Switching Implants from Saline to Silicone After 13 Wonderful Years - Alberta, AB

I am reluctantly writing this as it is a very...

I am reluctantly writing this as it is a very personal journey, HOWEVER...there is very limited information for cases and scenarios like mine so perhaps I can help other women going through the same decisions.
I have had my Allergan 350cc moderate saline implants for 13 years (I got them when i was 19!) Since then I have had 2 children, nursed both and had no issues at all with the implants! ( I have to mention 19 seems young but I have been with my husband since I was 17... and we had our children when I was 21&22) In the past few years I have experienced some rippling in the implants, nothing serious but certainly knew the time was coming to either upgrade or explant. I had found a breast lump last month that showed up on ultrasound as "palpable valves" so once we knew everything was all good medically, I knew this was the time to re-do them, even though there are no serious issues. I met with my PS yesterday (he is 3 hours away but amazing!) and we decided that I would switch to Allergan Silicone HP 425cc... I am rather petite up top so I dont have the chest diameter or skin tissue to go up any more ( I think I would have liked 450 but its a minor difference with same projection)
For reference I am 5'8" and 142lbs with a little bitta hips and no tummy... I knew I wanted HP silicone implants because of the projection, and I would never want saline again. Mine now have great cleavage but from the side they are blah. lol
I am on a cancellation list for surgery so am hoping to have my surgery sooner than August, but I have had them 13 years: whats another few months ;-)
I also want to note that when I had found my lump my hubby and I had talked about explant with a lift, but after serious contemplation, I have to admit I love my chest, my surgeon was amazing and every day I am thankful I had them done, they are the best thing I had ever done for "me." I remember seeing terrible augmentations gone wrong, or people having them taken out for various reasons but for ME, there hasnt been one day in 13 years I ever took them for granted ;-)


Good luck !
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Hi, I also have a revision coming up possibly next week after 13 years but my left implant is deflated or ruptured. You are lucky to have a choice. Wishing you the best.
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Good luck to you. I'm sure your review will help many young women like yourself facing implant replacement. Better not to wait 30 years like I did and have problems.
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350cc pictures

I wanted to add a pic to my review for anyone trying to choose sizes
Mine are 350cc mod projection
(Mcghan not allergan as previously stated)
Im not happy with the projection from the side, but great look from the front. This is a fredericks lightly padded pushup bra.
I will update braless pics right before my surgery to compare.


Congrats and welcome (soon) to silicone land!! Who is your surgeon? I'm also in Alberta...we are lucky to have a few good PS's around here :) I can't wait to see your results (although you look fantastic already, but I understand the switch!)
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Thanks!!! Im impatiently waiting ;-) My PS is Dr Perron in Calgary. He did my first surgery and will be performing the swap for me. I really liked him...
Yes, I certainly know of him. I'm glad you are comfortable to go back!! I went to Dr Hall Findlay in Banff, she's also fantastic!! The waiting is the worst part hey? I booked and went in within a month (she had a cancellation) because I'm so impatient (horrible, but it is what it is) ha!! Can't wait to see your results :).

Pre-Op Instructions: Surgery Four weeks Away

Well I talked to the Pro-op nurse yesterday (since I dont live in the same city pre-op is done on the phone) And she discussed the meds...
30tabs of antibiotic which I will start at supper the day before
1 anti-nausea pill which I take with me to surgery
Advil 200mg liqui-caps ....and thats it! :-)
She asked me a ton of questions about last physical, health concerns, if I smoke etc, and that was that...I had wondered if I would have to do any blood-work but nope! Did anyone else not have and pre-op blood-work? I know I didn't last time either. We discussed size and at the consult we had decided 425cc due to my chest wall size and my tissue apparently sucks. I wanted to go a bit bigger: I don't want noticeably fake just enough so I notice a difference, I also see a lot of women with SO many revisions and this I pray is my one and only revision so I am trusting my surgeon completely and not giving into any booby greed. I did ask her to make sure the 450cc are in the OR for me just in case because that's the size I wanted all along, and once he gets in there and sees how much repair etc needs to be done he can make the final call... I trust him :-) So I did feel better knowing they are a possibility! Now the waiting game begins. I am still on the cancellation list so we will see if I have any luck being bumped up again! :-)
Since my surgery is on a Friday we will be driving 3 hours that morning to surgery then once I am finished will be heading home after, I assume I will sleep or vomit the whole way home but would rather be home than in a hotel especially since the Dr. wont be in until monday anyway, I will talk with the nurse over that weekend and send pics etc, and then hopefully book a post op appt several weeks after.
Now to wait impatiently! ;-)


I'm not a revision, first timer. But I thought you might want to take a look at my pics because our stats are very close. I did Mentor Memory Gel silicone, under, 425 with High Profile. Good luck. I'm looking forward to following your journey.
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Sending you good vibes to get your revision sooner. I know how it feels!
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THANKS!!! I know the waiting is killing me, and I am so sick of driving myself crazy looking at sizes! GRRRR. I have seen 450cc look small as heck and 450cc look way too big. So frustrating I just cant wait for it to be done! lol

The dreaded pictures

This was terribly hard to do but if no one shared pictures this site would be useless so I cropped them for privacy and hopefully mine can help others :-)
These pics are my boobs that have been through heck and back over the past 13 years!
My Ps says he needs to release my capsule bcs after pregnancy and nursing the capsule changed and pushed my implant up thusly pushing my nipple downward (it can be described as the skin falling off the front of the implant as well) i thought I needed a lift but he said once the capsule is released and the silicones are properly placed: my nipple will be perky and higher up again (thank God!)
After taking pics and comparing them to my wish pics mine seem to look big for 350cc (not perky enough though and the projection is crap!!!!) but maybe they are all just running together! Lol


Just had my revision! Our story is very similar, I'm so happy with my revision and hope you are too! My set was 13 years old, and I too switched from saline to silicone. Recovery was easy, I was so blown away by the cc removal, I had my surgeon show me what was removed and I was shocked! Best wishes to you! 5'9" 140 lbs. 616cc's
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This is awesome, and reassuring to hear! Thank you!! I am telling myself recovery will be a breeze. The waiting is what is killing me... ;-)
It's so hard to be patient with waiting to have surgery and then waiting to recover. Good luck to you.

4 more sleeps ahhhhhhhh

Well, its officially this week! I have spent hours looking, speculating, second guessing, stressing, and dreaming about breasts and sizes and surgery and I cannot wait for this to be over. I am officially at peace with 425-450cc. YES I like bigger breasts on other women, but I also love when people "wonder" if mine are real, I never want them to be the first thing people see.
I also had a "booby greed ah-ha moment" that I am going to share:
I recently lost about 12 pounds and thought once I reached my goal weight everything in life would be rainbows and unicorns...WELL I got to my "goal weight" and guess what? I want to lose 5 more pounds. Isn't this how we have all become with ourselves? One day we get something we have always wanted (weight loss, breasts, promotion etc) and then its not enough.... it isn't "perfection"
So we want more... Just a little more: I struggle with this constantly and am focusing on "enough" and what that is for me... I am focusing on happiness from within instead of what I see in the mirror. At one time my 350cc were everything my dreams were made of, and now I am worried 450 wont be enough.
"enough" ....I have to remind myself constantly that I myself am enough, at any weight, with any job with any size breasts. Sorry for my rant but maybe other women can relate to this feeling.
Back to surgery: I am TERRIFIED!! I have to be at the office Friday morning at 8:30, and I start my antibiotics Thursday at supper time. Not much else to update at this point: just waiting! :-)


Good luck with everything!! I am looking forward to seeing your results! And also, congrats on the weight loss, that's awesome :)
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Thanks so much!!! :-)
I understand exactly where you are coming from. So funny I get all those same thoughts too. Lol. I just hope I am finally happy and satisfied with my results. I just want to get back to things that are more important and stop obsessing over my boobs. Best wishes to both of us!!!!
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All Finished :-)

WOW! Well, we were up yesterday at 4am, left the house by 5 for the 3 hour drive to the PS office. Arrived perfectly for our 8:30 appointment. Sat with Carol (amazing nurse) She went over paperwork and instructions etc and she gave me my anti-nausea pill and half a percocet (Im a terrible puker after surgery so she said half would be better) She told my hubby to take off and pick me up between 11-1130 (I was shocked it would be that fast yay!) She whisked me away to an amazingly comfy hospital like bed with a duvet and the whole room was just comforting and beautiful. She gave me a gown and some thick comfy socks to change into and then she started my IV. I waited a short time and was met by the anaesthesiologist and then was walked into the OR. Dr Perron marked me and measured me again, and confirmed the size and that was the last I saw of him. The OR table was amazing, looked like a high-tech massage bed, there was padding on it and I was covered with warm blankets and a duvet! This felt like the Hilton! I was given meds through IV...no gas mask only oxygen and it was easy peasy! I HATE when they say count down from 10. I didnt have time to panic, and I appreciated that :-)
I awoke amazingly peacefully, the only thing that hurt was my upper lip where he taped the breathing tube rubbed my lip terrible, the nurse noticed it too but what can you do. I remember her telling me to sleep for a little while longer and to quit peeking down my gown! lol
It wasn't very long and she was back and removed my IV, and then brought me a warm cup of tea with honey in it, a glass of water and a fresh berry salad. I ate it all. I was not sick, nauseated, confused, in pain or anything. I felt like I was at a resort!
Not long after this Carol got me up, I went to the washroom, and she dressed me and I was off! It was literally THAT easy. I cannot say enough about this surgical suite and the nurses and staff. FANFRICKENTASTIC!! (thats a word right? lol)
And so we began our 3 hour drive home. We stopped at Booster juice and that really hit the spot. For reference I left the surgical suite at 11:30 and took my first Advil around 1:00 as a precaution. I am on zero narcotics, simply Advil 200 liquicaps (yes regular strength!) . I am taking ONE advil every 5 hours, its honestly amazing to me compared to the first surgery. Anaesthetic has changed a lot because my first surgery I puked and puked and puked, it was horrible! Ok, Im rambling! SO last night I slept propped up a bit and was uncomfortable as I am a side sleeper but I slept ok. This morning, its 11:30am and I have taken one advil so far. I went for a short slow walk with my kids and I did have some light chest tightness but I want to remain mobile. I am drinking A LOT of water to help beat the bloat and I honestly am not swollen anywhere except my boobs and I am not even exactly sure how swollen they are. Pictures at this point wont help, I will post some tomorrow night because right now I am in the underwire bra I have to wear for 2 weeks day and night and it has gauze packed in the front which they said to leave until Sunday when I shower so I am listening to them. I had periareolar incision so have the tapes front and centre and I havent even had a good look at them yet... they are perkier, I do love the projection they almost look too big! They are spaced farther apart and I will have some side boob finally! I absolutely love Dr Perron and would highly recommend him to anyone. I tried to be thorough here but if anyone has any questions, feel free to comment! And I will post pics asap! :-)
Oh and most importantly : Allergan High Profile silicone 450cc I think they are going to be perfect!


It's great to hear that you felt so well right after surgery! My experience was the same and I felt so grateful for that after hearing about how badly some of the poor ladies on here have felt. Can't wait to see some pics tomorrow :)
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Day 1 post op

This is my surgical bra I have to wear for 2 weeks day& night. I think I am going to be reallly happy when things settle.


Congrats! They look like the perfect size.
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Thanks! I am really excited to see what the final result is. They still need to drop and settle, but what a difference from saline already!!
I know right!! That's how I feel. :-)

Holy Belly Batman!

I only have time for a quick update but I thought it was worth noting! I was not swollen very much post op until day 3! Then oh LORD! My tummy looked like it was smuggling twins! (I told my husband maybe the Dr put my old implants in my tummy! lol) This was soo hard on my mental state because not only do your breasts look smaller when your tummy sticks out, but then you feel terribly about your body. I did read on another amazing forum site that this was normal and would go away in a few days, but it is a mental roller coaster. I have been spot on for my nutrition and calories since my surgery day (even though my hunger has been increased) and that was reassurance as well that it was not me it was fluid moving out of me! I also was very plugged up after surgery which is something I have never had to deal with. I did take metamucil on Monday, then a half of an Exlax yesterday morning and another half yesterday before bed and this morning I am feeling and looking WAY better. A lot of information: but I wish I would have been mentally prepared for this more, so hopefully this will help other women in the same boat or prepping for surgery. Other than that I am feeling great, havent even taken an advil since yesterday morning at 7am (advil 200mg). I will post pics soon however it so hard because my incision is around the nipple so I still have tape on: once the tape is off I will share :-) Hope everyone else is doing fantastic! xo


I am looking at getting my 12 yr old saline implants replaced as well due to CC. They are under the muscle. Did any of you that had revisions come home with drains? My PS told me that he wanted to replace my saline with silicone, take out all the capsules, put in drains for at least 10 days, and put me on heavy duty antibiotics. Still contemplating going through this again. It was so hard mentally when I had my original BA in '02. They never did get soft and I developed CC right away. Had 2 additional surgeries within the first yr to try and correct, but they were failures. been living with hard breasts ever since.
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Thanks for sharing your journey with us! I can understand how you feel and how big of a decision it is for you! I read your profile and will be following your journey! I also read something about breast feeding and bacteria which can cause/aggravate cc so this may have been a factor in how your developed so quickly and severely . I would certainly get another PS opinion and compare what each one says. You could also ask a PS on this site and submit pics for additional support HOWEVER I must admit you have to take those opinions as just that "opinions" One of the doctors replies upset me and made me second guess my revision and he was completely wrong (thank God) ! In the end it is ALL about how much you trust your PS so my hope for you is that you find one with elite credentials and one that you trust completely, because once you find that you will feel completely set and at peace with whatever decision you make :-) I hope you will continue to share your progress and these amazing women on this site will help you through it all. We have all been in that place of second guessing, doubt, fear, and even regret, and it feels so much better to go through it with people who understand the journey! Hugs!
Thanks so much! Really happy to have found this site and read everyone's stories and journey's. I'm looking forward to seeing what the other PS says on Monday.
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