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My Nose Has Turned and the Nostrils Are Two Different Sizes After Rhinoplasy!

I had Rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago to remove a bump on...

I had Rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago to remove a bump on my nose and to straighten the nose out. The Surgeon said he might also reduce the size of nostrils. I think he over corrected my nose it's so short, the nostrils are two different sizes and shapes and my nose is turned to the left (b4 surgery it was turned to the right). I look like a pig after 6 weeks. It looks horrifying. I"m in tears everyday because of this. I would have my original nose back any day. What should I do? What should I ask the surgeon, every time I bring it up to him he says the nose looks fine. Take a look?

How can my nose be fixed now? I know I need to wait a year, but What options do I have for revision???

Should I allow the same doctor do it again?

How are you doing now?? If after the year things are still the same or worst. You should get your money back and consult a revision specialist...

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mariacos82 - I highly doubt that it was Grigoryants. He does not charge anywhere near 16K. This user noted that he/she paid 16K for the procedure.
Having exactly the same problem 4 weeks post op. One nostril looks like its collapsed!!!! Really upset about it to. Wait for the swelling to go down though before you make any more decisions about surgary. From the amount of replys apparently this is quite common because of swelling. Good luck and hopefully in a few weeks we'll both have the results we want.
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I wanted something natural and I had very realistic expectations. I didn't want a barbie nose or anyone's nose but my own. I just wanted my nose improved and now my nose is deformed!!! I wanted a bump taken out and the nose straightened. Now I have a snout, one large nostril, one small, one nostril turned up and short while the other is round and pulled down.

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