Smile Distortion After Weir Rhinoplasty

I had rhinoplasty three months ago which involved...

I had rhinoplasty three months ago which involved a weir excision and then the doctor placed permanent sutures in to prevent my nostrils from flaring. My smile has never been the same and my surgeon refues to answer my questions. I am unable to smile widely and when I do,it takes a great effort and looks forced. The skin around my nose is also tight and I feel a tightness in on the inside of the nostrils at the base.

It was a traumatic experience after rhinoplasty. This is not a surgery I would under go again if not needed. I think that anyone who has plastic surgery should consider the risk of having someone alter the one thing they have to look at many times in a day. The face.


I cannot tell who you are from your profile but upon reading your review for the first time, I can only say that I am sorry that you have experienced such tightness. During a Weir excision to reduce the width of your nostrils, a permanent suture is placed in order to prevent additional flaring of the nostrils. Most patients want to prevent this and as a plastic surgeon I want to make all of my patients satisfied.
Unfortunately, such tightness is part of the normal postoperative healing and should dissipate with time. I wonder if yours has softened. If it hasn't, I have divided the suture on a few occasions so that the patient feels less restricted. Otherwise, are you satisfied with the appearance of your nose?
Yours sincerely,
Randal Haworth M.D.
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Hi I have been looking for the right surgoen for a while now to do my Rhinoplasty so please tell me the sergeon who did your sergery so I don't go there. I'm sorry that you are not happy with your results Thanks for sharing.
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Hi Claire,

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