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The surgery lasted four and a half hours as was...

The surgery lasted four and a half hours as was expected. I returned the next day to the clinic for bandage removal. The most pain I experienced was if I forgot to take medication in the night ,but by 72 hours I had taken my last pain pill and was on to tylenol. One incentive in getting off the pain meds is, of course, the ability to have a bowel movement. My bruising was and is limited to the neck and chin areas only and is able to be hidden with a scarf. The swelling on my face and neck has moved around a bit, which I remember now from the previous surgery. The swelling had reduced a third by one week, and I expect that by three weeks it will be acceptable to me. On day seven, my sutures were removed with only mild discomfort...not pain! I was so happy because I was nervous as everything about that part (and even slipped a pain pill before the appointment. ) I flew home on day 8, and I must say this was not as easy as I had hoped. My husband stayed with me until the end of day five before he left; so navigating the airport ,with even a small suitcase, caused me to push and pull enough to put me back to bed when I arrived home. Again my doctor's staff was so supportive ,when I called them back to talk to them about overextending myself. I plan to stay at home completely until day 12 and then only one outing a day for the next five or six days. Everyone' s recovery is different
but we have to listen to our bodies. I had a scar revisions on both sides of my neck at the hairline and had my neck tightened in the middle of the neck as well as tightening the sagging skin around my jowls. So head-propped-up- resting is in order. I can see that I am going to be thrilled with my cleaned up jawline and chin area and completely ecstatic to have my neck scars reduced to a thin line in my hairline as opposed to thick hypertrophic scarring. As is written on my doc's website...within seven to ten days you can attend social gatherings at which you don't mind anyone knowing if you have had surgery. I prefer to wait a bit longer. Please message me with any questions!

Thank you for coming back and adding your information! It will help others immensely. Glad you're healing well and are excited about your results!


Great doctor testimonial, but pretty please come back and add more information about YOU, your procedure and recovery so I can add your review to the Lower Facelift community. Thank you in advance!


Three weeks post op and I can go out and no...

Three weeks post op and I can go out and no questions are asked. I told some who inquired that it was a chemical peel..( sorry for fibbing but they are so nosy!)
I know that my results are far from complete, but my skin laxity is much improved since the surgery, and it has only been three weeks. Numbness, swelling that still changes day to day, and mild itching are all to be expected. I have to keep reminding myself that this is a process. Patience is key! Good luck to all and glad to hear from some of you via private messages.
Funny, I did the same thing the day after I got my stitches out I had to fly to Hawaii and the pressure was so bad on the plane I couldnt even touch my ears. Home for weeks then off on our planed family trip to NZ. What a dumb thing to do but had no idea it was going to take so long to heal. I agree take it slow and let things heal!! But sometimes we can't. I cant wait to get back on my horse!
I am one week post op from a lower face/neck lift. It was my worst day ever. I ended up calling my doc after hours to get pain med. The pulling behind my ears and the heaviness of my jawline swelling is just getting to me. I feel claustrophobic. He was sweet and asked questions - ended up calling in an anti-inflammatory and an anxiety Rx. I had to take a Tylenol with it but that cocktail seemed to do the trick. I'm going to see him tomorrow for a Rx for percocet as he could not call that in. He says I am entering the frustrating part of recovery where we feel like we should be getting back to normal life but you can't. I don't know about you but patience is not my greatest strength.
You sound exactly how I felt at one week post op, OhGirl. I was ashamed to bother anyone, but I, too, was frustrated and a bit concerned over tightness and swelling. I flew home that day as well, and I completely overdid it! Please lie down with your head elevated and watch every single movie on earth and when you get up for two hours lie back down for one. You wont have to do that much longer , but it is so important now. I was probably more frustrated two weeks, when I thought I couldn't bear to miss one more of my children's sporting events, etc. But they are very understanding and in no time we will be fine. Tomorrow is day 21 for me and day 20 was prob my best so far. ( which means I will be worn out tomorrow!!!:)
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A friend found this practice online after an extensive search. I sought out Dr. Buckingham via his webpage to consult with him over excessive scar tissue formation resulting from a precious neck lift. Upon meeting him and dealing with his incredible staff, I decided to also have a face and neck lift while under the IV sedation. I learned the most about him and his procedures on his webpage -especially on the videos of him explaining each procedure. He posts photos of his real patients, and there are even more to see in his office. I now know how incredibly important it is to do your research. I could not be any happier, and it has only been 8 days. I think I will be able to wear a ponytail again! Also, I had no idea how many years are removed when the chin and jowl area are cleaned up a bit. Dr. Buckingham is not into a pulled look; as a result none of his office staff look garish; believe me, that speaks volumes!!!

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