Juvederm for NL Folds.

I was extremely nervous as I am new to cosmetic...

I was extremely nervous as I am new to cosmetic procedures. I researched for months in Chicago online about juvererm and spent time looking for the right plastic surgeon. I decided to go with a Dr. in NYC who came highly recommended when I was there on business.

I had it done on a Friday and was able to go to work on Monday. Very minimal downtime. I had slight bruising that was not noticeable w/ concealer.

He gave me 2 units, price was very reasonable considering I had it done in Manhattan. Took 5 years off my face and will be flying back to see him to do it again. I am very happy with the results.

New York Plastic Surgeon

Dr.'s bedside manner is impeccable. He made me feel very comfortable and was communicative throughout the procedure. He used a dental block so the only pain I experienced was w/ the needle to numb the area. His assistant was also very professional and I felt completely at ease. I walked out looking great and had minimal swelling from the block.

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I highly reccommended my facial filler provider. He has an impeccable bedside manner, he sits and listens, very soft spoken, gentle, and to top it off A JOB WELL DONE. Thanks Doctor Shafer for shedding a few years off.
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Looking for provider to do Hyaluronic Acid filler in CT.
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RealSelf's Connecticut doctor directory is a good place to start. You can filter doctors further by location or treatment(s) offered.

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Oops - I just saw the name at the top of your posting. Thank you.
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I travel to NYC regularly for business-- can you offer me your Dr's name. Thank you very much
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