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Hi everyone! I'm a 20 year old girl from Australia...

Hi everyone! I'm a 20 year old girl from Australia and am scheduled to have rhinoplasty and septoplasty at the end of Feb 2013. I remember always hating my nose, in particular around the age of 11 or 12 when it started going from a cute little nose to my good 'ol family nose! Why does that happen?! Haha. I'm unable to load photos just yet as I'm away on holiday but I'll try and do this as soon as I can. I don't have a problem with my nose from the front. It's my profile that I have a problem with as I have a large hump on it and it goes out too far from my face.

I met with my surgeon about a month ago and prior to meeting with him I was so nervous (even just about the consultation!) but he really knew his stuff and his before and afters were great; very natural. He only does facial plastic surgery, is an ENT surgeon and does a lot of revision surgeries for other surgeons. I basically knew straight after the consultation that this was something I was going to do and he was the right man for the job. I've always had trouble breathing through my nose so I told the surgeon about that and he confirmed that I have a deviated septum. He also kept asking if I was sure whether or not I've had trauma to my nose before as well! I guess it looks pretty bad up there as I've never broken my nose or anything like that before! First I told him what I disliked about my nose and he said that he agreed with me and would bring the nose in closer to my face, remove the hump and straighten my septum.

My mum also underwent a rhinoplasty and septoplasty over 10 years ago so she's been very helpful to talk to and very understanding about it all. I never thought I would have plastic surgery or seriously consider it and I tried hard to accept my nose but it's always in my subconsious. I avoid having photos taken from my left side as my nose looks bad from that angle and I hate when people look at me from my profile! I thought as I have the money at the moment to eliminate the problem, I may as well do it so I can forget about something as silly as a nose all the time and be comfortable in my own skin.

As the date draws closer I'm becoming extremely nervous; not really about the surgery (I've been under general anaesthetic twice before and I trust my surgeon) but about peoples reactions! I haven't told any of my friends yet; the only people that know are my mum, dad and my sister. I don't like being the centre of attention and couldn't bear it if everyone noticed and started talking about it! I live in a fairly small city where there's about two degrees of separation and news spreads like wildfire. I've heard that if you change your hair after the operation people will assume that that is what's different about you and are less likely to notice the nose so I'm going to dye my hair darker and get a fringe. I know I'm doing this for myself but I'm losing sleep over this! I don't mind about my closest friends knowing if they notice but it's my outer circle of friends who I would prefer not to know a thing. I've been away for about 3 weeks in New Zealand visiting family and I go away for work when I get back for another month so I'm hoping people will forget what my nose looked like before hand! Haha wishful thinking.

I know it will be hard for you to give a proper opinion on whether you think people will notice my nose as I can't put photos up yet but I'm wondering about your experiences. Were any of you stressed about people noticing your new nose? Did people notice? If so, who did? What did you say to those who noticed? Am I being a stress head over nothing?

Thank you all so much :)

Hi and welcome. I too live in Australia! I highly recommend getting these procedures done early in life, because if it bothers you at 20, it will still bother you in 20 years. Your surgeon sounds terrific and I am sure you will be in good hands. My suggestion is keep it private as you are, change your hairdo etc as planned and keep your distance for a little while...particularly during the weeks after recovery. Surprisingly everyone says here that people just don't notice because they are so caught up in themselves or see us as a whole person & not just a nose. So, seriously forget everyone else and handle it one person at a time if you need to. Other than that, all the very best.....enjoy the lead up because it is an exciting time and one you will never regret. Oh BTW, I am 45 and 13 days post op and I am thrilled to bits. I am actually looking forward to getting back into real life, once my tape is off, and watching to see if what comments come (if any!). My line will be, "I've had my nose straightened", & don't plan on providing any further details. People are pretty ignorant anyway. Take care!
Thank you so much! I've heard a few people say that no one notices but I just can't imagine it! I think I've always been aware of people's noses cos I'm so aware of mine haha. Good luck with your recovery!!

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! I think you might be surprised by how little people actually notice. Not one person said a word either time I got rhinoplasty. People just don't pay that much attention to other's noses. So, yeah, maybe a hair change, a make up change, something like that will help. If you must tell people, you could always say it's due to breathing issues (if you're okay with that).

Please keep us posted! I hope all is smooth sailing for you.


Hi again! So I had a bit of a freak out this...

Hi again!

So I had a bit of a freak out this morning again! It's so frustrating, after my consult with the PS I felt really good about getting rhino and now that I've had so much time to analyse the situation I'm driving myself slightly nuts!! I opened the morning paper today and the first page I flicked to was an article about cosmetic surgery and it kept talking about nose jobs in a negative light. I started to feel quite guilty about my surgery and second guess my decision and why I'm doing it.

I started talking to my sister and mum about it and decided to post pone it and then 10 minutes after that decided to go through with it again! My mind was in a total shambels. So I had a few sprays of rescue remedy (!!) when I got home and now I feel much better about my surgery-- see what I mean? All over the place, up and down like a yoyo! Did many of you feel like this?

Anyway enough of the freak out stuff. I've uploaded two pictures of my nose at the moment from a profile angle and a morphed image of what I would like my nose to look like after surgery. Please tell me what you think :)

I worried myself literally sick before the surgery and I wish I knew it was going to be a lot easier than I thought! I had the rescue remedy out too! Haha. I think the after photos look great and I actually think not too many ppl/ no one would realize the change as its not completely different. I'm changing my hair too. When I worry about what others will think I try to remember what their nose looks like and I can't, so it goes to show no one will remember what your nose looks like you will just look better
This is what my mum has been saying to me too! She really doesn't think anyone will notice as she doesn't think my nose is that bad. I have seen bigger snozzes but my face is small and I think it's quite obvious. I guess we're our own worst critics! I'm feeling excited tonight but who knows what the hell I'll feel tomorrow haha. I'm going through with it regardless (I'd lose all my money if I backed out now!) and I'm looking forward to my new confidence that I know I will have :) thanks for your comment :) x
Yay that's great up feel more confident! I really do think no one will notice with your rhiniplasty as it's a nice subtle change. You will be fine, just think how much better it will be getting the surgery done finally! The week of recovery has flown for me also and really it's bad as I thought it would be x

So it's finally the night before my surgery! I've...

So it's finally the night before my surgery! I've finally started to feel good about my decision and not as nervous as I was before. To be honest, this whole thing feels so surreal. I guess it won't really hit me until I'm driving to the hospital tomorrow or maybe until I'm at the hospital! Who knows! I just hope everything goes well and I'll never be self conscious about my nose ever again.

I've been following some reviews on here and you all have had such beautiful results. I'd be thrilled if mine turned out as well them! Anyway I'll keep it short and sweet, wish me luck!!

All the very best for your surgery today. It does feel surreal when really doing it. Enjoy the ride because your result will be gorgeous, and this a decision you won't regret.
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I found the PS over the internet and they had great reviews.

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