Asymmetry of Nostrils After Surgery Has Me Concerned

I had rhinoplasty on Jun 11th 2009. I am having...

I had rhinoplasty on Jun 11th 2009. I am having concern with the asymmetry of my nostrils and swelling of the tip. I had wanted some work to the tip done and the slight bump on the bridge taken down. I know that they say it takes time for the swelling to go down to judge anything, but it appears there is a weird crease in my right nostril or something and the tip is still really round. When does the bulbous tip go down? Anyone else with crease in nostril?


Has time improved the appearance of your nose?
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Hi! I also had surgery on 7/10. I am still horrified at how upturned my nose is. Ugh!!! Help!! I am so self-concious. The nostrils appear to be going straight up. The swelling in the collumna is still there and numb. The nurse says that once the swelling goes down, my nostrils should. Has anyone heard that? The upturned nose also has me very worried my bridge is too small (my Dr changed my profile which I specifically did not want). I am regretting this everyday and can't stay off the Internet.
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