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Last year I had voluma ( 2ml) to assist with...

Last year I had voluma ( 2ml) to assist with volume loss in this area. The injector used a cannula and it was fabulous!! Everyone I knew commented on the improvement it had made to my appearance. I did a 1 ml top up after about 10 months and went back to have 2 ml again ( voluma) recently. This time even though the injector knew and I told her I loved the lift previously (using cannula and concentrating on the upper area), this time she didn't use the cannula and gave me high cheekbones. Basically it was a huge watse of money and has further accentuated my deep set eyes and not one person has noticed (except to say I look a bit tired). I already had high cheek bones!! and I didnt want voluma for this purpose. What concerns me is I trusted the injector and question now if the procedure was changed , knowing full well I would come back to have tear trough filler. ( with the last treatment I didnt need tear trough filler after the voluma 2ml).
The product is great but be careful with the procedures specifics. ( I'm not going back to that injector even though I think she is a good injector)
Whoops spelt Karen's last name wrong it is Karen Sklifoff, she is worth every cent !!!!
If you are having to redo the filler annually along with a partial "top up" this product is not lasting the 2 years that Allegan claims it will

Thank you for sharing your experience on RealSelf! Did you speak with your injector about your dissatisfaction with your results?

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