I am due to have Damon braces put on in a few...

I am due to have Damon braces put on in a few days; apart from straightening my not so crooked top teeth, and my quite crooked bottom teeth, they will hopefully help correct my bite, and close a gap left from a failed root canal and crown (around 8 years ago). The gap is the fourth tooth from the front (top), and has closed around 3mm already - the two options for dealing with the gap, were to widen the space from the missing tooth to make room for an implant, or bring the back teeth forward to close the gap - I chose the latter. To do this the orthodontist will send me to a gum specialist, once the top teeth are straight enough, and have a mini implant put in to anchor an elastic that will be attached to the teeth behind the gap and move them forward, as my top wisdom teeth never came through the orthodontist said the one on the side of the gap may come through into the space left at the back when the other teeth are moved forward. I needed to have my bottom wisdoms removed as they were over-abrupted(?)/ growing upwards above the other teeth. I also have a night time bruxing habit, and I have ground some of my teeth down to the dentine causing sensitivity, and because my bite is uneven the wear from the grinding has left me with uneven teeth, as well. I will also need to wear an occlusal (?) Splint at night, after the braces are removed, to help prevent further damage from the night time grinding.
The orthodontist said he will refer me to a dentist, after my orthodontic treatment, who can then put on some non-invasive veneers - I'm guessing are like lumineers.
Anyway, I'm excited, and a little nervous, to have the braces on. I'll be 33 in late May this year, so it's a little daunting to think I will be committed to metal on my teeth (tops will be clear) for, possibly, 18 months as an adult . . But I am also glad that I'll be doing something to correct some of my dental problems - especially because I have been told if I don't my teeth will be ground down to 'nubs' by the time I'm 40. . I'll get back and update this post, I hope will help others in their orthodontic journey one day too :-)


Congratulations for finally getting to do this for yourself!  My husband had Damon braces as an adult as well (I think he was 35 when he got them), and also for 18 months.  He had awful teeth, where every orthodontist said he'd need jaw surgery, except for one, who put him in Damon.  It didn't change his jaw from v-shaped to u-shaped, but his malocclusions are all gone and his teeth look great!

So excited to watch your progress!  I hope you'll post pictures so we can see :D.  Have you had time to look around at the other Damon community members yet?  Mippolito and annerobin12 are our two active community members currently. :)
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Thank you for your reply :-) and for the links to the other posts - it's great to see the progress people are making with them, and some in less than a fortnight! I will post some pictures soon - the 'befores' from the orthodontist. Tomorrow is the big day (well big morning), and I will try to post a review to say how it went. :-)
Brilliant!!  Good luck, and I hope everything goes smoothly :).  I look forward to your update!!!

Upper and lower, as of April 2014 - Before Damon braces.

It's the day before my braces are due to be put on - I'm feeling more excited now than anxious, especially after reading the positive stories on here.
I have scanned the photos taken by the orthodontist a couple of weeks ago - the braces are obviously not on yet, and look forward to seeing the progression in my own 'Damon experience' over the next few months.
I will come back and write a review after they are on.


Thank you for the pictures!  Can't wait to hear how it went :D.
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Damons now on

I had my appointment at 9am this morning, and now have the Damon clears on the top arch, and regular metal Damon's on the bottom;
The procedure itself was straightforward and took around an hour.
The top wire looks like it's slightly thicker than the bottom wire, I now know that this must mean those top teeth don't need quite as much moving as my really crooked bottoms.
As soon as the wires were placed I felt tightness in the teeth area. The orthodontist said to expect that, so I wasn't alarmed by it.
I can't close my mouth and have my back teeth touch at the moment. . it's weird, but the orthodontist also said that was common.
Some of the parts on the brackets began rubbing on the inside of my mouth straight away, so I applied some of the wax they gave me to those areas as soon as I got home, and it felt so much better right away.
I came straight home after the procedure, and ate/drank some pumpkin soup I had made yesterday in preparation, and then took some panadol and rinsed my mouth out. I started to feel really tired for some reason, and ended up going to sleep for two hours solid.
I woke up and still feeling sleepy, I think maybe it's just the panadol - or some weird response my body is having. .or maybe the pumpkin soup has a sedative effect, I don't know.
I do feel a little awkward with the braces on now, they feel like they're big and very obvious. . I suppose I'll get used to it. The pressure isn't extreme - though I'm sure the panadol has something to do with that.
Anyway, I have made a nice coffee, which I will drink through a straw, as advised by the dental nurse.
I will come back and update in a couple of days.


Congratulations! I, too, am looking into damon braces at age 33. You are not alone. Good luck and we can't wait to see pictures! :-)
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Hi, and thank you :-) the damons seemed to be a good option; I was told they can work more quickly, and changing wires are much quicker - I went back to see the orthodontist who needed to take a mould of my teeth to make a retainer - to be worn OVER my braces at night to prevent damage from my night time bruxing :-/ He removed the wire before taking a mould, and fitted it back after - it literally took minutes to take the wire out, and minutes to put it back. When are you thinking of getting your braces?
Wow interesting! Good to know. I'm going to visit my ortho for the follow up to find out treatment plan, etc. on June 4th. Then ill decide then based on what he says. So we'll see!

Damon Braces one month in

I've had my braces on a month now, and slowly getting used to them.
My back teeth touch all the way on the right side - so eating is a little easier, but I still get frustrated about not being able to chew without being very mindful of the front teeth - which still hit my bottom braces when I close my teeth together all the way.
I'm still wearing my retainer over my top arch (yes WITH braces to help prevent damage from night time grinding) at night, I'm not really sure if it's affecting the way the teeth are moving yet - I'll ask at my next appointment in a month from now.
I'm now used to wearing the retainer at night, and probably wouldn't really have an issue with the prospect of having to wear one for the rest of my life at night (as was mentioned may be the case).
I bought a water pick and a really good electric tooth brush which have both made cleaning a lot less time consuming, and still feels like it's a pretty thorough clean throughout.
So far I haven't noticed a great deal of tooth movement, I'm sure it's happening though - I'm just more focussed on the very crooked bottom teeth.
Anyway - I'm still positive about it all, and will continue to update.


Anyone who has orthodontic work has to wear a retainer forever if they want to maintain the result.  As we age, our teeth naturally move forward, so to keep your new smile, you have to counteract that movement every day.  If you end up getting the clear plastic retainers, they can do double-duty for both retaining and bruxism :D.  Great to hear that you're already used to it!
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Oh really? The orthodontist mentioned the possibility of a retainer at night (to continue) after the first couple of years - but didn't say everyone with braces needed them for the rest of their lives? I'm quite certain the type of retainer I will need will be an occlusal splint? It's clear with 'extra padding' at the back. . I really won't mind if it means protecting my teeth from my own grinding.
Yeah, that's not something that's common knowledge.  But I suppose it's kind of a bummer to tell people.  Some people get the bonded retainers so they don't have to worry about taking something in and out.

If your bruxism is severe, I guess it's possible you could wear through a retainer, in which case they might make you wear both a retainer and a splint.  I would love to hear more about that if you end up talking to your doctor.  Our Invisalign community is much larger, and it's rare for people to use any kind of additional appliance with Invisalign, but I don't know if that's a severity issue or because the Invisalign appliances are usually considered enough.  

Very interesting topic, and important.  Please do let me know when you find out more!

2 month wire change

This update is a little late, but better late than never :-)
I had my first wire change on June 27th. It was quick, and relatively painless - I think that's one of the benefits of the Damons.
I also went 'up' to thicker wires on both upper and lower arch - the dental nurse told me it's a good thing because it means the teeth have moved :-)
They did start to hurt and feel pressure later in the day. .it continued for around 3 days, was only able to eat softer foods etc. But I found it wasn't as bad as when they were first put on, and the pain didn't last as long.
I'm also noticing a bit of movement had happened - so feeling good. The little hook things no longer stab into my mouth, so much more comfortable, but already feeling a bit of wire out the back of one side . . It is a little irritating, but at the same time it's another indicator that teeth are moving!
I've been using my water pick and electric toothbrush, they really make cleaning alot more effective and quick. I noticed the difference with the water pick, in particular, after being away from home for 4 nights without it. . I was so glad to get back home and really get in there and give my teeth and braces a proper clean!
Anyway, my next apt. Is at the end of August, and I might be ready to get my weird little implant in by then - so getting closer and closer to the end result :-)
Oh - and I'm still wearing my over-braces night time retainer. . Which doesn't seem to be affecting the movement, but it is getting a little weird-fitting. My orthodontist said I would likely need another one by my next visit.
I'll update again soon :-)

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eating food is easier

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention how much easier it is to eat food now! It does get all stuck in the wires, but I can actually chew most foods without feeling all out of whack. .Yay!


Hi!  Your title's gone!  What happened? :)
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I have another review that mentions some things I'd felt I no longer wanted to have published on line, but since my requests to have those updates changed/deleted were refused I felt changing a few details on what I could would help to at least make them slightly less trackable to the author (myself).
Oh, okay!  I was just noticing that it no longer said Damon Braces and Bruxism.  But I guess when people search, they'll still be able to find your story if they're looking for similar experiences to their own :).  Thank you for keeping your review up!
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