38 Year Old Mom of One. I Had Panniculectomy Done and I Dont Really Know Why - Abu Dhabi, UAE

I have gone through so many cycles of weight gain...

I have gone through so many cycles of weight gain and weight loss. as a result I ended up with sagging skin. I has so many things going on in my life that I decided to go for a panniculectomy. I dont know whether I did the right thing. only time will show... I completed 7 days post op and I don't see major effects so far.
I had swelling for 6 months, be patient
Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing with us.

Hopefully with time and healing you will begin to see results. You probably have swelling still, which will effect what you see. When is your follow-up with your doctor?
Fay64 I am sure you did what was best for you. The results will take time. I had a panniculectomy 3.5 weeks ago and still am experiencing swelling and until the swelling goes down you may not see the results you were expecting. I hope you are healing well and had a wonderful Christmas!

Day 14 post op

Okay, today is my day 14 post panniculectomy. Things are somehow better. I am still swollen but it is getting better. Yesterday I went to the mall with my daughter but I was not able to walk for more than 20 minutes. My back hurts because I am unable to stand straight until now. I feel my skin is really tight. I am afraid I might rupture my sutures if i attempt to stand straight. my doctor told me that by day 10, i should be able to stand straight. I have an appointment with her next Monday and I will ask her whether this is normal (it may all by psychological!)
One of the liposuction incisions got infected, and I started to apply antibacterial cream to it. I noticed it when I was taking a shower this morning. Let's hope it heals soon.
On a positive note, I started to eat right, and watch my food. I can't wait to start exercising again.
I am taking my weekly progress picture, and I will upload them soon.
Good luck to all realselfers and happy new year.
Sounds like you are doing great. I am sure the standing straight thing is somewhat different for everyone and I am sure it is normal for you! That first outing is very tiresome. I am so glad that you are starting to make positive changes in your diet. I also need to do the same thing. I love using myfitnesspal.com to track calories, measurements, etc.
Thank you Kirsty. My follow up is next Monday. I have a few questions to ask her, especially about the burning sensation under my skin, the swelling, and whether it is okay not to be able to stand straight until now.
Good luck with your follow-up, please let us know how it goes! Those are great questions and I'd love to know her answers.

Day 15

I completed two weeks since my Panni. My abdomen is still swollen. it's a strange feeling. It's not exactly pain, but it's numbness plus a very uncomfortable feeling. when I touch my tummy, it annoys me. I hope that feeling will subside with time.
I am 5.5" and before surgery I was 177 lbs ( I was 132 lbs exactly two years ago! I accept my failure to maintain my weight loss, but I decided to move forward and not kill myself over it) I don't want to check my weight because I am still swollen and I know that the scale will not show any major differnece. I realize that Panni and lipo will not really cause a major weight loss, as much as change my shape. Regardless of what the scales show (planning to weigh myself end of January), I will not feel discouraged. After such a major surgery, I should be motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular exercising and eating right at least 80% of the time.
Removing a part of me still makes me sad.. sometimes, I can't stop wondering that a part of me is buried somewhere I don't know... I know it's weird but... just wanted to write it down and share my feelings with realselfers....
Tomorrow is my second appointment with my doctor....
Will update you soon.
Happy healing everyone.
Fay64 I love you openness. I think that it is very important that we are honest with our selves and feel comfortable sharing things with others who may be having the same feelings but may be scared to share it out of fear for being misunderstood. Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror naked and wonder why I had part of my body cut off, because it isn't pretty in the mirror not that it was pretty before, but I kind of feel chopped up. But I also know how much better I feel that it is gone and that I don't have that flap hitting my legs as I walk and I can actually sit my baby on my lap. And in clothes I look a lot better. I actually put on a pair of jeans for the first time in a couple of years and they were 2 sizes smaller than what I was wearing prior to surgery. I think being honest with ourselves and having the courage to tell others how we are feeling is a very important part of the healing process! I am proud of you for being able to do those things! Sounds like you are doing great, hope your appointment goes well tomorrow.

Day 19 post Panniculectomy

Dear Realselfers... Here's an update.
I saw my PS on day 15, and she was happy with my results. She removed the bandages and I got to see myself in the mirror without the bandages for the first time.. I don't know how to describe my feelings.. The panni is gone and I am happy about that, but the scar is a little high and it is not symmetrical. I am still a little swollen on the sides which may be causing the asymmetry. I also have a minor belly button infection but my PS told me not to worry about it and gave me a topical antibiotic cream to apply daily.
Regarding the pain, it's minimal. I am still a bit sore. I am trying to walk straight, and although I am much better than last week, I still tend to bend when I walk especially if I have been sitting for a while. I also had liposuction of my tummy and my flanks. The area is hypersensitive.. I feel like ants crawling under my skin and it's painful to touch...
I am grateful to God that I am almost back to normal...I want to be as healthy as I can be.. my PS encouraged me to start exercising after 4 weeks. I have started to eat healthy (most of the time)
I have created a small motivational quote and hung it on my fridge where I get to see it everytime I think of binging... it says "Remember your skin.... " It reminds me of what I have been throught. I remain hopeful that after a few months, and with healthy eating and working out, my final results will be good.
Happy healing everyone.
Thank you loriw78. I feel happy reading your success story. to wear clothes and like what we see in the mirror..it's a beautiful feeling. I hope I can experience it soon too. Despite all the pain and discomfort associated with this surgery, I feel I am a new person.. Now I have this motivation to take care of my body and treat it right. I abused my poor body for so many years.. it's about time I treat it right by eating healthy and exercising Thanks again.. you are so inspiring.
Thank you. this gives me hope

Day 25

Yup! it's been 25 days since I had my Panniculectomy. things do get better! My pain is much better. The swelling has improved compared to the first two weeks, but my tummy is still swollen and the swelling gets worse after walking... sometimes it is so bad that I can't sleep. Thank God, it is not that common. My bruises from the liposuction have subsided, but I still feel some pain, numbness and discomfort on my sides and back. My PS reassured me that this is normal.
I was planning to start exercising last week, but I got busy with a NEW JOB! It is a little stressful but I pray to God that things will get easier as I learn how to do things right in the new place.
I promised myself to take care of my body and that's what I am going to do..
Exercise is going to be my priority this year.
Happy healing everyone.
Please update us! I enjoyed reading about your journey. I am 2 weeks post op today. I listed mine procedure under tummy tuck, but I had the Panni as well because I had no muscle repair. I did my surgery awake. I am still swollen and some bruising due to the lipo but it is subsiding. I also have moments on the emotional roller coaster. I look at the picture of what was taken off and it does make me feel a bit sad. I am soooo thankful that I was able to have this surgery because I struggled for years with a tummy that embarrassed me and I detested. NOW, I can see (especially early in the morning) a new, flatter belly. Loriw78, I also enjoyed reading your story. Happy healing everyone!
Dr. Sahar Al Kadhi

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