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Me and my nose - Australia, AU

OK, so here begins my journey to a new me. I'm a...

OK, so here begins my journey to a new me. I'm a mum of 4 kids and for the last 10+ years it has been all about them. Now it's my turn. I've had insecurities about myself since I was 13 and I'm now 13 so it's been a long time coming.

In my first year of high school, one of my class mates told me I had a big nose. I was fine with myself up until that day. I went home and noticed that I did have a rather large nose for my face. My big nose didn't match my little face :-( So that fateful day has lead me to this nerve wracking and exciting journey. I actually don't know wether to thank him or punch him in the face.

I've booked in with my surgeon who recently did my tummy tuck. He's a man of few words, but is apparently excellent at what he does. I've told him what I want, so I hope he understands and does just that. I understand that it probably won't be as perfect as I want it, and that kills me because I am a perfectionist. I'm only doing this once so I just hope it's good enough.

I hope to get around to posting some pics but I'll describe it as best as I can. I have a small bump in the bridge of my nose, the top droops a bit and the top bit between my eyes, the radix, protrudes too far out. I want all these fixed. I want the radix taken in towards my face, I want the little bump gone and the tip to point a little upwards :-)

before photo and a hopeful after

Correction from previous post. I'm not 31, not 13.
I am glad you are doing this for yourself. Who created the after picture? In my opinion the tip is still pointing down in the after photo.
I created the after picture myself. I realise that it's not at all perfect, when I tried pushing the tip up a bit, it always went too far upwards and looked even worse, so this is the best I could come up with :-)
I am also not good at these applications. I tried over and over again but I don't seem to get it. It's better to discuss your desired nose with your ps and ask him to create a morph.

More before and afters

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! I always felt the same way...big nose and small face. I haven't regretted my rhinoplasty for a second. Please do make sure that your surgeon has done lots and lots (and lots) of rhinoplasties and can show you many before and after photos as well.

Please keep us posted!

Thank you. Yes I've done my research and heard many great things about him from lots of great doctors I know. Rhinoplasty is one of his main interests :-) I did ask to see some before and afters to his assistant over the phone, but she said I can see them when I come in to my appointment, then I forgot to ask, I can't believe it. But I feel positive that he can make an improvement, perhaps not to my high standards, but they say not to look for perfection :-)

2 more weeks

So I've 2 more weeks to go, starting to get really nervous and not sleeping so well. I don't want to do this, but I know I will regret it if I don't. I just wish I was born with a perfect nose!

I've been playing with my morph app again. Here is a before and after of what I'd be happy with. The other one is in the surgeons office and what he intends on doing. It's amazing what a difference just pushing the tip of my nose up can make!
Hang in there! I almost backed out of the procedure too.
Aaahhhh part of me wants to back out, but I've told myself I can't. This waiting thing is doing my head in!
I'm excited for you! my surgery is on Nov 5, I am also up until late every night! and I understand about "not wanting to do this but knowing that if I don't I will regret it" I really want to- its just nerves that puts that bit of doubt in the mind. Best of luck to you- I will follow your journey since we will be on the same timeline :)

Been to the bank

So I've been to the bank today and got the money out. After my hubby finishes work this arvo we are heading in to town to pay the deposit.

In other news, we finally told some friends of ours who are a couple. Well my husband told the other half and I was too scared to come out with it so I told the other half to tell his partner, god I'm such a chicken. (Reading that back makes no sense, but I can't think of how else to word it!) I've decided I'm not going to tell my parents. I hardly ever hear from my mum as it is so I know I won't see her while I'm recovering and shell probably just roll her eyes at me. She always makes me feel down and I don't think I need to feel down about this. I'm trying to fix something that has made me feel, somewhat unworthy, for a very long time, and I only want happy thoughts :-D so happy Monday to you all :-D happy healing and happy thinking :-D


I've just paid my anaesthetist fee, was quite a bit lower than I expected! BONUS! Now I just need to fill out my health questionnaire and sign the consent form and I'm good to go. I paid my deposit for surgery last night and suddenly got really nervous. Handing over so much cash, I'd wanna be happy with my results!

found a rare photo of me!

I think this could have been a nice photo if my nose wasn't in it!

What happens when you catch a cold?

My kids have caught a cold. A real snotty cold. I'm taking truck loads of vitamin C, but what happens if I catch it? I presume you can't get rhinoplasty if you have a cold???
Definitely check with your doc on the cold! Also, your last picture reminded me of someone I went to college with. She was absolutely beautiful but had a noticeable hump. She wore it well and it never seemed to let her down. You are still beautiful and the procedure is only going to make you even more gorgeous! Enjoy your last week with your nose. :)
aww thank you, that's so nice of you to say so. I'm glad for friend that her nose never affected her. I wish I was the same. I'm not sure if I've ever felt beautiful, it's always been, it'd be better if I had a nice nose! Soon it will be (sooooo hoping it will be!) I spoke to the doc re the cold, I'd have to postpone if I were to catch it... only a couple more days now so hopefully I'm in the clear! How are you going these days?
Hey girl. I'm not sure a cold will affect much... did you get a chance to talk to your doc? I developed a cold immediately after surgery, and my doc said it wouldn't affect healing- I'm just not sure about the surgery itself. Best to ask! BTW your "rare" photo looks a lot like my hook-nose photo haha. I feel your pain! Don't worry, your current nose won't be around long :) in the mean time, I hope you don't catch that cold!!!!

I've just cancelled

Due to reasons for my BA surgery, I've postponed my surgery for a couple of months. It's a bugger cos I was really looking forward to having a new nose! Waaa
Thats too bad that you had to postpone. But it sounds like it's just a delay- you'll be back on track to the nose of your dreams in no time! :)

New Date

I've booked a new date, 21st January... Now I've got time to prepare myself all over again and doubt my decision... I hope I'm making the right decision. I know once it's done, there's no going back, but I know I'm unhappy with how my nose looks at the moment so I can only try. If I'm still unhappy then there's no harm done, I just hope I'm not more unhappy. Judging by a lot of the results on here, I should be extremely happy!
I think that pushing your surgery date later can only be a good thing - more time to prepare and to discuss things with your doctor. I shouldn't have booked mine so soon! I wish you the best of luck. And I agree that your doctor shouldn't shave from the bridge. It looks perfect in the photo where he just pushed it up a little. Good luck!!
Thank you, tomorrow is the day! Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly
Yes! I am happy you have a new date, I say just do it and try not to think about it. I went to consults for 7 months before I just called and scheduled a date bc I kept coming up with excuses (but really I was scared). In that 7 months I even tried to convince myself to just love and accept it! (If we are on this website we know were a little past that haha) but finally I just picked up the phone and made and date and I knew there was no going back. It was a great feeling. I think you definitely rock the nose you have, but this surgery is gonna make you smokin! Looking at ur pics you have a perfect nose to do it. Seems like it can't really go wrong! Excited for your journey and thank you for being with me on mine! :)
Going to pay the deposit

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