Looking for the BEST Primary Rhino Doctor (Gruber, Grigoryants Etc)

I am tall, pretty and slender and have a nice nose...

I am tall, pretty and slender and have a nice nose aside from a small bump and a slightly lowered tip. I am wanting the best doctor that money can buy and prefer beautiful and elegant noses to the "cutesyish" noses. I have thin skin and a straight nose, so I am just looking for someone with an amazing aesthetic.

I love Grigoryants noses, but feel that sometimes he takes away too much columnella and one gets a "flat appearance" as opposed to a more elegant look.

My concerns with Gruber are that is older and sometimes his noses look "done" to me.

Please don't recommend any unknown Doctors etc. I am looking to go to the very best. I see a lot of noses posted on this site that I would be VERY unhappy with as a finished result.


Now I'm stressing out as I too love his before and afters. The one thing that I liked about Gruber is the fact that he is so renowned in the Rhino field and that he has been doing it for so long. I am concerned with the fact that both of you have had similar issues with Grigoryants as I am very picky and will not accept a "subpar" result. If you don't mind me asking, do you have thin skin? My nose is very straight and I have thin skin-- I just want to remove the small bump and maybe raise the tip (but do not need it refined). I am concerned that Grigoryants is not a member of the Rhinoplasty society as many of the good/great surgeons are. I know that Gruber does far less marketing than Grigoryants and I also realize that a lot of the great surgeons will not have postings on a message board etc. Help!!
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Any recommendations? How are Naderi and Ghavami?
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By Law, surgeons are not allowed to retouch photos as it is considered false advertising. Also, known doctors aren't necessarily the best doctors. All it could mean is they have good marketing reps. How much you pay and the zip code your Doctor is located in has very little do with the actual skill of a surgeon. Some of the better doctors are in fact "unknown" doctors.
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Any suggestions would be very helpful.

Please post who you're surgeon was and if you're happy or dissatisfied.


So I got my cast off today-- it was 100% painless as this whole process has been. I hardly had any bruising as I consumed copious amounts of papaya, pineapple, arnica, watermelon, broccoli, hard boiled egg whites, a gallon of water per day and no sodium. The cast removal was a breeze, Gohar is so sweet and made the whole thing so easy. Aside from the obvious swelling, I am very pleased with the outcome. Dr. Grigoryants is a lovely person and very skilled surgeon and someone whom I recommend without any reservations.
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Could you PM me your before and afters please? I'm going wit Dr. G hopefully this July
Yes, happily-- I will take some photos tomorrow morning :)
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