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Accutane is Life Changing (Age 15) - Texas

I am 15. I started getting acne in 5th grade and...

I am 15. I started getting acne in 5th grade and it got more and more severe. I became afraid of getting scarring and my acne was getting very bad.

All i can say about this product is that it never effected me negatively besides drying me out, but it worked wonderfully. i was soooo afraid of starting it but everytime i had to get my blood taken or take another pill, i would just picture my skin clear again. i took 30mg for 7 months and never get any acne!! i have a little bit of scarring but not anything too bad.

im sooo glad i took Accutane. and i know its cheesy but it seriously boosted my self esteem and changed my life. i actually get compliments on my skin now! i almost cried when i went to the MAC cosmetics store and she said "you dont need that much coverage! just use powder because you have gorgeous skin". absolutely amazing medicine and i now have 4 friends on it. all positive results. my advice to you is to try it.

So glad you don't have to wear all that make-up anymore! Your skin looks absolutely beautiful and you look 5-10 years younger than the first picture! Embrace your skin, now... it's amazing :)
Your skin looks amazing. I'm starting accutane in September and i am really scared. I gatherd the information but I still don't feel that it's enough.
Hello. I have a daughter who is 16 and we just got back from the dermatologist today. She's going to start using Accutane in a month, after all the IPledge stuff comes back. Why did you say that you were on it on two different times? How long did you use it? She has tried Doxycycline, Doryx, and Solodyn, combined with Micro Retin-A and still nothing worked. This is our last resort. Just a little worried about the side effects I've read
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He was very persistent in all the right ways and kept me going

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