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I have always felt that my nose was too big for my...

I have always felt that my nose was too big for my face and this made me a little insecure about my appearance. I did a year of research looking for the right doctor in my area. Living in a small city I was worried that I would not find a good doctor. However I was lucky to meet Dr Imani. He is an otorhinolaryngologist and is very much focused on improving ones breathing. It was comforting to know that he was so concerned with my breathing instead of just how my nose looked. Before the surgery we made a wish list of what I wanted my nose too look like. Later in the operating theater he reviewed this with me before I was put under anesthetic. After the cast was removed I had my nose taped for another week to help reduce the swelling. For three weeks I was told use Kenacomb ointment on my sutures. I was told to clean my nose using a nasal wash device, which is very uncomfortable but I got used to it. I also used a nasal spray to help reduce swelling and used humidifier in my room. It is winter so the humidifier makes it moisturizes the air making sleep much more comfortable. The most annoying part was having to sleep on three pillows for two weeks. In hindsight I would have gotten an airplane pillow. I feel very blessed to have had such good people look after me. Dr Imani and his staff, the anesthetist and the nurses made my surgery a much more comfortable experience.

I still have some swelling and numbness in my tip but this should heal with time.
Overall I love how my nose looks now as it fits my face perfectly. It is very natural and I feel very comfortable with it. I don't feel insecure about it anymore and don't even think about my nose. My surgery was important to me as I did not want to be more beautiful, rather I just wanted to feel more normal by having a nose that fit with the rest of my features. I felt that dwelling on the size of my nose was unhealthy, by having it made smaller. I feel more confident and can focus on having a good life.

I would recommend people that are looking into surgery to take their time in finding a good doctor and trust them completely. Once you find a good doctor be exact with what you want. If you cant then ask the doctor to help you and reevaluate your reasons for surgery. I would also say to be unashamed of your surgery and be honest with it from the beginning. Let your family and close friends know about your decision and why and this will help you have a more comfortable experience after surgery. Dont worry about people who disagree with your decision. It is a confidence thing. Having a big nose is similar to having crooked teeth or a unsightly wart. Having this fixed can do tremendous things in achieving a healthy level of self esteem and giving one the confidence to pursue their dreams unhindered by a lack of confidence.


Hi Guys, I know your itching to see photos but I am bit shy my digital footprint.What I can recommend is when you have your consult is to ask to see people with similar issues to yours. This would be much more helpful than just looking at loads of before-after pictures, as everyone has different nose shapes and different aesthetic ideals. Dr Imani doesn't have a particular style he does with noses, he will just do what you ask. Dr Imani has thousands of pictures to look at and he is quiet patient and will listen to your concerns. I didn't really care about the photos my main concern in finding a good doctor was whether he would understand what I want. Dr Imani did this. Secondly I saw he had a very low revision rate, fixes up a lot of bad work left by other docs and does around 5 rhinoplastys a week (thats what the receptionist told me). Just be very careful and trust your intuition when finding a doctor. Be sure to state whether you want a dramatic or subtle difference and don't bother if your doctor cannot reiterate what you want. He must understand what you want otherwise he will not please you. Also I would recommend not reading too many horror stories or do─▒ng too much research. Just trust your doctor and go with the flow (if you have any doubts don't do the surgery) Be prepared for an emotional roller-coaster (doctors wont tell you this) and don't bother looking in a mirror until two weeks after your surgery. Do what you can to make your after care as comfortable as possible both physically and mentally. Also read all the instructions and pamphlets the staff send and don't worry too much. Everything will be super!! Good luck darlings!!!
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I totally understand, thanks for replying ! I'm not sure if I'd want to have photos of myself floating around the Internet either! Thanks again for the important advice
Yep I get it. Thanks so much for the advice, I feel a lot calmer about booking the consult just from reading your reply.
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Dr Imani and his staff were very helpful and friendly throughout my experience. I would recommend Dr Imani to anyone looking to get a rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty. He is very good at his job and is clearly passionate about it. I am surprised to how much my nose is like the one I envisioned.

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