Bruises from Juvederm Under Eyes

I had this procedure under both eyes. I had quite...

I had this procedure under both eyes. I had quite a bit of brusing which my Doctor said was normal.

It has now been 3 months and I still have brusing under both eyes. My Doctor says he ahs no idea and has never seen anything like it. Hihs only comfort is for me to see a make up artist? Hundreds of dollars later I'm spending more to cover this mistake.

What happened? How can I correct this?

If Dr B thinks that YAG and IPL help with discolourations from juvederm - whether they be bruising, vascular issues, hemosiderin staining or Tyndall effect - then that is enough recommendation for me. And thanks Dr B for the warning about the potential cost but after 9 months of this hell, I have no problem in spending thousands if I could just get it fixed!!!! I am terrified of something going wrong with laser (as Virginia already knows because I have written about it under her review) but clearly nothing else is going to fix it. I am making a laser appointment on Monday and I will let you know what I find out. Wish me luck! K
Again the internet is not a good forum to help you. Go seek other opinions in person to help. Best of Luck Dr. Blinski,MIAMI
Internet? I'm not searching the internet. Please re -check my post.
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My problems of circles under my eyes draws more attention now then before. My Doctor has no answers other than where make up? It has now been 8 months, no change. Where can I go for answers?

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