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Back in 2002 I was hit with a line drive and my...

Back in 2002 I was hit with a line drive and my nose was badly damaged. At the time, I underwent major reconstructive surgery and the outcome, while I could breath again, cosmetically was unappealing. I had a deep depression in the center of my nose, my nose was upturned, pinched in and the nostrils were exposed. I felt like all people saw when they looked at me was nostrils...... The same surgeon went in again to make the nose look more "normal" in appearance, but I was left with a very unnatural look. I felt like all people saw when they looked at me were my nostrils..... Years passed and I thought this was the nose I was stuck with for the rest of my life..... ENTER in 2014 Dr. Mike Majmundar, I found his name while looking through various websites..... I went to see him for fillers, but he was also known for rhino. I did not think anything could be done with my nose, but he explained exactly what he could do and said he could give me a more natural look. I was extremely nervous about revision rhino, but I thought long and hard about having the procedure...... Well, I ultimately decided I would give him a try. He explained again and again what he would do and was extremely kind and patient with me. While I was nervous, I felt I had chosen the right surgeon..... I DID! I cannot even begin to explain how happy I am with the outcome. The day of surgery I was terrified. Dr. Majmundar calmly explained the surgery again to me for the millionth time ;-), and set me at ease. I was concerned about recovery, but by the second day I was moving around with no issues and only felt discomfort, but no real pain.

Day 7, he removed the cast from my nose, I was terrified to look in the mirror, but when I did, even though there was still swelling, I was amazed. I was no longer "nostril girl" , I had a normal looking nose and the deep depression in the center of my nose was gone!!!!!!! I am three weeks out now and I could not be happier. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made!!!!! For me, the key was finding a gifted surgeon who focuses on giving patients a natural look!

Each day the swelling goes down more and more and I become even more pleased with my decision. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Majmundar. Not only is he a gifted surgeon, but he will also take the time to listen and explain everything over and over again until you feel comfortable!
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Dr. Mike Majmundar is a gifted surgeon. I would recommend him to anyone interested in revision rhino or initial rhino. I have also gone to him for fillers and would recommend him for this as well - his focus is a natural look as opposed to making someone look "overdone". If you are interesting in looking like you, but only better, then he is the surgeon you should see!

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Congrats on your successful revision. I am glad you're pleased with the results. I also had a revision last March. My primary in 2001 didn't yield the desired outcome so I decided to give it another shot. Very pleased I did. My nose looks natural and fits my face! Thanks for sharing your story with us.
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Thank you for sharing! I'm glad you're so pleased with your results. How did you deal with the dry mouth during recovery?
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Dr. Majmundar typically does not use packing after nasal surgery, if the stiches and grafts are properly supported, then packing is not needed. There are times, when he said he will pack , but that is usually in cases of extreme bleeding which I fortunately did not experience. Because my nose was not packed, i could still breath through my nose the first night after surgery, however, by night two I did have some swelling and woke up with the dryest mouth ever on the 3rd morning. I used a humidifier the next night and what a WORLD of difference that made. While I still had a little dry mouth the 4th day, the humidifier helped tremendously. The other thing I would recommend (ONLY if you do not have packing) is a saline nasal spray to keep the inside passages of the nose moist, that helped with dry mouth and that feeling of "tightness" you experience when the nose begins to heal. Hope this helps - just keep in mind, the moister the air you breath at night, the better!
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I'm very happy to hear a good revision story! Do you know what kind of grafts he used? If you don't mind I hope you consider sharing pictures (you can cover your eyes for privacy) I'm so happy you got a good result! Hopefully I get it too :)
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I'm not certain the exact type of graft - I had extra cartilage from the bottom part of my nose (his plan was to graft cartilage from the ear if he could not obtain enough from my nose itself), he took that cartilage and emulsified it, then built a graft from my own cartilage and molded to the center of my nose where it was extremely depressed. When i go back in a couple of weeks for my consult, i plan to post before and after pics ;-). Good luck with your surgery. Do you have a date planned? If you are anywhere close to GA, I strongly recommend Dr. Majmundar.... I was so incredibly nervous but he was fantastic and totally put me at ease. My biggest things was fear that my nose would look even more "operated" on, but he was great and focuses on making patients still look like themselves only more balanced and natural.
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Did he make your nose longer/less nostril show? I don't have date planned get but hopefully this December if I can find the surgeon I feel comfortable with. I'm going to a few consultation his August so in excited AND Nervous about that.
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From the previous injury and surgery, my nose had a deep crevice/depression in the center and jutted out at the bottom but was tilted upwards. It was as if the center of my nose was "gone" and then the bottom of my nose was huge with nothing but nostrils. The previous surgeon had also "pinched" in the center of my nose separating the nostrils, which gave the nostrils an even larger appearance. My nose doesn't look longer now just more proportioned, the doctor filled in the deep depression in the center of my nose (it looked like a reverse hump). He used the cartilage to rebuild the center bridge of my nose then projected the tip slightly downward, he then flared the septum at the bottom center of my nose so the nostrils didn't have that weird pinched look. I read through your story and I am so very sorry you had a difficult experience with your initial rhino. I know exactly what it feels like to look in the mirror and have the face staring back at you be that of a stranger. Rhinos are one of the most often messed up procedures and revision rhinos are extremely common these days. Good luck on your consultations in August - my tip is to make very sure you and the surgeon are both extremely clear on what you are looking for. I talked to my doctor numerous times and he went through the procedure again and again and again with me until I felt extremely comfortable. I think that is the key, finding not only a talented surgeon, but one that will listen to you, give you feedback, and one that has also had successful outcomes with similar procedures. No two noses are alike, but if a surgeon has successfully completed revision rhinos, and patients are happy post surgery, that is a step in the right direction. My doctor does only facial surgery, I think it is important to find a specialist as opposed to a jack of all trades. He also enjoys rhinos, I think it is because a good rhino can help to balance the overall asthetic of the face (at least in my opinion). ;-) Please know, there is light at the end of the tunnel, there are very good revision surgeons out there, you just need to find the right one for you. You are taking the right steps in meeting with more than one surgeon. When I go back in another couple of weeks, I will get my before and after pics and will post to the site so you can see the difference.
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