My Rhinoplasty Experience - I Can Finally Breathe

Pros: Nose is now a uniform shape(no huge hump) ...

Pros: Nose is now a uniform shape(no huge hump)
Can finally breath and are not congested
Makes a immediate difference aesthetically

Cons: full recovery time takes a few months, as with most procedures
Nothing much else in my situation.

I Had this procedure done because I had a deviated septum and a Huge hump on my nose form some type of trauma.

Now that its been done and 2 months later i have a straight nose (no hump) improved breathing, and more appealing profile. It was all Win/win for me. Even the surgery and recovery phase was easier than expected.

West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon

Doctor was well informed and very passionate about the work he wanted to do, and it shows in the job he did while initial impressions were almost spot on with the results. Is readily available after surgery for any problems or issues and overall a great experience with this doctor.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Hi, I have a similar problem like you. Breathing is my main concern and the bump on my nose comes second. Could you tell me, what exactly has been done in regards to improve breathing. My septum has been fixed 15 years ago but I still have same problems. Dr. now wants to reduce the turbinates. Why where the costs just $100? Maybe you can give me some tips. Thanks a lot in advance.
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