little out of it. As soon as I'm ready, I'll post pics, mind you the doctor did a good job, I just think emotionally it's been hard for me, so far.

Some afters


Would love to hear updates. How are you feeling? how is the swelling?
Things are coming along great, thanks for asking . I'm going to update my review :)
your profile looks a bit too scooped? is that what you wanted? i hope your nose turns out alright. a revision rhinoplasty is never easy for the doctor or patient.

Quick update

It's been three weeks since surgery and I'm starting to feel a lot more confident with my new nose. The swelling is going down but slowly, it's not like you wake up and notice a huge change but it's almost like you wake up and notice that you look better today than you did yesterday. My nostrils look more even now, the bridge looks more defined, the tip is definitely still hard and swollen but it is looking better. The swelling in the tip is especially apparent in the 3/4 profile view, it's my weirdest looking angle right now, especially on the left side, but it is getting better. My rib is still swollen and sore at times, but getting better. Overall, I am so pleased with Dr. Boahene's work and highly recommend him.
Looking forward to seeing before/after. So happy to hear that you are pleased with the outcome
Thank you. Looking forward to seeing them! :-)
Congrats on your surgery. I would love to see photos if you could PM me. I've send you an email. I'm considering Boahene for a revision.

Comparison pics

So the swelling has gone down some and my nose is looking good, I still have tip swelling but it has definitely improved and my nose has become more symmetrical. My husband and I agree that my nose looks like it should have looked had I gone to a really good surgeon the first time. My bridge looks much more like my original bridge but better. It's like I'm back to my original nose but better.
About to go through same four weeks to go and super nervous x
Looking good, Barbie! We are only 1 day apart in our recovery, and we used the same surgeon. I will definitely be keeping up with your progress! Happy healing.
Thank you, another thing we have in common is I also had orthognathic surgery years ago but mine was to correct an underbite, your story is very similar to mine. Your nose looks great so far and I'm definitely gonna keep up with your progress :)
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