Juvederm/Botox Tear Troughs- 11s- NL Folds- Chin Line - Alabama, AL

I'm so glad I did had this done! As you can tell...

I'm so glad I did had this done! As you can tell by the before photo, I had lost quite a lot of volume in my face due to weight loss and age... I always looked sad and tired.. I wanted to do something other than surgery..(not that brave yet) That's when I decided to go for the Juverderm and Botox..It has been 7 days and I'm loving it! I had numbing cream applied about 30 minutes before the injections...It was easy and almost pain free..The first day I could feel it under the skin...It felt a little tight and hard...The 2nd day....I had some small bruising,slight swelling and soreness,nothing bad...Today,6 days later, I still have a few yellowish bruises (almost gone completely) The Botox was for the 11s and crows feet...


You don't need a facelift! You look beautiful.
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Thank you! Just updated my photo. I have no bruises or bumps, everything is smooth. Still very pleased with results. I will definitely keep this up OR have a facelift.....No way am I going back to flat face. LOL
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im really thinking t having this treatment . thanks for your help ..chin up all the way love x
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