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Generally Good but a Hard Spot on Left Upper Lip Quite Deep Inside - Australia

I have always been OK with my lips but wanted a...

I have always been OK with my lips but wanted a little more subtle fullness. I've had Juvederm Ultra XC (the one with lidocaine) once before in my lips and was pretty happy with it (that was two years ago).

So I had 1 syringe of Juvederm Ultra XC to the upper and lower lips and I'm reasonably happy with the result of the Juvederm injections I had three days ago - EXCEPT I have a hardish spot in my upper lip on the left. It feels quite deep - it's not a superficial lump. The rest of my lips where the filler is feels quite soft and natural, but this one spot is a little hard and does cause a slight bump in the skin at the vermilion border which doesn't look quite right. I wonder if it is a deep bruise perhaps, which will improve over the next few days. It has softened since the day after I got the injections...so that's a good sign I hope? It's annoying because I am otherwise relatively happy with my lips. I guess I'll wait it out - it's only been three days so perhaps this is some residual swelling? I hope so!

The other thing is that I do feel the upper lip still looks a bit overfull, but I think that is swelling and the lips need to calm down a bit over the next few days. It's only been three days...

If this hard spot goes away and the lips settle down a bit in general I'll be quite happy with the outcome of the Juvederm treatment.

Something I wish I had known beforehand is that each treatment is different. My previous treatment was easier and I recovered faster. For some reason the swelling and bruising this time is worse - it's not terrible, but worse than the first time. I think it would have been good for me to consider this and take a few more days off work - as I'm feeling self conscious about the swelling, bruising, and general 'unsettledness' of my lips - even though I've done a reasonable job of hiding it with makeup.

Hi Megan :-) thanks for your comment. Yeah the self conscious feeling sucks! It was actually a different injector but at the same medispa. She was good I think and had about 12 years injecting experience. Im probably overreacting and things will look fine in a week or two. I just hate waiting for things to settle and generally feeling awkward around people in the meantime. Sigh.. I'll definitely update in the next week or two!

Its ok to overract a little, it can be unnerving when the thoughts of "What if it doesn't get better?" go through your mind, even though you pretty much know it will get better.

Looking forward to your update!!


Awe, sorry to hear you are feeling self conscious. :-/ That is never a fun feeling. I bet you are right though, and that given a little more time to settle and things will be looking great.

Did you have the same injector this time, as your previous experience?


OK so here is my update - it is now 8 days post...

OK so here is my update - it is now 8 days post the procedure and all my stressing was not warranted, phew!! I'm really happy with how things have turned out now. Everything has settled right down and I'm looking really natural and nice and I'm really pleased! So happy that it just needed a few days to calm down. I will most likely continue with these treatments in future. I've learnt an important lesson from all of this, which is to give myself a few more days off work next time! It looks like I need about 4 or 5 days before I'm feeling normal enough to be around people I know well. So next time I'll take a long weekend and wait till about 4/5 days have passed before heading back into work.

So glad to read that things have settled down nicely!! Yay!!

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