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I obsessed over my under eye bags for about 2...

I obsessed over my under eye bags for about 2 years before I got something done three days ago. I was so worried about all the bad reviews here: the possibility of lumps, discoloration, etc. Finally it got to a point where I had to something rather than nothing and just risk the consequences.

I am only 36 but I absolutely hated going anywhere with any kind of overhead lighting because my eyebags made me look freakishly tired, and well, just plain ugly. Fluorescent lights are the worst, and we have those at work everywhere! I decided not to take any shortcuts so I went to a plastic surgeon and had an initial consultation five months ago. (This shows how hard it was for me to make up my mind!) We discussed lower blepharoplasty and injections and he thought I would be a good candidate for the latter. The actual injections were done by a nurse.

This concerned me a little but she does these all the time and is trained and certified in them so I figured it'd be better to choose experience over a title (RN vs MD). I also had Radiesse put into my cheeks to add more volume and to balance my facial contours (I may post a separate review later).

The nurse took her time and explained every step of what she was doing. She told me injections under eyes almost always result in some bruising but it wasn't actually that bad: I have a little bruise under my left eye and hardly anything under the right one. I am also very pale and bruise easily. The actual physical pain was neglible compared to all the mental anguish I went through before the prodecure. But after she was done I could tell the difference immediately and as of now, 3 days later, my eyes look beautiful: no more eyebags, no lumps, no bumps. I look like myself, only way better.

I wonder if all the bad reviews on this website result from the fact that people come here to find help for botched procedures while excellent results like mine don't get mentioned because there's no need to do anything further about them. I'd say do your research, consider all the options, don't jump into anything out of a whim and work with someone who knows what they are doing.

Now I am just wondering how long this will last but believe me, $425 is not a bad price for feeling this much better, and I will most likely do this again when Juvederm wears off. I have definitely spent that much in creams, lotions, and makeup which did absolutely nothing to the eyebags. I am happy!!

OMG you look amazing
i have the same problem except my eyes are blueish underneath because my skin is so thin underneath my eyes..i had a blepharoplasty and it made only the tiniest difference. i am wanting to do this SO bad but don't know if it will work for me.

do u have any makeup on in those pictures? that is a HUGE difference and u look so amazing

You look great! I have been obsessing with my tear troughs/ dark circles for years now. These pictures serve as an inspiration, I thought there wasn't anything I could do

All you 30, 40, 50 somethings... I am a former model, and am only 26, due to my genetics I have this very hallowing problem. So please don't feel bad. I went to a PS and he turned me down for injections, surgery or anything. He said I was much too young, and my eye bags were so teeny, I needed to wait for them to be more significant! I look terrible under lights, just as much of you have mentioned. My husband tells me I'm just trying to be perfect, but its depressing to feel so ugly because of your under eyes! I am terrified of making my situation worse. My question is, restylane or Juvederm? also, how often do you get yours filled? I had heard that it can last as much as two years, but then others are going in twice a year... maybe its just case by case? Lastly, when it does finally dissipate, will it cause more harm than good? Or will it help? I can't afford to go continually, but I'm hoping that maybe this will last a while and leave me with better results even after it dissipates!
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