Rhinoplasty Journey- Sydney AU

Heya! So i'm going to write my story and feelings...

Heya! So i'm going to write my story and feelings and experiences with you about getting a nose job.

It all began in 2009 when i started high school and little did i know that was the beginning of many horrible years to come. I've always been the little shy girl who was nice and all, but i guess some kids decided to take advantage of that. I was bullied by a bunch of guys and a girl in my class, making fun of my nose. They thought it was the funniest thing ever but i didn't. It hurt of the names they called me and i didn't understand why they did it. This was when my self esteem rapidly declined. I searched on the internet of ways to change your nose, and found out that there was a surgery called "Rhinoplasty". That's where my decision of getting this procedure done started.

Seeing as my nose was Genetic, from my mother (which she had her nose done also) it was alot easier to talk to with my parents. I have a massive hump on my nose and is long on my face, i'm so bloody self conscious about it drives me insane.

With long conversations with my parents who are supportive of helping in the process of making myself feel good of who i am, thought that i should get it done in December 2012, but that was way tooo soon for me and i didn't want to return to school if so. I'm at the point where i'm no longer contemplating if this is what i want but more of finding my surgeon.
I've read and watch tonnes or videos, websites, but many reviews aren't from New Zealand. I know what i am looking for in a surgeon but i guess it all comes down to my guts feeling.
I'm more looking towards a surgeon called Glen Bartlett as i think he's professional and i love his work. But i'm not too sure.

If anyone has any suggestions or had Rhinoplasty in New Zealand and know any good surgeons, would love to hear from you all.

Im more confident than ever that what im doing is...

Im more confident than ever that what im doing is the right decision, want it to be the end of the year already

Sydney surgeons?

I have now moved to Sydney recently and have began the process of finding a surgeon here.
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Hi :) You haven't posted any pictures of how your nose looks, so I can't form an opinion as to the necessity of an intervention. However, I may think that you're a little too young to make this kind of lifelong decisions. Because, whatever happens, it will be permanent. What you think now will change over the course of time. Good luck and don't be hasty :)
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Hi Andrea! I'm also a teenager (I'm 16) and I also struggled with the same thing in school. I haven't told anyone about how I want to get a Rhinoplasty because I'm afraid of how they are going to react. Especially my dad and my friend. I'm hoping to be able to save up enough money to get the procedure done when I'm around 18 as well. Good luck to you! And I hope all goes well for you(:
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Thank you for your comment! Yes it is very tough being in high school when you are so self conscience of your nozzle! You have to accept that there will be people who might disapprove about you are doing, my brother doesn't want me to do it and thinks i'm silly for even thinking of it. You just have to remember about the reasons you want the procedure. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin and give my self confidence again and just be happy with the way i look. And there's nothing wrong with it, just be confident in your decision and the reasons behind it, they will have to accept it someday. I waited till i was 17 nearlly 18 before i told my parents and im glad i did. They accepted it because i discussed it with them in a mature way, its hard at first but its worth it! Let me know in the future your decisions and how discussing it with your dad goes :)
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good luck!! It will come soon enough!!
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Thank you!
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You are very lucky to have supportive parents! It will make the whole process a lot easier :)
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Yes indeed I am very lucky to have my parents support!
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