Columellar Fullness and Bulges Under Nostrils Upon Smiling

I had open rhinoplaty 4 wks ago and so far have...

I had open rhinoplaty 4 wks ago and so far have poor results. I had a dorsal bump and a drooping nasal tip. Post op my dorsal hump is still there and my tip has been raised very high.

My concerns are that the columella is so full and the strut graft appears to be attached too low inferiorly. I also have a crease above my upper lip when I try to smile (because the skin where the strut is is so immobile) and on lateral view when I smile there are 2 very large bulges that form under each nostril.

Will this eventually go away with time? Will the columellar fullness decrease or is it the strut making it full?

I have the crease and it has been 3 years since rhinoplasty. I am worried about getting revision because the first surgery did so much damage. I don't know if the septi muscle was released or nasal spine removed, but it looks just horrible.
Hi. I'm having the same issue. I just got a rhinoplasty done 3 months ago and I have a really deep crease under my nose on my upper lip. Did yours ever go away??? I'm nervous this is permanent.
Malian Mine has not gone away. If they put a graft right there it may not. Ask for doctor for specifics. Good luck and keep me posted.
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