Trenches and Pockets in Cheek After Juvederm Ultra Plus

I'm36 and had treatment for...

I'm36 and had treatment for "lipo-deficient" cheeks with Juvederm Ultra Plus a week ago. About 1.5 vials in one side and .5 in the other, to make appearance even.

I would say the results were fair except I still swelling in one "pocket" next to left side of mouth (looks like I have something stored there or that skin was grafted on).

Bigger issues are it looks like I have 2 divets in one cheek (and awful brown needle marks still there). That was the cheek that had 1.5 vials. There's a trench-like depression about a pinky wide on my other side. That had half a vial.

I've been hiding my cheeks, which I had no marks or issues with before treatment. Is this common for it to come out so unevenly? Are 2 treatments necessary, or is this stuff always so unpredictable and uneven? I look terrible right now.

Has anyone had this experience the first fill and was it able to be blended when you went back? I had juvederm ultra plus injected in the hollows of my cheeks about a month ago and a trench refilled 2 weeks ago with Restylane (that was the PS decision). Yesterday my entire face swelled up again completely and it won't go down. Is this a delayed allergic response?


Does Hyaluronidase work for the Juvederm Ultra Plus? I have had a lump under my right cheek bone. I didnt want it from beginning but the doctor injected over there both left and right. My intention was i want to be filledy tear through cos of wrinkles. But doctor injected at cheek bone too without telling mee. This both cheek bone is quite big. I prefer the face before injection. Now is 9 months already after that injection. But it seems like the cheeck bone at both face still big. And the lump under the right cheek bone is not smaller yet. I went to clinic last week for injection Hyaluronidase. But still same nothing change. Really serious. Last 9 months i cried everyday i hate this face lots. My face before is much nicer. Doctor is crazy too cos patient need him to fill tear through but he filled cheek bone too.
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Hello Ladies, all this can easily be dissolved. Go get an injection to dissolve it.
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Under my eyes look terrible too! I am calling my doctor tommorow! I am so mad?
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No way unless he can fix the mess.

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