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I had Juvederm Ultra injected under my eyes one...

I had Juvederm Ultra injected under my eyes one week ago to correct tear troughs that had been bugging me for years. The doc injected 0.2ml of Juvederm 3 under each eye (used 0.4ml in total).

He used an anesthetic cream and there was no pain. I am very happy with the results. Lo and behold I can even wear eye makeup again!! Before the treatment I had very noticeable bags, now my eyes look much better.

Not sure how long the results will last but at the moment I have found this to be a subtle but satisfactory improvement to my eye area. My only complaint is that he could have injected a bit more! Unfortunately the new Juvederm Ultra 2 and 3 (4 is not recommended for tear troughs) come in 0.55ml syringes, so if I want more dramatic results the doc will have to crack open another syringe which means more money. In fact the doc recommended Juvederm Ultra 3 for the tear troughs and then Juvederm Ultra 4 for cheek augmentation as my tear troughs had sort of descended into the cheek area and he wanted to plump up the cheek too.

But I was nervous about having so much product put in first time, so he took a very conservative approach and used just less than one syringe of Juvederm Ultra 3 for both eyes. I had no bruising or swelling whatsoever, was able to walk out and into public with no makeup immediately after.

For those who want to have this done - choose a doctor who specialises in injections (my doc is not a PS he ONLY does injections) and go for a conservative approach - you can always have more product added in your touch up (I am going for a touch up after one month).

I live in South Africa and here it cost me R1900 - the equivalent of $240 for injecting one syringe of Juvederm Ultra 3. My doc is works from his lovely home in Cape Town, has a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy, and takes great pride in his work.

Apparently he has consulting rooms in London too. I had discussed fat injections (to my under eye area) with a Plastic surgeon here in Cape Town, but was not convinced, as to me the risks seemed to outweigh the benefits of that procedure.

I am glad I had the Juvederm injected instead. I would regard it as a relatively minor procedure.

Dr Alec Nikolic

He immediately inspires trusts as he listens to your needs and is very experienced. He is gentle and more conservative than other doctors in his approach. Works from a lovely home here in Cape Town, which is far less stressful than going into a medical clinic or hospital.

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Update - just to update the post above. since july 2009 i have had top up juvederm every six to eight months or so and am really delighted with the results. it just seems to get better and better with every injection. i look better going into my forties than i ever looked in my thirties! so - juvederm for tear troughs gets a big thumbs up from me. lucifix
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You have made an excellent point regarding your trust you have in your doctor. Trust like that is so important in dr/patient care. Juvederm is a good choice for under the eyes and usually is injected in 2 or 3 small sessions so as not to get noticeable lumps or ridges. Hopefully it will last from 6 months to up to a yr. Your cost is a bargain also for something that improves your self esteem so much. Congratulations. Sincerely, David Hansen,MD
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