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I found reviews and personal stories on this site...

I found reviews and personal stories on this site to be instrumental to my decision making, so I am taking a deep breath and adding mine! Please bear with me whilst I ramble through my story. I am 11 days post op currently.

I am 5'3'' and my highest weight was 229 pounds. I've lost weight down to 128 pounds with the help of a gastric sleeve, and my BMI has gone from 40.6 to 22.6.

Thanks to a long history of yoyo dieting, my breasts started heading south when I was only in my teens. It didn't help that I was up to a 42H whilst breastfeeding. Post weight loss I was down to a very deflated 34C/D that was mostly skin. Got to love folding your breasts into a bra :S .

I always had it in my head that I would have a breast lift ‘someday’. With my weight sorted, I booked in with a plastic surgeon on somewhat of a whim for what I expected to be just an opinion. The results were a little different to what I had expected.

Firstly, now I had taken that first step, I was suddenly full steam ahead rather than just on a fact finding mission. My surgeon had all the right qualifications, was absolutely lovely, and I trusted him implicitly right away. Being highly recommended by my bariatric surgeon (and familiar with massive weight loss patients, our plastic surgeries are a bit different) was the clinching factor, and I didn’t feel the need to consult with anyone else. He was very expensive, but when my husband and I looked at our finances, we realised we could *just* swing it.

Secondly, the surgeon suggested much more extensive surgery than I had expected. I figured salvaging whatever he could of my residual breast tissue plus a tummy tuck thrown in was what I was looking for. Certainly he agreed about my breasts, but he suggested a lower body lift with an incision the whole way around. Not only that, but a vertical incision also. My head was spinning a little, as I’ve been so distracted by my breasts for so many years that I really didn’t pay the rest of my body much attention. Sure, I knew I had a bit of a saggy tummy, but for where I had started from I thought I had fared reasonably well.

From my perspective, no matter what the surgeon did for my breasts, it would be a huge improvement. I didn’t give that part a second thought. Oddly enough though, I agonised over the lower body lift. Some of the before and after pictures I saw online were incredible, others were a little... masculine. As bizarre as it sounds, I have lived my life knowing I have an abundance of curves, and at my reduced weight, I was cutting a reasonable shape in clothes. Suddenly I was worried that was going to disappear and that I was risking being left unhappy with an androgenous body shape. I also flip flopped back and forth about the vertical incision, as I really hadn’t thought I was that ‘bad’ and information on it was harder to come by.

Over a few months with lots of trawling of the internet and the aid of my very patient surgeon, I decided to go the whole hog. I look back now and marvel at how diplomatic my surgeon was, he could be well and truly forgiven for looking at my body and thinking I was crazy to have any doubts! Lower body lifts were created exactly for bodies like mine, with laxity at the rear as well as the front. Plus despite my concerns regarding scars, it was ultimately a nice body shape that I wanted.

So I did it. I am now 11 days post op. I did have some mercifully brief complications early on but thankfully they appear to be behind me now.

As to the results... I am THRILLED!! I can’t believe I get to keep this body!! I was very conservative in my expectations, perfection was not the goal blah blah blah but holy smokes am I happy!

I’ll try to sort myself out to add pictures, I kind of feel like I owe it given how useful others were to me. I also have to say that Shine Bright Like a Diamond‘s step by step review helped me enormously, including to keep focus during some particularly rough days.

So, that’s my story. I might add more details later and I'll try to get up my courage to add pictures.

Thanks to everyone who has shared on this forum, I have found it immensely helpful :) .

So here I go...

Photos. Or at least I hope so. Lets see what I can manage with my minimal computer skills! If this works it will be post op photos...

Pre-op pics

Please be kind...

So there you go.

There are my pre and post op pics. I'll post updated pics again at some stage, once all the dressings/tape are off. I *might* post pre-weight loss pics if I'm feeling super brave, but I'm still thinking on that one.


So now I'm all in...

Pre-weight loss pictures. Hard to fathom. Given that this was my starting point, I thought I was quite lucky with my skin overall. And as deflated and messed up as my breasts became, they were worse when they were so much bigger and even lower than they were pre-op. My skin had some elasticity left to it that I didn't give it credit for.

Three weeks out

I'm healing well. Still not upright, and still leaning to the side a little (tighter on one side, I think due to an old scar), but I'm getting there.

I am very happy with my result. I have swelling still in my lower back of all places, but I am expecting that to eventually go away which should make for a nicer curve. Any other swelling (I think) is fairly minor. Obviously I'm not perfect, but you can see my before weight loss pictures and probably appreciate the enormity of the improvement!!

This whole thing is strangely liberating. Following my weight loss people started referring to me as attractive and some admired my figure (!). It felt like a lie though, I knew what was underneath my clothes and it wasn't what people were expecting. Now, scars and all, I don't feel like I'm faking anymore. A very strange, very welcome feeling. It doesn't matter that no one other than my husband (and you!!) will see me naked, just knowing in myself that I have nothing left to 'hide' makes me feel amazing. For my own sake, no one else's. I am one very happy girl, more so than I had anticipated.

I'll add some updated pictures soon.

Thank you for the kind comments :) .

photos as promised

rest of pics


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1st off congrats! You look amazing. How was the recovery? How long were you off from work? I am in complete awe of your photos. You look absolutely amazing!!
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wow! I have recently been sleeved and I'm doing research into surgery for once I reach my goal. Just wondering how I can contact you (if you don't mind) to discuss with you??
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You look gorgeous! So happy for you! I am 5'4 and I used to be 220 lbs! Im now at 158 (with swelling so who knows) and I would love to be at 128 but its hard work! Lol Cheers to us!! :)
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Can I just say holy $h*t!! What an amazing transformation you've gone through. Wow. What an inspiration you are. Congratulations on this new body! You must be SO happy and proud of yourself. Now comes the easy part, enjoying that new bod!!!
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Ha, you have made my day!! Thank you so much
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Doh, where did the rest of my post go?? Just wanted to say I seem to be healing well and will try to post an update and new pics in the next few days. Thanks again, you have brought a big smile to my face :D .
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I'm so proud of you that you lost the weight and you really look great ! Your such an inspiration. I am sure you are soooo happy. Its gonna only look better and better ! :-) How long for your boobs to heal ?? I was thinking about getting one (I mean breast procedure LOL)
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Oh thank you so much! I felt great losing the weight, but I feel even better now. My boobs aren't a huge issue. They blended into the background in the early days and now they just get a little achey but I have been pleasantly surprised by how little trouble they have been. I think the only thing that has really caused me any grief with the recovery is the tummy tuck portion of the operation, everything else faded into the background really.
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Wow, you look awesome, congratulations!

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Thank you!
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You look so good!!! How are your arms? I'm really struggling with having them done.
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Thank you. I'm not going to get my arms done. They aren't fabulous but for me, not bad enough to consider the money, down time and scar of having them done. Hopefully I won't change my mind!!
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You look awesome! So proud for you! It looks great for as short a time you have healed. I only hope my results are as good. I have had some concerns that I am not getting the whole body lift.
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Thank you
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Looks fabulous! Just wondering who your surgeon was and whether there were many to choose from when you went looking? Thanks.
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Thank you! I've sent you a PM, feel free to ask any further questions :) .
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May I ask who did the surgery? Great result btw.
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Wonderful transformation!!!
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Thank you. Plus now you know that the person recently asking to see your photos on OH was indeed female lol ;) .
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Why the vertical verses no vertical incision?
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With the tummy tuck portion of the LBL, skin is only pulled down. That means that any skin that can be grabbed in the across direction stays there. I think with a plain high lateral tension tummy tuck some of this can be pulled diagonally and tighten it up a bit, but pulling straight down does nothing to tighten it at all. Am I making sense? It means that even though I could be tight in the up - down direction, I'd still be loose side to side rather than cinched in at the waist. I have a weird mental analogy of seriously stretched socks or stockings, you can pull them up all you like but they'll still be loose unless you can cinch them in. It took some wrapping my head around as I really didn't think I had that much excess side to side, but I am very happy with the shape my surgeon has achieved. Still a big trade off for the scar though.
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OMG!!! You look absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! I am SO happy for you!
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Thank you so much!! I'm surprised at how different it has made me feel. I certainly look sooo much better, but it's not just that. I didn't realise how much emotional baggage I was carrying around with me til it was suddenly gone. Double win!!
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I would be happy to look like your before surgery pictures (the ones after the weight loss that is)....I'm sure you are going to look amazing once everything heals up...Happy for you. I am planning a LBF next spring...
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Thank you AZDee. From what I can see you are looking pretty good?! Good luck for next spring :) .
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