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Dark Spot After Juvaderm Ultra Plus in Marionette Lines

Pro:fastCon:not happy with results, at least not...


Con:not happy with results, at least not yet- worried about this dark spot/(hopefully a bruise) didn't give me the seamless look I was hoping for on one side and it was expensive, too

Why:wanted to look younger

Hi I had Juvaderm ultra plus placed into my laugh...

Hi I had Juvaderm ultra plus placed into my laugh lines/marionette two days ago and now on one side, it looks like there is a dark bluish spot. I hope to God that this is just a bruise and will go away asap. I am freaked out that it is some indent/shadow or something that will be permanent (or last a long time). It worries me b/c it seems worse, and not better, but maybe that's just the healing process of a bruise..I am new to this, so your feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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Don't like the results...hopefully I will soon if this is just a bruise and goes away and not some permanent/long lasting dark area...

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It probably is a bruise...If it's there in a couple of weeks, ask your plastic surgeon for cover up.....
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Blue raised area gone....took a while, but everything back to normal now....
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I had Juvederm injections for lip enhancement, frown lines and nasolabial folds. I am very unhappy with the lumpy outcome of my lips which don't look any fuller,and the bruising on the left side of my face as well as the permanent hemosiderin stain under my lip. I feel like I spent a lot of money to come out looking uglier. I did not have this problem with collagen several years ago which left my face smooth for six months. I saw my frown lines begin to reappear after six days with Juvederm.
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I don't want to scare you, but I had Juvederm injections about 7 months ago and my PS had a little left after filling some facial lines, so he put it under my eyes...just a little, but I still have a raised blue 1/2 inch area under one eye....I'm hoping when the good affects of Juvederm wear off,the blue area will too..... never again under the eye. I'm using a concealer that does a pretty good job......Good Luck
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Did the blue ever fade away. Ihad juvderem injections in January 09 under my eyes.It has almost been a year and i still have a little bit of juvderm under my right eye.Both of my eyes have a dark bluish color underneath them. They are fading but not quick enough. What kind of concealer do you use?
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It's called CoverBlend by Exuviance....a multi-function concealer in medium...(I'm light, but you put it on with your ring finger and just dab it)....Still have the raised area...hoping it goes away soon.....
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Thank you..
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Recently got had juvederm placed in my marionette lines. Now I have a flat place thats discolored. I also have a new fold between the flat part and the corner of my lip. Wanted to look younger but the lower part of my face look older. Any solutions?
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Update: It was just a bruise and the results look better now. Thank you!
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Sounds like a deep bruise. Use cool compresses, arinca gel, bromlein tabs, and 'time' Regards and be patient Dr. Darryl J. Blinski - MIAMI
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Hi wonderingabout...,

Sorry to hear your recent Juvederm injections have got you worried!

Doctors on RealSelf have answered LOTS of questions about bruising and Juvederm. You might find some helpful information if you review these FAQs:

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bruising from juvederm can last as long as 2 weeks. Don't worry, all bruising resolves with time. Use arnica gel on it 3 times a day to help it go faster.
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