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I obsessed over my under eye bags for about 2...

I obsessed over my under eye bags for about 2 years before I got something done three days ago. I was so worried about all the bad reviews here: the possibility of lumps, discoloration, etc. Finally it got to a point where I had to something rather than nothing and just risk the consequences.

I am only 36 but I absolutely hated going anywhere with any kind of overhead lighting because my eyebags made me look freakishly tired, and well, just plain ugly. Fluorescent lights are the worst, and we have those at work everywhere! I decided not to take any shortcuts so I went to a plastic surgeon and had an initial consultation five months ago. (This shows how hard it was for me to make up my mind!) We discussed lower blepharoplasty and injections and he thought I would be a good candidate for the latter. The actual injections were done by a nurse.

This concerned me a little but she does these all the time and is trained and certified in them so I figured it'd be better to choose experience over a title (RN vs MD). I also had Radiesse put into my cheeks to add more volume and to balance my facial contours (I may post a separate review later).

The nurse took her time and explained every step of what she was doing. She told me injections under eyes almost always result in some bruising but it wasn't actually that bad: I have a little bruise under my left eye and hardly anything under the right one. I am also very pale and bruise easily. The actual physical pain was neglible compared to all the mental anguish I went through before the prodecure. But after she was done I could tell the difference immediately and as of now, 3 days later, my eyes look beautiful: no more eyebags, no lumps, no bumps. I look like myself, only way better.

I wonder if all the bad reviews on this website result from the fact that people come here to find help for botched procedures while excellent results like mine don't get mentioned because there's no need to do anything further about them. I'd say do your research, consider all the options, don't jump into anything out of a whim and work with someone who knows what they are doing.

Now I am just wondering how long this will last but believe me, $425 is not a bad price for feeling this much better, and I will most likely do this again when Juvederm wears off. I have definitely spent that much in creams, lotions, and makeup which did absolutely nothing to the eyebags. I am happy!!

Sioux Falls Plastic Surgeon

Beautiful results, totally professional, knows what they are doing.

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OMG you look amazing
i have the same problem except my eyes are blueish underneath because my skin is so thin underneath my eyes..i had a blepharoplasty and it made only the tiniest difference. i am wanting to do this SO bad but don't know if it will work for me.

do u have any makeup on in those pictures? that is a HUGE difference and u look so amazing
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You look great! I have been obsessing with my tear troughs/ dark circles for years now. These pictures serve as an inspiration, I thought there wasn't anything I could do

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All you 30, 40, 50 somethings... I am a former model, and am only 26, due to my genetics I have this very hallowing problem. So please don't feel bad. I went to a PS and he turned me down for injections, surgery or anything. He said I was much too young, and my eye bags were so teeny, I needed to wait for them to be more significant! I look terrible under lights, just as much of you have mentioned. My husband tells me I'm just trying to be perfect, but its depressing to feel so ugly because of your under eyes! I am terrified of making my situation worse. My question is, restylane or Juvederm? also, how often do you get yours filled? I had heard that it can last as much as two years, but then others are going in twice a year... maybe its just case by case? Lastly, when it does finally dissipate, will it cause more harm than good? Or will it help? I can't afford to go continually, but I'm hoping that maybe this will last a while and leave me with better results even after it dissipates!
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I'm like you! Even though I am now REALLY REALLY OLD, by BFs are 23!! They haven't a clue because I have been really good looking my whole life. So I started they eye aging late. I'm like you I dont' trust all this and do want to make it worse, since I'm still pretty. But now being old It would be really easy to make me look bad!!! hahahahaha!

ppl with restalyn get it once or twice a year. one lady didn't need it for two years. it's individual...
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do you know anything about Juvederm? I'm so confused because some PS are saying absolutely Restylane and some say Juvederm!! I don't even look at ME anymore, all I see are under eye bags! Its just sad! Its not for others, because I get hit on all the time, I know I'm not unattractive, but for ME, my want and need for perfection, I want it corrected so I can see ME again! :(
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ya it's pretty funny cuz i get more guyz than the 20 something girls! I'm always trying to hide my id. I'm saying I am really old but my looks are out of the world i'm so lucky. If u feel it now you will in 20 years too so u mite as well figure it out!! I have researched that it should be restalyn. I want to do it, but like u i am chicken. juvaderm is wrong!!! I am trying to see docs who have a gizzilion before and after pics. The doc i saw was an older lady and she had and looked amazing. the problem is I don't believe anyone!!!
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I just read your post and like you I am young and did a bit of modeling (am 30 now, got my first filler at 25 due to what sounds like the exact similar thing you are talking about). If you're in the AZ location, there is a great female doctor, Dr. Hooker (i know, i know, the name is funny :)) that works at NLI in Scottsdale: see website: nationallaserinstitutecom This institute is a "school" as well, so just make sure you request the Dr. to do it in a one-on-one session with you (obviously you don't want students doing this, and the Dr. herself is an expert) - injecting the filler right is an "art", she knows what she's doing and won't mess up your pretty young face! Plus she will answer any/all questions you have about this. Best of luck, xo!
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Never do this Gilbert! The cost of getting rid of it is quadrouple what you will pay to get it. This is a terrible idea and your PS was right for saying no! I wish MWWC would have told me the same thing!
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LOL! Just be sure you do your (online) research when it comes to trusted injectors in your area. Ask friends if they can recommend anyone and ask a trusted physician of yours for people they would recommend. I know what you mean. I was constantly being told how tired I looked (i.e., OLD) and I'd had enough. At 41 - that's just not cutting it. I love the difference I see now, regardless of the experience I had with the Dr. I will definitely use someone else next time. If your looks makes you that unhappy - I say go for it! I'm sure you're lovely as it is now, though - we're always our worst critic. But if the thought & fear of the procedure makes you that uneasy - which is totally understandable - you have a really tough decision to make. The key is to be crystal clear beforehand with whomever you choose to do the procedure & ask to see before & after pics of clients they've done similar work on in the past. Best of luck!
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JAYSUS!!! Thank the lord you are happy now and not maimed for life! Yes I have recesses under the eye sort of a loss of volume that makes me feel depressed and ugly. If only I could get the thing I want done and not be paranoid of getting worse off from the start????? I just want the recess filled in.

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Hi Artemis - I think I just had an unfortunate experience. Basically, the surgeon did not listen to what I wanted and did what HE wanted to do. I went back yesterday and he filled the entire lower lid and although it's still puffy, I can tell I'll finally have the result I wanted to begin with. Too bad it cost me an additional $500 I wasn't prepared for & he never did admit to any misuderstanding on his part. I think most people can generally see their results last for about a year, from what I've read. It certainly wasn't painless, in my experoence, but I've been through worse. lol! What we do for beauty. Geez. Always make sure you're crystal clear with the doc performing any procedure on you and ask questions until you're comfortable! Good luck!
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So the scoop is now that you like the results you will have to return 2 times a year to keep it up???

thanks for any info!! I guess it's depressing to think you have to keep returning....

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Thanks for sharing your experience. Your after pics are wonderful - you look lovely and well over 10 years younger! I had the EXACT same procedures done last week by a plastic surgeon. Honestly, I am more happy with the Radiesse in the cheek and nasolabial fold area, than I am with the Juvederm under the eyes. I do see a difference, but the Dr. only injected the inner parts of the lower eyelids(considered the tear troughs) and not all the way across the lower lid (from inner to outer corner of eye). So now the inner 1/2 looks much improved, but the outer 1/2 that wasn't treated looks even more hollow and noticeable. I was very clear with the Dr. beforehand as to what I wanted, & I never mentioned just doing the "tear trough" area, so not sure what went wrong.

Question: Were you injected all across the lower eye, or just toward the inner eye/nose area? Also, can you tell me how many Juvederm syringes were used for your lower lids? I spoke to the Dr. about my issue after the procedure and of course, will need to go in for another syringe to get the outcome I wanted in the 1st place. He did not admit to any misunderstanding, etc., but did offer to take $50 off the price of the additional syringe, but it will still be another $500 I wasn't prepared to spend. Very frustrating, to say the least. Other than that, he did an excellent job and I had absolutely NO bruising from the Juvederm or Radiesse and I will definitely do it again when it's time! Thanks!
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You look GREAT!
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I get Juvederm injections regularly in my lips and am scheduled to have undereye filler soon! You look fantastic and I hope my eyes turn out as great!
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Thanks for all the comments. Sorry it's been so long I've been here. I had this same thing done again in October 2010 so it's been about 5.5 months since my 2nd time. Had 2 syringes of Juvederm, no Radiesse on cheeks (didn't feel it necessary this time). Right now I can see some lines returning esp on the lateral side (by the outer eye) but it still looks better than without anything. Yes, the nurse who did this injected deep under the muscle as well. I was also very concerned about blindness before I did this but they reassured me it wouldn't be a concern - I forget the reasons why, though! (not very helpful, sorry) I should post some recent pictures... let me see if I can find anything.
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Did I write you already?? How do you feel now about it? Are you going back for touchups?? I was wondering long term how people are handling these treatments.

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Wow Wow WOW! It's like it took 10 years off instantly!! Amazing results. How many days was it before your bruising cleared up? I'd love to go get this done, but as many have stated I've booked and backed out on a couple of occasions. I'd like to know swelling/bruising downtime as I'm headed home for Xmas and don't want to look like I went a few rounds with Mike Tyson in holiday pictures.
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Wow, you look fab. I did not even know you could put it there.
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Hi i actually had resty not juvy and could not be happier, no more dark circles. The nurse injected deep under the muscle, did not hurt at all. Was a little swollen for a week but after that all was fine. I have some before and after shots but dont know how to upload them to this site ??
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Can you plz tell me what technique the nurse used on you? Did she inject deep, below the muscle? I had a bad experience with Restalyne. A Dermo injected it deep and it went right beneath my eyes and created bags! I'm wondering if Juvederm is better for under eye hollows, but I see more people using Rest for this. Looking forward to hearing from you.
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Restylane and juvederm are essentially the same substance. When the injector is not careful they can easily deposit too much product. If you feel the derm "created" bags under your eyes you can ask him to dissolve it.
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I had Juvaderm done 3 days ago around my mouth , chin and nasal folds ( mainly very deep smile lines). I am 52 and never had anything done prior to this but am extremely pleased with the results . Over the years my lips had became much thinner and were almost a straight line , sometimes even tipping downwards when tired.I was hesitant to let the technician work on my lips because I wanted them to look natural not blown up .I am so glad now that I let her do it , she was able to slightly pull the corners back up and give them a subtle plumpness and they look natural and fantastic!She was also very careful about making sure to keep my lips in their natural shape. I had 2 very deep smile lines in my chin that are barely noticeable now and the deep smile lines around my mouth are practically gone . I didn't have her inject all of my wrinkles around my smile ,just the most obvious ones and I am ecstatic with the results.I too have some bruising from the injections but it is fading a little everyday . I did notice that after every injection she would smooth it out before doing another injection which may help with the lumps some people describe. She also suggested the Arnica gel for bruising but I opted to not use it, just the ice packet they give you. Anyways, the results for me were great , instantaneous and well worth it . I will try to post some pictures soon .
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Had it done, did not hurt and saw instant results. Still swollen but aleady so happy. She used Resty not Javederm.
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I have just had Juvaderm around the mouth yesterday. Was considering to have it under the eyes as well, but thought I would wait and see how effective it was first. Then last night in the UK, there was a documentary on TV about facial fillers and all the things that can go wrong. Talk about bad timing! Glad you are pleased with your results anyway
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