Crooked Columella and Uneven Nostrils

I recently had rhinoplasty done (June 16th). My...

I recently had rhinoplasty done (June 16th). My nose was very wide and lacked definition. As time passes, my nostrils appear to be uneven. The left nostril appears to drop/stretch lower than the right one.

The columella appears to be folding over to the right. Also, the swelling has gone down tremendously, but it's like you still can see straight up my nostrils. I did not have this problem before the surgery. I go back to the doctor Monday to have the remaining tape removed from my nose (I took it upon myself yesterday to remove one strip from the tip because it started coming up). I have a great doctor and I am praying for the best.

Any advice would be greatly appreaciated.

Although its not the perfect nose, it improved my appearance tremendously. Having a big wide flared nose made me very unattractive. Now I am told ALL the time how beautiful I am:0) Honestly, I never got that before. LOL!!!! (Due to privacy, I will not post a pic.)
How are you doing now?? I would also like to know your doctors name, since i am considering rhinoplasty.

Best wishes,
So how did your nose turned out? I had rhinoseptoplasty 2 wks ago and still have swelling, mostly on the left side of my nose. I had a fractured nose fixed, dorsal hump removed, a deviated septum fixed, and some minor improvements done. It was a closed reduction. my surgeon said my nose is perfectly straight. I noticed that the columella goes to the left now. I was wondering if the swelling is pulling it temporarily to the left (which is the swollen side) or if it "went crooked" after he fixed the other stuff...if it has to be this way to make the rest of the nose right, or if it is messed up now. Luckily it's an angle no one else really notices lol. I'm hoping it is just from the swelling. I think there are some stitches in the front corner of that side that are pulling too (there is crusting and pain in there that feels like some stitches haven't dissolved yet). If anyone can relate to this or has info would love to hear from you! Googling in the meantime!
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I highly recommend this doctor. He is very knowledgeable, has a great personality, and really made the experience personable. Really and truly praying that with time my nose will look 99.9% better. Just want second opinions.

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