Juvaaderm Drama - Nose

I decided to have juvaderm fill a recessed area of...

i decided to have juvaderm fill a recessed area of my nose. the doctor fill it and it looks bad. i want my old nose back.

how long will it take before the juvaderm is desolved? will it go away 100%?


no- is he good?
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i'm looking to get a filler in my nose after a botched surgery. i see u went to bev. hills was it dr. kanodia?
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That may be true! I still wonder how safe it is to use an injectable to desolve the juvaderm on my nose? will it get worse? or will it just go back to whta it was before? do I need to go back to the same doctor or can any good doctor do it???? All i have got to say is "never again" I blame myself everyday when I look in the mirror. :(
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Name not provided

he did not want to hear that i was not happy with the outcome.he was rude and impatient.

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