Fixing a Breast Exposure Scar after 15 years

Ok I am not sure what to pick for my procedure so...

Ok I am not sure what to pick for my procedure so I went with Breast Implant Revision. The last time I posted I picked removal that was a mistake. I am new to posting things on message boards so I am just getting use to how this site works. But so far I am loving Real Self. I am so grateful to have found this website. In addition to support from other women. i hope to document everything for the other women who have had a breast extrusion and have issues like my self. i could not find anyone out there yet who has documented a situation like mine. I hope to help other women and support them on there personal journey too. Real Self has given me the tools to seek out the right surgeon for my very rare problem. I had a date schedule in Nov. with a local surgeon. I found this site because I left my consultation with a lot of un answered questions. Like what can I expect when I wake up. I felt that straight forward Breast Implant surgery would leave me with the same problems I have now but magnified. So I posted a question for the Dr.s I realized there were Dr.s who had actual experience fixing my scars with pictures to prove it. I spoke with Dr. Prichard and canceled my Nov. appointment with the local Dr. I had chosen. No doubt a gifted surgeon. Just not the right one for me. I was quoted a pretty high price from Dr. Prichard but after speaking with him and hearing his plan I know it will be worth every penny. I am not a straight forward case. Unfortunately it's gonna cost more. But I know when I wake up I will be happy and not upset with crazy lopsided D cups. I need a lift by changing the location of my nipples and size to make them symmetrical and the same size. The old scar from the old implants will be gone too! Thank goodness! I need to have scar tissue scrapped which is very painful. Probably the pockets need fixing too. Then implants.....silicone implants in a small C cup. I could not get across to my original surgeon that size was not my issue. Dr. Prichard understood all my concerns and addressed them and his plan to fix it! I will be saving up the additional money over the winter my goal is to be ready by April. My next post will be in October. I have a follow up mammogram. My first one in May showed some lumps which is probably scar tissue from past surgeries. Just to be sure they are having me back in October so fingers crossed.......
Dr. Prichard originally quoted me at 13,500 I asked him to honor the discount on Real Self and he did! So that gets me 1,000 closer!!!!!!

Good news ......

I'm moving on to another Dr.

Soooooo excited I just can't even take it.

I had another consult with Dr. Pousti. His price Quote came in at 7,200. I was expecting 10,000 and to need to wait and save till who knows when spring summer...... Who knows....... But he said 7,200. I emailed and asked them to take another look. They said ok. It's 7,200. I made my plans immediately. I'm still just accepting that in six weeks I will be Mrs. New Boobs! I secured my surgery date today and time off work. Lol I have to make a new review,! I must look nuts!

I have all plans ready to go now all I have to do is wait six weeks.....

I have my work shifts covered. My hotel and airline are booked. I made plans with my friends to get picked up and recover with them for a bit in Murrieta after a few days On Shelter Island about 16 miles from Dr. Pousti. I will be in Ca. a total of seven days to be on the safe side. I have been one of the unfortunate people who had surgery out of state who went home only to need to return due to infection and have implants removed. I was very sick. It was not fun. I don't want to do that ever again! So seven days in So. Cal. Not to bad.


Here are my current breasts and wish pics.

Current pic and wish pics


I felt so bad sending the pics to the P.S. but he asked for wish pics so I sent em......these are some real beauties. Or at least I thought so. I'm so happy to just have any boobs at all. I think he is gonna get it right. I keep imagine waking up to boobs that are normal.......somewhat at least.

Cc's and wish pics.....

So I have decided to just leave my size up to the Dr. Same thing with the profile. I'm definitely doing silicone. To me, that's just a no brainer. I have also had saline before. It's just not an option. At all. It's old technology. Obviously I will tell him what I want and my goals. But because I have such a different situation I can't really trust my self to make this decision. For me I need to just leave it up to the professional. Once he measures me I will listen to my size options and try em out. But as far as wish pics I kind feel like I'm fooling my self and don't want to invest to much time on that either.

I'm not feeling to good today. I'm taking Qsymia to loose a little bit of weight. I just started it 3 weeks ago. Good news is it immediately made me quit smoking bad news is its making my joints hurt and it un bearable. I can't just stop taking it either or my hair could fall out in clumps. And we'll let's face it, I'm vain. Soooo..... I gotta call Dr. tomorrow and slowly lower does. Ugh......can't take it any way with surgery coming up off of that soon.

Any other ladies out there with surgery in Oct. or early Nov. lemme know ......

What to where to surgery? What type of bra is allowed after surgery?

What should i wear the day of surgery? Any recommendations ladies? I was thinking of going to Victoria 's Secret on the way home from getting my paycheck tomorrow and picking up a sweat suit. What did everyone find most comfortable? Also bra recommendation after surgery? Do I REALLY have to wear the surgical bra that shows threw everything you wear? I'm 99. 9 % positive he is going in threw my areole so no lower incisions to worry about rubbing on the bottom of a sports bra.

Wish pic

More than one way to skin a cat?

So when I emailed Dr. Pousti I told him what bother me the most about my breasts. For me it is lack of volume of coarse, symmetry and the scars around my nipples could be improved. I actually didn't ask him his plan. That is, what he intends to do to fix me as best he can. After speaking with other surgeons I now know there are several ways to go about my surgery. Some surgeons feel its complicated. Some feel its rather easy. I didn't ask Dr. Pousti at all. I would rather just talk to him when I see him I guess.
I am trying not to drive my self nuts about what is going to happen on Oct. 15. I know now I got lucky enough to get one of the best surgeons and I just am leaving it up to him.......

Lets face it....... My decisions got me where I am........ Ugh.....
I was only 19 so I forgive myself :) there were not the same resource as there are today even the Internet was just coming up. God I'm embarrassed by that statement.
( and I was practically raised by a pack of wolves lol! )

But anything Dr. Pousti decides to do is going to be a marked improvement I am confident. So either this Qsymia is REALLY great for your nerves ( and I think it is ) or I have come to terms with who I picked as a surgeon. I feel extremely confident in him. I know everything is going to be just fine.

Good news / Bad news I have not smoked in three weeks. Thanks to the Qsymia. But I have to slowly stop taking it starting today. I was up all night in almost tears in pain. It is giving me horrible side effects. Pain in my muscles and joints. The pain is SO BAD. But it's been doing so many great things for me I don't want to stop taking it. Lets weight loss, quit smoking and low anxiety which is great when you have a 1 1/2 year old boy who is naughty to the core ????.


*helping ( with weight loss - Qsymia)
No question at the end of my update.

Wish pic

I really like this pic. It's a real self person.....I hope she does not mind.


Yay today was my birthday party with my family and everyone was very generous with cash. Makes me so happy it's like the best birthday ever!!!!!!! So I will not need to stress about money and paying these guys off. My hubby made a sizable donation to the Boobie fund. He dipped into my savings a little while ago and I nearly had a melt down. But gave him money in a pinch for a un-expected bill. I guess my non hesitation in giving it up my Boobie saving wound up paying off for me cause he gave it back doubled! I cried about it, but gave him the money first.....then cried lol! My dad gets generous sometimes too. My sister ( Double D ) hit a deer and totaled her car. My dad gave her a chunk of cash for a down payment so he gave it to me too just to be fair. Totally caught me off guard. I think he like to see us smile from that type of gift!!! But she kept that a secret for like a week! Anyhow totally unexpected. So my guilt about spending this money on my self is going away!!!!! It's all lining up. It's all going right for me this time! I feel very relaxed and stress free now. My joints still hurt from that damn Qsymia even thought I barly take it. Still I'm in the weaning off process. It sucks bad. Other than that I am doing the happy dance today!!! I feel loved!

October is cancer awareness month!

I have my last mammogram tomorrow to clear me for surgery. They made me wait six months to make sure all my lumps and bumps were scar tissue and nothing is growing or that it is all benign. So ladies if your close to 40 have a mammogram before your surgery. It's better to be safe than sorry. If your over forty and have not had a mammogram and your afraid to go because you have implants......don't be they have a different method for implants that is actually easier to see anything suspicious. They do an MRI a no squeeze method! So get checked please!

Paid in full!

Ok I am all paid up! I feel really happy and excited instead of fearful and nervous. When I started my process on Real Self I was very serious. I had a lot of questions, fears and emotions going on. I now feel confident and that It's all gonna be great! Everything is falling into place. Real Self is the reason why I I feel so good about my up coming surgery. So thank you real self and the women on this site. Your support and candid information is so appreciated. So surgery is three weeks away!

Scar revision for C section scar

Oh I forgot. When I get in front of Dr. Pousti I'm going to have him look at my C section scar too. It's ugly with a role of fat over the top on one side. If it does not cost to much and the down time in what he wants to do is not to bad then I may do that too. I will post a before pick before surgery if I decide to do it.

My mammogram

My mammogram went very well. Only good news to report. I do not have breast cancer!!!!! ???? So I am cleared for surgery. That's the good news. My lumps are likely scar tissue. Which will need to come out. That does not feel too good. I'm expecting a tough recovery. But it's better than having cancer of coarse, so today is a very good day.

Trying not to obsess about size

Ok this is easier said than done. I'm trying very hard not to obsess about the size I want and give complete trust to what my P.S. recommends. I am reading a lot of women regretting not going bigger and I don't want that to be me. But I also don't want to feel uncomfortable in my own skin. That is how I felt when I did have them in. Maybe it was because they were over the muscle and saline...... I don't know if it was an old style / shape since it was 15 years ago. But they looked huge on me. I THINK they were 350 then 375. I can't remember anymore. I see women who look really good with a low number and ones where I would wish I would have liked them bigger. I can say this I don't want to have to go back for surgery anytime soon. I only say this because of what I personally went through. This will be surgery five-ish. I forget. It's something I try not to think about because my experience was sooooo bad. So I did rice sizes and we liked 400 cc's which would make since since I have less tissue then when I first started with surgeries. Ok here is a new wish pic or two.

Oops I deleted by mistake

Qsymia pain

Ok this suck and I can't take it's been two weeks of the crap that is Qsymia and I am still in agonizing pain daily. I can't get anything done. I can't even work. I had tried to tough it out today at work but the pain migrated into my hand on right side that I need to work. I do facials...... come on I need my hand! Today was an event day where I have to work on some one every half hour and peel there skin and recommend home care. Wasn't gonna happen. I tried. ???? so I needed a replacement from the skin are line . As luck would have it she sent me to her hubby who is a chiropractor right down the road from my job. And god bless them both, he adjusted me for free and talked to me about my issue . He talked to me and adjusted all my bones that hurt. I feel a bit better. Let's hope it was the magic trick. I have my Dr. appointment tomorrow with the man who gave me the crap Qsymia. I'm gonna do blood work find the problem fingers crossed. I'm worried since I have surgery in two weeks! Uh....... It's killing all the pre - op excitement. That what I get. I thought ya know loss ten pounds and go get boobs sounds good to me.......but it was not the best plan I now see. Don't take this ladies. Stick to the all natural way of losing weight. I got some cute new bras in the mail. When I feel better I will post the before pics in the sport bras. Ancient Aliens is on and calling my name. ????

Sorry about typo s and miss spelling it's late and my hand just hurts


My blog update was suppose to say...

Two weeks since I took Qsymia and I'm still in pain from side effects.

Relief ....

Ok today was almost pain free. Thank goodness. But this happens then the next day it comes back. Some pain is setting in as the sun goes down. I made a mistake and went to my Dr. Appointment with a sleeping one year old on my shoulder only to be told my appointment is tomorrow.......ugh.......

Pre op phone call

Well the office called yesterday and we went over some things like pregnancy testing and what supplements I am taking stuff like that. She asked who was taking care of me. I said my self and also that I was interested in the nurse that they have available to hire. So they gave me her phone number. I called the woman she was very nice and I asked her what her fee is. She told me 400.00. Wow! That's a lot. So I called my sister Double D instead. I would rather pay for her plane ticket than the nurse. I mean that's a lot!!!! So D.D. ( my sis ) is coming along too San Diego. Yay!

Blood work

I'm went to have blood work done on my self and my 10 year old daughter. We are both having joint pains. We're still waiting for results. Bad bad timing with our joint pain. I thought it was totally unrelated and it may be. But better to be safe. Checked liver and kidneys too just incase.


So my daughter just got a positive diagnosis for Lyme s Disease!!!!! My blood work comes in on Monday I hope. I started antibiotics just incase I come back positive. Which I am completely sure I have it too. We have two big dogs and a very wooded yard in NJ. Seriously WTF! I can have surgery with a vile infection! I no longer think she has growing pains and no longer think it's the Qsymia!. I have to cancel my surgery by Wed. for my refund. I still have my plane tickets and my hotel......... I mean do I really have to do this again at another time? Come on! Everything was going perfect! This fucking sucks. Plain and simple. I think I am just not meant for boobs. I think I just give up!

Does anyone know.....

If I can use my plane tickets for another date? I can cancel hotel but not change flight dates right?

Crap.....calling Dr. P tomorrow to cancel.....

Because it is a week in advance they will fully refund. I have my family practitioner appointment tomorrow and hoping my blood work is in. No difference I can't have surgery this ill no matter what it is. Lyme's or not. Lost a bunch of money on flight. But I couldn't even go and enjoy a va ca because them medication for Lyme's you can not go in the sun at all. I am on it just in case and my daughter is on it cause she is positive result. 30 days is the antibiotic cycle. But I am not sure if I should go so soon or see a Lyme's specialist to be sure it's out of my system for good. Three weeks for that blood test to come back right there. So maybe another 6-7 weeks.....if it's a negative. Ugh.......I swear I'm just not meant to have boobs. No matter what I have to do the right thing no matter how bad that sucks ass! I will post again when I make another appointment. Thank ladies for your support and following my story. But I know to well the consequence of bad decisions.........

Good luck

Good luck to the ladies with up coming surgery. Rest rest rest! I will be checking in for the pics! Can't wait to see em! Many blessing and be well.

Lyme's Disease

So my test came back negative but my daughter positive. Lyme seems to come back negative a lot. I am continuing treatment and seeing an infectious disease specialist on Nov. 7th. It take three weeks for there blood work to come back in due to how sensitive the test is. I am praying to be clear by then and symptom free. My job is not happy and took me off the schedule. So no money!!! Hopefully my symptoms clear in two weeks. I am already off due to my surgery the following week so I just left that and will rest up! So I am looking at Dec.WelI, I have kids and Christmas so Dec is out. Then a very busy season at work which I will need money!

I called Dr. Pousti's office today. I told them to keep my money. Now today I am not clouded with pain and gloom and doom! I told them I will be coming no matter what. I will get better and look to come out anywhere from February thru April as long as Im testing negative. It just will come down to a slow week at work. Unfortunately my work and pay depends on the numbers I produce and I'm in competition with my other co worker for a top booking spot. This unfortunately matter's a lot to me because who doesn't need money! It can get unbearably slow at work and the top spot gets all the work. Ugh! So this factors into when I can go good news is I can take off what ever and when ever I want. I like to think that although we compete with one another that the girls are pulling for me and will cover me to go. They are pretty good about it. So I'm going I'm not giving up!!!!!!!

Dr. Pousti is going to call me tomorrow about when it is safe for me to come for surgery. Good news is by letting them keep them money I can pay what I borrowed on my credit which will be interest free and I will probably owe nothing on my credit card by the time I go.
My daughter and I are staying positive and getting better and I'm not giving up!

Anyone know anything about Lymes?

I know this is suppose to be a forum for boobs boobs boobs. But this relates to my boobs. I can't have surgery till I kick this shit! I hear from the internet that it's forever. Can anyone give information about Lymes? I really want my surgery. Calling all informed ladies for your support and info!

Feeling better......

I'm happy to report that I am feeling better. Not 100% about 70%. I'm bed resting when I'm not working. My daughter seems to be getting over this faster than me but she also doesn't have two kids, a mess hubby and a physically demanding job either. So common sense is tell me rest rest rest!!!! Hopefully I will find my sense of humor again and get back to living and of coarse planning for my trip again. But I hope that I can stay apart of the Boobie community in the mean time. If I can answer any questions for anyone lemme know. I have had a lot of surgeries in the past with that comes experience.


Today is a crappy day despite my resting. It's like I take one step forward two steps back. Ladies don't get this crappy disease. My daughter seems to be completely pain free! Yay!!! I would rather take on the pain than her. But why is mine lingering? Ok positive thoughts only!!!!!! :) ready to get back to life already.

My stats? And recap

Ok I was just thinking I don't think I ever put up my info. I am 38 5'3 128 pds ( at the moment ) my goal is really soft and really natural. Leaving size and profile up to P.S. Definitely doing silicone. I'm all paid up. Just getting better from Lymes. Going to call and set new date for April 2, 2014. That is the soonest I can go with the holidays coming, my busy season at work and my sis D.D. ( my care taker ;) ) can't go any sooner. It will be one year since the ball started rolling to fix my boobs. A six month wait due to a questionable mammogram that yes thank goodness came back all clear. Then a week before my surgery date my self and my daughter got Lymes which is un-godly pain :( So again's going to be a long winter lets hope it all flies by :/


Thank you to all the ladies giving me key advise! I love Real Self and all you wonderfully supportive women! I have nothing but time now to obsess ;) about size. So I will dig out wish pics a plenty. I read on my P.S. website that women actually make poster boards of there wish pics and he posts them on his surgery wall to help women achieve there desired look. So I have new craft project!!! Anyone wanting to weigh in on size lemme know what you think. I just posted my sizing in last post. I currently wear a size two. I'm kinda a tiny heinie with thin muscular legs size 2-4 usually. Small in tops. Broad - ish shoulders. I do not have abs like all you wonderful women do lol gosh I never seen so many in shape ladies! I do have time to try thought!!!! I don't know if my tummy will ever come back cause of the two kids. Maybe when the Lymes is gone I will do that work out "Insanity" it may be the only thing that works out side of surgery ;) ! I did my Christmas shopping for the kids online...... Look see in my mind Christmas is almost here...... This winter is going to FLY by .........

Ordered supplements

Ok I just ordered tons of supplements to help kick the Lymes. Starting to seriously consider doing "Insanity" work out.

One holiday down

One holiday down and three important ones to go.....depending on what you celebrate.

Specialist for my Lymes

So I just got back from my specialist for infectious disease. He said unfortunately I was not medicated long enough by my family practitioner. So I got sick again. We are catching it though before the tears and me not being able to actually move a body part happened again. This has been a rough three months. It should make recovering from surgery seem like a piece of cake. :) ( although I am very sympathetic to all you ladies currently in recovery) . Anyhow this Dr. is very confident that in 6-8 weeks I will be rid of Lymes for ever. Once the holidays are over I will start my wish board project for Dr. P. Excited for that. As of this this I will be past holiday number 2 !!!! Christmas and New Years will be over before I can blink. :)

Update on my Lymes

Well I wish there was a site like Real Self for Lymes disease. I have so many unanswered questions, aches and pains, ups and downs, highs and low moments of wondering if I will ever get better, is my progression ( or seemly lack there of ) normal. I would love to ask a group of Dr.s about pain relief and is what I am going threw normal, can I be fixed and is my medication correct. I would love to talk to other people too about similar issues, symptoms and care. Real Selfers you are very blessed to have each other. Which I know you all know!
Next week will be my fourth week on medication ( again ) I feel a little better today. Not good but better. It's been a really tough three weeks for me with lots of despair and pain. It's really hard to stay positive while wondering if this is how my life will be forever. In other words is this my new normal? I have no insurance which means if I don't get better soon and I need IV medication then I will need to get my boob money refunded so I can pay for my health care. Which clearly is more important than boobs. But that would really blow ladies! I'm getting a little scared somedays because my sister D.D. Is having the same problem but for years. I'm hoping she has Lymes un diagnosed. She has exposure her husband hunts deer. I say hoping she has it because it would hopefully be curable. Any other root cause like M.S. Or rheumatoid is not curable. I made her an appointment with my Dr. She is going for blood work. Her appointment is in Jan. my next is next week.
It has been really hard for me to stay up to date and involved with everyone's surgeries. But I'm still hear! Ok I just wanted to do a fast update on my health. I'm at about 60% I feel happy about that! It's the best I felt in maybe 5 weeks. Let's hope I keep moving forward and it's not just a lucky day. Showers help me feel better so Im going to try to get on with my day. Happy healing ladies your all looking so good!

Frenemies and Irony

I was just sitting here thinking that I was so proud of my self. I have not smoked since I made the appointment in August ( ish ) for surgery with Dr. Pousti. Once I knew I was going I stopped drinking and smoking since we all know they go hand in hand . I really liked them too especially on a Saturday which is a very fast passed long day for me at work. It's was a way to just relax. My husband says it's very ironic that I stopped my naughty guilt pleasures and then I get insanely sick. Stress is a big trigger for me and I have been very stressed but I have managed to stay away from them both. Drinking and smoking to me are like frenemies in a way. You love them and they just act like they love you too. But in reality they are really there to do un imaginable harm to you and your soul. They can be hard to ignore and hard to get rid of but when you finally do it's like a weight has been lifted off your chest and you can breath and be free again.
I hate frenemies and I hated smoking. So glad it's over! I have broken up with them for the last time Lol!

The strangest thing happened today.

I was sitting on the couch talking to myself. I was saying to my self that I feel better today compared to how I felt over the weekend. My weekend was simply unbearable. My knee swelled up like a balloon and was in a knee brace at work. Which makes everyone ask ...... What's wrong.......I can't escape it. Anyhow, I was thinking : Ok I feel kinda better today. Maybe today is the day I start getting better. Maybe I will be able to get my boobs after all.....then I was wondering to my self if a surgery would bring Lymes out again. I read on line you could relapse with a surgery or major illness bringing it out again. Then my phone went off. It was Dr. Pousti's office. It was the nurse asking me how I was doing. I explained to her how I had to start my treatment all over again. I also told her what I was just thinking about. She said since I have an appointment with my specialist this Thursday that it was something I should find out since I have them holding on to about 7,500 dollars. I could use it back if I can not go for surgery healed or not. In all honesty I don't want to tell this Dr. that I want implants blah blah blah........he is going to look at me like I'm nuts since I'm sooooo sick right now. Clearly I'm hoping I will be better by April. I just feel like the mere mention of something so un important ( to him ) might really make him think I'm nuts! At the same time if it's no longer an option I would love my money back :) but I thought it was so strange they called at that exact moment. So I will tell my Dr. I had it already planned and paid for then I got sick. I really am going to appreciate a vacation to San Diego in April either way. I think I'm taking off two weekends of work and just enjoy life! I'm California Dreamin on such a winter's day. ;)

Thank you

Thank you ladies for your well wishes and kind words. Hugs to all of you ((( hugs )))

Back from my specialist

I got the news I got back from my Dr. and the blood work we re-did and he reviewed my original blood work from my family Dr. back in Oct. Dr. said I defiantly have Parvo Virus for adults it can lead to disabling and debilitating pain ( Me ) for up to four months but not limited to this time frame for a very small percentage of people. For the second time now my Lymes test came back negative. Which does not mean I don't have Lymes but my chances at this point could be lower with a negative result. Dr. is recommending another month of antibiotics just in case I have Lymes in addition to Parvo. The good news is I should make a turn for the best really soon. Also neither one of these, bacteria or viral infection's have a chance of coming back while undergoing surgery in the future. So April is still obtainable for surgery. I will call Dr. Pousti's office and let them know I will call them on a month to month for a health up date but hope to kick this crap soon! Yay!!!!!! I think this is some what good news! The virus may in fact be gone but I am recovering from having it attack my joints. So I'm loading up on anti inflammatory medication and supplements to help get my immune system strong. I'm also going to start an anti depressant. I'm feeling blue. It's hard to stay up beat four months into debilitating pain.

Not much to report

Still feel like shit!

Update good news / bad news

Ok I have a concrete diagnosis. I may have been exposed to a bacteria ( Lymes ) or a virus ( Parvo b19 ) which lead to igniting Rhumatoid Arthritis. A pretty severe case of it too. I'm starting meds and I feel better already. But it's a temp. fix. Next they will try to force it into remission. With hard core meds. :( but it could work for a loooooong time. I won't be well enough for surgery in April. I have to get well my body lost tone and mass. I need to just repair. I'm calling Dr. Pousti today to have my money returned. I will ask them to hold my price quote till Oct. If I'm better I would love to go aug or sept for my surgery. I'm not giving up. I waited too long for this and I deserve it. Not only that I found a Plastic surgeon capable of fixing me. Thank you ladies for all your support. I will be back soon. In the mean time good luck and happy healing to all you beautiful sexy ladies ;)

Dr. Pousti's office

They were very kind and wished me and my family well. They did refund my money. All except 500.00 which they hold till I'm ready for surgery again. I asked if they could hold my initial price for a year from the time they issued it. She could not make any promises due to a possible price increase from implant company or other source. I got the impression that I would get the same price or a very small increase could be possible. Which made me very happy because I cane afford thousands more. I'm hopeful I can go one day soon. Who has worse luck than me? I don't know. But it makes me wonder if I should try again. I really need more info about remission and surgery. So this is turning into a whole new beast for me.

Finally some good news

Ok I finally have good news. This process for me has had a lot of road blocks. I believe everything happens for a reason so.....I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in February. Since then I have been on a slow road to recovery. Long story short I go back to work tomorrow. I'm going to plan my trip for Oct.
For any ladies out there on Biologics or Dmards here is good news you have to stop medication about two weeks prior to surgery and two weeks after so you can heal properly. Of coarse check with you physician. But as I was told it's not a big deal and I can still have elective surgery.
I'm going to start working on my poster board of wish pics for the Dr. he apparently posts them on his surgery wall as a point of reference ! If there are no more road blocks it will be planning my surgery for Oct or very end of September. When I have a more specific date I will post it. Thank you to all the ladies I hope your doing well I can't wait to be back and involved on real self. Hopefully my experiences will help someone.

New Surgery Date!!!!!!!!!!

Ok ...... so.........I called for a new appointment, Vanessa at the office was so super nice and helpful. So fingers crossed I will have no more problems and hold ups. I picked a super comfy hotel in Carlsbad for 5 days. Then 2 days in La Jolla. I will see the Dr. before I leave to go back home to N.J. I'm staying for 7 days since I have had nothing but problems in the far past with my other augmentation like infection which can happen to anyone......I now have a higher chance infection thanks to the meds. I now have to take for Rheumatoid Arthritis. I will be cutting back on my meds in September for surgery. But a 7 day stay makes me feel more comfortable that I will return home with out any problems. I'm not really excited. I'll get there though. Once the implants are in and I'm home I should feel safe to get happy. I've been threw a lot with my chest and just in the last year with having to cancel my trip then getting soo-ooh sick. So I'm in need of some good vibes ladies! !!!! I'm just so sick of thinking about this. I just want it over with. I'm gonna take a deep breath and try to enjoy the process. At worse case I'm gonna have a.nice vacation with my sister and daughter if things don't go my way.

The Goldilocks progress

My stomach was hurting ( well, till I started drinking ) while thinking about surgery today. So I started my board for Dr. Pousti to get me in the mood. My printer is jerking me around for some strange reason. So I'm posting it in progress instead of already done. Yes, it may look familiar. Some are Real Selfer's some are random Internet finds and some are classics that others have used. But it's not done, we were having so much fun making it I figured I would post. My daughter is 11 and super cool and mature. She is coming with my sister D.D. and myself to enjoy San Diego while I recover. Because I am so deformed from plastic surgery I'm not worried about giving her the wrong idea......besides she already has more boob than me lol and what ever she decides in life I will support her. :)


San Diego Plastic Surgeon

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I will be thinking of you for sure on the 30th as it's also my bday! I'm so excited for's been a long haul for you kiddo!
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Hi girl....thinking of you!!! Im not sure when your revision is..but I know its really soon. Good are in the best of hands hugs shelly xoxo
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hey girl September 30th!!!
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Hi that's fantastic!!!Wow the month will fly for you!!! Hugs Shelly xoxo
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Thank you ♡ it IS flying....I'm getting nervous more about going off all my medication.
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Don't worry. ..this time it's YOUR turn !! Hugs Shelly xoxo
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So sorry I haven't touched base with you since your diagnosis. It must be a bittersweet relief to finally know what's going on with your body. I have tested positive for RA antibodies but only have had a few symptoms come and go so far. So glad you have it under control and can finally have your surgery. I'm very, very happy for you! Hugs to you!
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Oh thank you Beth. I'm sorry to hear you may have this one day. But try to stay away from inflammation causing food. Gluten and milk are MY triggers. All anti inflammatory foods! I hope this helps.
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Oh, I love milk! I've heard chick peas are bad too. Thanks for the tips! Yea, I definitely have an elevated sed rate when I get my annual blood draw. Trying to stay healthy and fit too. ;)
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Ooo!! So happy for you!!!!! Finally the day is coming close! Keep us posted :) xo
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Sending you hugs girl. ..this time will be amazing. ..I just know :)
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Yay thanks for the support and good vibrations!
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Wow you've been through a lot girl!!! Best wishes on your upcoming surgery.
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Thank you Cat !
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Glad to hear you're doing well!!
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Hi!!! Yay!! Xo
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Hi ;) I read ur profile and how I are doing better ;) I didn't see what u were getting/doing? What are u having done? U are fixing a scar too? ;);)
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Hi I'm sure my story is confusing. I'm having my breasts done after having an extrusion on my right implant 16 years ago. I was suppose to go last oct. But one week before my flight I had to cancel surgery due to a sudden on set of severe Rhuematiod Arthritis. Calling Dr. Today for a new date!!!!
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I just reread that old post......really what we're the chance THAT A SUDDEN ON SET IF SEVERENGLISH R.A. would happen right before my surgery that I waited 15 years to do. Just ridiculous, isn't it?
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Damn auto correct
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Oh gosh..finally light at the end of the tunnel for you. Hang in will be worth the wait. Hugs Shelly xoxo
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Geez I hope so lol!!!!
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How is the new treatment going? I've been thinking of you!
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Hi lovinglife2. Thanks for asking. It's been 10 weeks since I have my breast revision with Dr. Poustie. So far so good. I have no pain, breasts are soft. No sign of scar tissues present ( knock on wood) I still have to massage them a lot though.
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Not sure what that comment is below. It's a slow process but I'm getting better. Thanks for thinking of me ;) xo I'm out of work trying to get better. I just want my life back :/ . How are things with you Loving Life?
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