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I Look 80 Years Old from my Upper Lip Down and 48 from my Nose Up - Bakersfield, CA

It has been a month and a half now since my...

It has been a month and a half now since my injections, I am getting worse day by day, looking older and older, it saddens me to think that someone I trusted wanted to put these toxins in my body which has deformed my face and now is though my entire system I am weak, tired and deprecated I don't feel well and it is so devastated just to look at me face in the mirror I don't know that person, I feel a class action should be done, I plan to go to the media with this.

Sincerely, Mary

Sr. Mitts and Juvederm

Dr. Mitts advised me to try the Juvederm first to be positive I would like a permanent filler, Dr. Mitts has been my Dr. for many years.

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Lady get over the fact that you are getting older,i am a guy in my thirties and i am changing a bit,the fact is the animal paint on your face and the bottle bleach make you look 20 years older and not to mention you look like a rough bimbo that jocks would never take you home to moma,your look like a fling,one night stand and toss you out on your ass,you need to let go and go natural,men love a natural woman,not a trashy looking bimbo,sorry for me being so blunt ,women these days keep getting more scary looking with all that junk on your faces and the dime a dozen bottle blondes,its sickening that the natural beauties are rare and all theres left is clowns and bimos
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Nonsense Gabbriel - no woman should have that kind of wrinkling at her age, unless through severe sun damage. How dare you be so insensitive and rude? This is a site where we support each other. Your point about natural looks could at least have been made in a more sensitive way.
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I had injections under my eyes in 2008 and my eyelids are still puffy and droopy. I am going to a plastic surgeon to have a blephoplasty done .He said he would clean all the filler out . The filler that was used on me was Restylane.
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you're beautiful..what is the problem? that pic on the left looks like a pic of someone in thier 80's but the pic on the righ is a gorgeous lady..what happened exactly?
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sweetie, i've been through juvaderm hell too...where was it injected? can you try the vitrase-i did!!!!!!! you can see my review-just be cautious as it interferes w/ meds, birth control pills, antihistamines and HRT but perhaps this can be reversed. I lived in hell for 4 weeks-look up hyaluronidase on this site.............
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I'm sorry you're not feeling well after this. Is the photo on the left the before shot and the photo on the right the after shot? How long ago did you have the injections and how many CCs? I've had juvaderm/restylane injected and haven't experienced anything like what you describe. That doesn't mean it's not what's causing your issues and a lot does depend on the skill of the injector. It definitely isn't a typical reaction to these fillers, though. Please do keep us posted and let us know how you feel in a few days.

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omg, whats happen! Do you have Botox at the same time?
Hoping this nightmare ends for you in a short time!!!
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