Nose Implant I Didn't Ask for - Need Help! Don't Want Another Surgery

Hello! I am a 19 year old male. I had rhinoplasty...

Hello! I am a 19 year old male. I had rhinoplasty when I was 16 years old. I regret it now and think it was the worst mistake of my life. I was too immature at the time and I really didn’t think about the consequences that could come from doing something so big to my face. I had just been seriously made fun of my whole life for my looks and I felt my big nose was the only thing I could control.

There is no way I would ever have done it at this point in my life but it’s too late for that now. I just wish the doctor requested to send me for pshyciotrist to see if I was a good candidate. Because I think I suffer from body dysmorphic disorder but I probably would have said anything at the time to get the surgery anyways. I know now that I wasn’t a bad looking kid and yes I had a big nose but it wasn’t anything to be ashamed of and yea it would have bothered me but I would give anything to be myself again and learn to love my real nose. But yes like I said it’s too late now.

After I had my rhinoplasty to be honest I noticed my nose looked crooked and I wasn’t too happy with it. I was so young and immature at the time I didn’t go to the follow up after the surgery. I got really depressed and got heavy into drugs. And this last for years. My nose wasn’t at all like the picture he showed me but it look a lot better than it does now and I’d rather have that nose than what I have now.

Since then though I had gotten in a fight and I was punched in the nose but my nose barely bled. I notice a change in my nose though and I basically totally broke down for a year and didn’t even get out of bed. My drug habit got really bad to the point I was hospitalized. At that time I didn’t think the doctor had put a implant in my nose but now I believe he did do to the problems I am suffering from now.

I told him when I was in his office when he was telling me that I need a chin implant to. Which I thank god I decided not to get. I told him I did not want any plastic in my face. And he never told me he was putting an implant in my nose. He specifically told me he was going to reshape my nose and bring up my droopy tip. He said I had a droopy tip like an old man and that he was going to bring it up. So I was never informed that he was going to put an implant in my nose and if I would have been I would have never gone through with it. Just the thought of having something artificial in my face freaks me out. Which makes this so much worse for me to find out I have it in there now.

I’m about 99% positive I have an implant in my nose. It feels real hard on the tip I can’t push it like a normal cartilage nose. Well anyways after the fight my nose just looked different. So I just tried my best to learn to lose it and deal with the way it looked. Because I never wanted to have another surgery again. Well now my nose is really bothering me inside and has for a long while now. It feels like the implant inside is really tight in the skin. I can see something inside the skin when I look inside my nose pushing against the skin. My nose just feels awkward and itches and the skin just feels tight inside and uncomfortable. Also the outside of my nose has also changed. The skin doesn’t look smooth anymore like before I got rhinoplasty it looks red. And it almost looks like I can see where the implant is pushing tighter on some parts of my nose. It’s not only the looks that bother me now. It’s really irritating and my nose feels so uncomfortable all the time. It’s driving me crazy and to be honest I am very suicidal right now. I NEED HELP!!!!

I just want to live a normal life and not end up like Michael Jackson. I just want to be done with surgeries and just focus on what young people my age focus on. This is controlling my life.

I just want my nose to feel comfortable and not itch all the time. I want it to stop changing and the skin to look smooth and not red and unnatural. Is there anything I can do!!! God I don’t want to get another surgery. I don’t know what I’d do if they messed up again but I also don’t want to have something wrong with it my whole life. But I’m so afraid of surgery. And also I have no money at all.

From my experience there are no pros to getting rhinoplasty. Im sure some people are happy but Im just miserable and feel it was the worst mistake of my life and there is not a day that goes by that I dont want to almost die when i look in the mirror. I did it because i was young and just so tired of being made fun of. What really hurt me is when a family member told me i got the worst genes of the family. But I feel i wasnt a bad looking a guy i just had strong nose and i would never change myself if i could go back knowing what i know now. I dont recomend surgery. If you can learn to love yourself just to it. I expecialy dont recomend any implants there unatural and for my case uncomfortable and annoying and will drive you crazy.

M sorry hearing this. Have silliar experiences. These surgeons are interested in getting our money...
im goin through the same.. u wanna talk on msn?
It truly hurt my heart to read your posting and I wish all of the best for you as you search for answers. While I cannot offer any advice for your uncomfortableness, I do urge you to reach out to someone whom you trust in your community that you can speak to about the extreme emotions that you are feeling right now. I know what it is like to feel like you are at the end of your rope and to just not care if tomorrow ever comes, but PLEASE, PLEASE know that, as horrible as you feel now, it WILL get better eventually, I promise. Life is full of ups and downs, but there is always an up. I can tell that you are a wonderful person just from what you wrote, so I am sure that there are people around you that see that, too. There must be someone (at your church, school, in your family or friends) that would listen and support you. If there isn't, there are hotlines that you can call, such as 1-800-suicide (I just googled it, there must be others, too). For your nose, maybe there is a free clinic in your area where you can get medical advisement. Your local homeless shelter could probably give you a list. I wish the best for you in your search for medical and personal answers. Take Care.

I have two questions. Can anyone tell me what they...

I have two questions. Can anyone tell me what they thing is going on with the symptoms I’ve mentioned? And also if I have an implant in my nose can I have it removed or would I need to have something in there to hold it up?
LJ, please don't give up. Even though what you are going through is traumatic, you will get through this. I know that nothing is more frustrating than when the people you thought you could emotionally support you abandon you in such a crisis. However, as you see, you are not alone, so I hope you take comfort in this. I would encourage you to seek counseling first and foremost and to find the will to live no matter what the outcome. With hope in your heart go on with life, then I would tackle the issue of getting it corrected by a more reputable surgeon. Do not hesitate to take your complaints to every government and medical board of certified plastic surgeons who will listen. Speak to someone in legal to see what your rights are. At the very least, prevent the butcher of Seville from doing it again to someone else. I have seen posts of others who have had botched surgeries who, after going to a more reputable doctor, have had the nose corrected considerably, so I hope you don't give up. Godspeed to all.
I am experiencing the same thing as you. I too am contemplating suicide. I try to explain to my family how traumatic my experience is, but they think it's crazy to feel this way over a nose. I've lost the last 12 years of my life and will do anything to feel good about myself again. Have any of you gotten help? If so, I'd like to know as I'm severly desperate to stop feeling this way.
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Dont ever go here. He really doesnt care. He is about a quick buck. I was just a kid and he didnt once try to tell me just try to grow into it. He actualy told me I had an old man nose and also a small chin and I didnt even go in for that. I was only 16 and he basically saw me as dollar signs. Im not saying hes all to blame my parents had a role to but definately i would never recomend him to anyone. I have since gone and talk to other docters and they just seem to care more and they dont point out more of your flaws and try to sell things to add to your face. He takes advantage of people that already feel like shit and tells them more things that are wrong with them. Go to a plastic surgeon who cares because this guy doesnt. I hope someon read this and I hope I stopped someone from going to him. That makes this worth it. Goodluck. and before you change yourself try to love yourself.

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