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Alright so I'm only 19 but my nose has been...

Alright so I'm only 19 but my nose has been torturing me for as long as I can remember
While it's small and proportionate to my face from the front, my side view is less then pleasing a bump throws my whole look off so as soon as I rallied enough money I went to my Surgeon of choice

My surgery is scheduled to be 11/12/2013 which will be next Tuesday

So far I have the before and after stimulation image And I ADORE it
Will Be uploading pictures soon

The staff and The doctor himself are extremely helpful and caring so far my experience is very positive
Hi there! can you post your before pics? This is such an exciting process- thanks for sharing it with us!

Stimulation Picture

it's a small bump but it make a huge difference in my profile here's a quick picture
Good luck! I'm having surgery on Tuesday morning too! Cheers to a speedy recovery for us both :-)

Nerves are kicking in

I've never had any type of surgery and I find myself looking up rhinoplasty reviews for hours reading some that sound more like horror stories and it terrifies me, once you work up the courage to go on with something like this you just want it to work out like you always wanted and the thought that it might go wrong is my worst fear I'm totally freaking out and trying to stay composed at the same time ... I'm scared

Welcome to RealSelf! It's great to be prepared, but be careful reading the horror stories. I had a not great surgeon for mine, but it still was a horror story and I don't regret it at all. If your nose tortures you and you have realistic expectations about what you want and your surgeon is a board certified plastic surgeon with lots of experience doing noses and many happy patients, chances are that you'll be a-ok.

Please keep us posted! I'll be thinking of you on Tuesday.

Thank you I needed to hear something like this specially a couple hours away from surgery ! I'm grateful for your kind thoughts & words !
The closer my surgery got the more I did the same thing. I looked and looked at all the horrible reviews. Try and stay focused on the positive ones. It should be a fun and joyous time. You start a new chapter with your new nose!! Good luck!! Looking forward to following your journey!

Day 1-3

I'm so swollen and bruised ! didn't think I'd get like this but the good thing is that I didn't feel any pain other then a slight headache after the procedure.
Dr.Galitz and his staff are very caring and they put up with all my first time nonsense with patience and understanding.
My rhinoplasty was done under local anesthesia so I was awake but I didn't feel a thing - it was a closed rhino- and took about 45 minutes in all
honestly the worst part is the swelling and the bleeding on the first day
I have a cast on my nose so i don't really know how it looks like but right now I'm just hoping the swelling goes down soon, anyone know on average how long it'll last?
I think the swelling/bruising completely depends on the individual. If you go through reviews and look at each person's day 3 (the peak of swelling/bruising), each person looks different. BUT on the bright side, it seems like everyone looks pretty much presentable by day 10. There might be a little bruising and some swelling left over, but nothing that a little concealer can't hide. I had surgery the same day as you and I'm only slightly bruised and puffy just around my eyes. I have been icing my cheeks and forehead religiously but today I feel the swelling creeping up under my cast. My nose has also started to throb a little bit. Make sure that you're not eating a lot of sodium. Keep icing. And also keep your head elevated above 45 degrees. If you follow those things, then you're doing everything within your control to keep swelling/bruising at a minimum.

Cast OFF!

it's been a week since the surgery so the cast came off swelling is almost gone! My nose is still quite swollen but I like it so far - I have a brown tape around it... tell me what you guys think I hope it looks great in the end
Looks great so far!
So cute!! Your profile looks great! How's your swelling from the front view? I've still got 2 days left with my cast on. It's driving me crazy, I can't wait to get it off. I can't wait to see what's underneath but I'm worried about the swelling...
don't expect it to look perfect at all you wont see the end result for about a month but when i saw mine for the first time It was pretty good as it was even though theres A LOT of swelling so don't worry you'll look great and will only continue to improve everyday !! good luck with everything ( :

tape removed

and I'm not happy with my nose... to me i still have a bump.... hopefully is swelling but to me my nose looks huge.... how long does it usually take to get a full the full result I'm feeling totally discouraged
I hear ya girl! I went into shock when I saw my nose. For me, the profile and 3/4 view are ok but from the front I look crazy. I look like my nose is made out of wax. It's so swollen and the bridge looks wide. I'm trying not to get upset about it because I know (from so many other reviews) that this is NOT the final product. It's hard, but try to be patient. We only had surgery 9 days ago! My doctor told me that full results come in a year. But the good news is, most of the swelling will be down in a few more weeks. I'd say by week 3 we'll be looking fly :-)
hey how is your nose doing any progress? since we had it done the same day I want to know what should be the "normal" look for a nose at this stage even though everyone is different

I Hate my nose

I have a bump where I used to never have one? I'm not sure if it's swelling or a callus that won't ever go away and will have to get a revision surgery :/ either way I scheduled an appointed that was supposed to be today and when we got there at the set time they were closed, so not to happy with how the follow up seems to be heading - I just hope that it's swelling even though it sure doesn't feel like it and I will have the nose I was assured numerous times to be having...
I think that it's too early to tell. I also have a small bump in the same spot (wasn't there before surgery). I feel confident that it'll go down with time. If it doesn't, then I'll have to decide what to do--if anything. If it is something that you decide you want to have fixed, it won't be for another 5 months, at the earliest. I know its tough, but just try to put it out of your mind for now. What about the rest of your nose? How do you like it? I still feel like I'm adjusting to my new look. Somedays I like it, other days I wish I had my old nose.
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