NO! Hospitalized, Infection, Two Month on IV Antibiotics

Used it for my smile lines. Ended up hospitalized...

Used it for my smile lines. Ended up hospitalized for 3 day with Cellulitis and a staph infection in my face. I had to have a pic line that goes into the main artery beside my heart so I can take IV antibiotics 4 times a day. It has been two months now. I get the pic line out today and will be on oral antibiotics for some time.

This was not due to the Juvederm, but from cross contamination of the needle. When you sign the release form, just realize, this CAN happen to you.

Hi, I just had Juverderm injection 5 days ago and my face looks exactly like yours, I think l have infection and very painful. I hope my doctor who did my infection can fix the infection tomorrow. Should I hire an attorney to represent me, would this infection go away, I an very scare as I feel the filer and pucs are leaking from the opening of pores. Cannot sleep, very worried.
I have had injections for years but monday got juvederm by the next day upper lip was 3x its size and looked like brusing on upper lip with unbearable burning and felt very hot could not eat drink or sleep thurs am went back to dr he said i had cellulitis my lip looked distorted. but now that i think about it he injected multiple places in my face and only wiped my lip with alchohol so iam sure cross contamination was the problem. he usually has me wash my face before any proceedure but not this time. it was the most painful thing i have ever had even my teeth hurt. he put me on antibiotics hope the discoloration and swelling goes down soon i look terrible
i hope you get better soon, i am wanting to do juvederm in nasal folds for my 31st which is coming up...

Hi Cristi, I am so sorry you are going through...

Hi Cristi,

I am so sorry you are going through this. What area of your face was done. Can you tell me about what you are going through?

My infection was in March 2010. I think you read the story. Hospital, cellulitus the infection spreading toward my lymph nodes. All that bad stuff. In the photo I provided, it looks as if I also had filler in my lips. That was not the case. It was from the swelling. My tongue was so swollen I couldn't enunciate words or eat anything unless it was something I didn't have to chew. I lived on broth or rice for some time. I was on IV antibiotics, when the infectious specialist would reduce the antibiotics, the infection would flair back up. That's when he decided we needed to be more aggressive. I had a picc line and connected medication from a bag into the port 3 times a day. I was later diagnosed with MRSA. We had discussed having the filler surgically removed, but for me, it wasn't an option unless it was life threatening.

Come June, the worst was over, but the bruising that was from my chin eyes and eye lids. Numbness in the area of the injection was still there. No only that, the Juvederm that was injected had shifted above the smile line and didn't go away for almost 2 years!

In October of 2011, I was having some dental work done. I had to have injections of Novocain under my lip to work on my front teeth, It took 3 days for the Novocain to wear off! My face (on the side of the previous infection). I started to feel a bit of swelling in that area as well. I went back to my wonderful IDS. He examined my face and said that even though the cellulitis was no longer showing itself, that for the rest of my life, the cells will be there. He warned me to never have any kind of injection (novocain during dental work or any other medical situation) or bump my face in that area because it could cause the cellulitus to come on full force.

Luckily, my face is pretty much healed. The skin around the injection site is not the same, its about a dime size, but I can cover it with make up.

Its been a very long and depressing process.

I am currently in talks with my attorney. My medical expenses were over $65,000, not including the 4 months of being chained to my house for infusions and illness from meds and the doctor doesn't want to pay anything.

I am SHOCKED at how many e mails I get every month from people who have had problems from Juvederm. They really to change the side effect info.
The EXACT same thing is happening to me right now as a result of non-surgical rhinoplasty juvederm injection. My face keeps getting worse and my primary doctor thinks it's a combination of infection and allergy and your pictures are the only thing I could find similar to my situation. I'm on antibiotics but i don't think they're helping much. My face is pretty bad and there's these gross looking white bumps appearing now. I'm quite depressed as a result of this. =(
Yah know there had been a lot of back and forth regarding whether or not doctors should be held accountable for a screw up like describe above. I want to say this before removing my name from the comments list ( filling mah email box) I think there is a certain amount of patient accountability when it comes to seeking out good medical practitioners. That is why I do a ton of research and try to learn of good doctors via recommendations and word of mouth. That said, there is a HUGE amount of responsibility on the shoulders of the medical establishment. I still cannot believe some nurse had the nerve to even get on here and place all the blame for a bad job on the patient. I find this laughable, especially since this person appears to want to advocate personal responsibility. How about the personal responsibility of the DOCTOR?

While we should be careful of where we go, we should also hope that the people we place trust in will also hold up their end of the bargain. When my kid goes to school I am not in the class room making sure the teacher shows my kid the proper way to spell CAT and DOG. I expect her to do her job.

The blame the victim mentality of this nurse is lovely--wish I could use it at my job. "Yeah boss, I know you want to fire me for being a bad employee and all, but it is YOUR fault that I didn't do good cause you didn't check up my every move and micro manage every thought and breath" I mean, does this person seriously want patients bringing in microscopes and check under beds to see if they are at a good hospital and if not shame on them if they get bad service? If the doctor had cut off a toe when he was supposed to be removing a kidney then we would say he was at fault--but because this is cosmetic procedure we believe the patient is 100 percent at fault. REALLY?

Well, I call BS on this! It's just the medical establishments new way of trying to scapegoat other people when they don't so their jobs. I do not have to inspect the fingernail of a doctor who comes to work on me--he is SUPPOSED to be doing his job--when he doesn't he is held accountable--PERIOD.

I definitely agree that people (doctor or otherwise) need to be held accountable for their actions. The unfortunate thing is with the way laws are set up it often times is not a doctor doing injections for things like Juvederm, so unfortunately a lot of the bad results are from under-trained people injecting this material in places like medi-spas & such.

Making sure we do our research is very important before moving ahead with any procedure. I think TMS gave some great advice in one of the first comments she posted up above when she said, "1) FIND A GOOD PLASTIC SURGEON!"

Of course that is not to say it takes all the risk away, but being in good, capable hands can certainly reduce it.

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