Six Rhinoplasties and Still in Need of Revision. Is There Any Hope?

Noes was wide originally. I wanted a more refined...

Noes was wide originally. I wanted a more refined tip with a visible bridge.What I got was nose like an anteater, one long piece of cartilage.

I have had 6 rhinoplasties in a 10 year span. I am a black woman who used a white doctor. the results have been horrific. I can not tell you the emotional distress these surgeries have caused me. after each surgery the doctor would tell me that "you are really, really swollen." I have a blubish tip with no bridge and no shape or structure to my nose. My last surgery was 10/19/09 and it is just as bad as all of the rest of them and I am now really depressed and emotionally bankrupt.

I don't know if there is any help for me. after six surgery is there a possible chance of redemption?


I strongly believe that good can come out of bad.i mean is not the end of the world or road for are so alive you could share your own story by yourself. That's so positive! Anyway , I had a bad nose job in may and I 've already met a surgeon who will do my reversion in December because the nose is pinched/ no alteration since then. I've been like on/ off mood. Dr kofi boahene is the doctor for me despite one bad review on him on real-self.i trust him to give me my smiles back and he 'll do that with the help of GOD.There're other doctors such as Dr Sam ritz/dr nettle. Goodluck in whatever decision you may take but I advise you to be more spiritual / prayerful so that GOD will enable any chosen surgeon to give a nose that fits your face.i'll always remember you in my daily prayers.GOD blesses!
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Don't buy into a "rib specialist". Look very closely at the dovtor's aesthetic taste, Dr. Andrew Frankel, Dr. Le, Dr Azizzadeh, Dr. Ghavami, Drs Soleimani and Litner all do natural looking noses. Some of the other "rib experts" make cruder, underprojected noses with out natural refinement. Make sure you are on the same page.
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By rib specialist, I mean doctors who only recommend rib when there are other choices available. The main recommendation is many rhino specialists are technically excellent but you need to make sure they share the same aesthetic taste in noses. Insist on photos of cases similar to yours- not just their website photos. A great doctor should have 100s of photos available
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I have had six surgeries and each one is worse than the previous.

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